Introductory Lecture of the One Hundred and Ninth Session of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania/Correspondence

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At a meeting of the Medical Class of the University of Pennsylvania, held October 16, 1874, for the purpose of requesting a copy of Prof. Alfred Stillé's Introductory Address, Mr. A. W. Ransley, of Philadelphia, was called to the Chair, and Mr. M. S. Seip, of Easton, was appointed Secretary.

On motion it was

Resolved. That a committee, consisting of a representative from each State and country be appointed to carry out the intention of the Class, and that Pennsylvania be entitled to one representative for every ten students.

University of Pennsylvania, Medical Department,
Philadelphia, October 19, 1874.

Dear Sir: The undersigned were appointed a special committee, at a meeting of the Medical Class held on the 16th inst., to solicit a copy for publication of your able and eloquent Introductory Address, delivered in the new Medical Hall, October 12, 1874. A compliance with the request will be regarded as a manifestation of kindness towards us.

  • A. W. Ransley, Philadelphia.
  • Theo. F. Livengood, Pennsylvania.
  • J. H. McDaniel, Texas.
  • Albert M. Curry, Connecticut.
  • G. de T. Piza e Almeida, Brazil.
  • A. Mason Evans, West Virginia.

Prof. Alfred Stillé, M.D.

3900 Spruce Street, October 20, 1874.

Gentlemen: I have much pleasure in complying with the request contained in your communication of the 19th inst. Hoping that the good which the Address was intended to effect may be more perfectly secured in this manner than by the transient impression of its oral delivery,

With many thanks for the kind terms in which your request was made,

I remain, very faithfully,
Your friend,

Alfred Stillé.

Messrs. A. W. Ransley, Theodore F. Livengood, J. H. McDaniel, Albert M. Curry, G. de T. Piza e Almeida, A. Mason Evans.

Committee on Publication.

  • Charles J. Carr, Pennsylvania.
  • Edwin B. Bertolet,
  • Jas. Wilkes O’Neal,
  • Molten J. Kline,
  • George R. Young,
  • Benj. F. Baer,
  • Joseph P. Nevin,
  • G. Edgar Dean,
  • Alfred F. B. Gerberich, Pennsylvania.
  • Abram S. Brubaker,
  • H. Clay Brown,
  • C. Ammon Wishart,
  • Charles K. Ladd,
  • Fernandez Todd,
  • Thomas F. Findley,
  • Hersey H. Mothersbaugh,
  • Theodore F. Livengood,
  • Jefferson D. Christman,
  • William R. Sitler,
  • Wm. McD. Mastin, Alabama.
  • James H. Chandler, Barbadoes.
  • G. de T. Piza e Almeida, Brazil.
  • Albert Henry Dodge, California.
  • Joel G. Justin, Rhode Island.
  • Albert M. Curry, Connecticut.
  • M. S. Seip, Secretary.
  • Rafael A Ramirez, Cuba.
  • Edward D. Chapman, Massachusetts.
  • Smith Cooper, Delaware.
  • Edward F. Yates, Illinois.
  • Thomas W. Moorehead, Indiana.
  • John A. De Armond, Iowa.
  • Alexander B. Stoops, Kentucky.
  • Charles B. Goldsborough, Maryland.
  • David Cerna, Mexico.
  • Simon Gregorian, Asia.
  • Joseph H. McDaniel, Texas.
  • Geo. A.C. McIntosh, Prince Edward’s Is.
  • George John Clunas, Scotland.
  • Robert H. Reed, Ohio.
  • A. Mason Evans, West Virginia.
  • Frank A. Waddil, South Carolina.
  • Arthur K. Macdonald, New Jersey.
  • Thomas H. Andrews, Georgia.
  • John G. Campbell, Nova Scotia.
  • George H. Coburn, New Brunswick.
  • Charles E. McKelvey, New York.
  • Paris D. Giltner, Oregon.
  • Sam’l B. Boyd, Jr., Tennessee.
  • James Hay, Virginia.
  • Augustus R. Zollicoffer, N. Carolina.
  • A. W. Ransley, Chairman.