Initial Debriefing of Mohammed JAWAD

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Initial Debriefing of Mohammed JAWAD  (2002) 

The grenade attack described here occurred on December 17, 2002. Jawad's initial interrogation was by Afghan security officials. Jawad was transferred to Guantanamo in late December 2002.

Initial Debriefing of Mohammed JAWAD

The subject is alleged to have thrown a grenade into a U.S. Military vehicle injuring two Americans and one Afghan. He is currently in U.S. custody at Bagram Air Base.

The subject originally claimed his name was Amir Khan and that he lived in the village of Ismail Khiel in Khowst. He claimed he had traveled to Pakistan on two occasions: (1) to take his sick mother there to receive medical treatment, and (2) for pleasure; sightseeing, and shopping before the Taliban took power, approximately seven years ago. He claimed he spent eight years in a school at the mosque in Ismail Khiel. He had one teacher who was named   from the Tani tribe. This teacher taught him all subjects but died during his eighth year of school. In this school he studied Pashtu, math, the Koran, Dari, religious studies, history and geography. Two years ago he took a three-month English course that was taught by a man named   in the bazaar of Khwost. There were approximately 20 students in this class. This information proved to be untrue.

After several days hours of interrogation, the subject broke down and admitted his real name was Mohammed Jawad, son of   and he went by the name Mir Jan while at the training camp. He was born in Miram Shah, Pakistan and is from a Zadran tribe. His real father died when he was two months old and his mother married one of her cousins named  

As a child in Miram Shah he worked; he was in charge of his family's grocery store next to his house in the drafa section of Miram Shah. The sold rice, oil, cigarettes, and candy.

He started going to the   in the bazaar area of Miram Shah because he learned that well known mullahs came there to preach. He attended the is mosque for 15 days before he was recruited to go to a Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin training camp in eastern Afghanistan.

He was at the camp for two twelve days. He learned to use hand grenades and a few basic English language phrases. He received an injection and was instructed to take a pill that he believes was intended to reduce hsi anxiety about killing. After the training he came to Kabul.

In Kabul he stayed at a hotel next to the Puli Keshti mosque, also known as the big blue mosque, to the right of a place that sells chickens. There were stores and shops located on the first floor. He does not know the name of the hotel. The hotel, in fact, was simply a large room filled with tables. The room was very crowded; people were sleeping on table and the floor. He slept on a table.

The next morning two trainers from the camp met him at the hotel. The men did not reveal their names but rather used code numbers (39 and 42). One was wearing western looking clothes where in the past he has always worn traditional Pashtun clothes. The trainers gave him and another man named   grenades. The also gave   a pistol, money and pills. Shortly after that,   gave Jawad two pills and insisted that one of the pills be taken immediately. Jawad did not take this pill because there was so much emphasis put on this pill that he was afraid it might kill him.   put a yellow powder on the second pill and made him take it with water and then asked Jawad if he had taken the first pill. Jawad lied and said he had.   also took some pills. After Jawad took the pill he felt big and strong and everyone else looked really small. He lost track of time, the last thing he remembers of the attack is   giving him the sign to throw the grenade.

  had told him to return to the hotel after the attack. Jawad did not know where they were supposed to meet the trainers -- only   had this information. The trainers had promised they would pay him after the attack. The told him they would pay him enough money to buy his own house, approximatly 12,000 rupees.

Jawad claims he does not remember if he threw the grenade or not. He blames this memory loss on the drugs he was forced to take. He says Afghan Ministry of the Interior officials told him he was captured with two grenades, which he claims makes him certain he did not thrwo a grenade -- he only had two grenades when he left the hotel.

A urinalysis test deos not indicate Jawad ingested drugs. The results of blood test have not been determined.

Although we have broken through his first cover story, many inconsistencies remain.

ACLU Bagram
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