Iraq Study Group Report

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The Iraq Study Group Report

James A. Baker, III, and Lee H. Hamilton, Co-Chairs

Lawrence S. Eagleburger,
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Edwin Meese III,
Sandra Day O’Connor, Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, Charles S. Robb,
Alan K. Simpson

Letter from the Co-Chairs[edit]

Executive Summary[edit]

I. Assessment[edit]

A. Assessment of the Current Situation in Iraq

1. Security
2. Politics
3. Economics
4. International Support
5. Conclusions

B. Consequences of Continued Decline in Iraq

C. Some Alternative Courses in Iraq

1. Precipitate Withdrawal
2. Staying the Course
3. More Troops for Iraq
4. Devolution to Three Regions

D. Achieving Our Goals

II. The Way Forward—A New Approach[edit]

A. The External Approach: Building an International Consensus

1. The New Diplomatic Offensive
2. The Iraq International Support Group
3. Dealing with Iran and Syria
4. The Wider Regional Context

B. The Internal Approach: Helping Iraqis Help Themselves

1. Performance on Milestones
2. National Reconciliation
3. Security and Military Forces
4. Police and Criminal Justice
5. The Oil Sector
6. U.S. Economic and Reconstruction Assistance
7. Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Review
8. U.S. Personnel
9. Intelligence


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