Jack Dempsey

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Through the California mountains
And many a wooded vale
The wind from seaward whispers
The name of the Nonpareil
O'er many a peak snow covered
O'er many a woodland fair
The sea-breeze murmurs the wonderful tale
Of the lad from County Clare.
But never the wind from seaward
And never the brooks of the vale
Can speak the half of the glory,
The due of the Nonpareil.

Champion of all Champions,
Greatest in all times' bound,
The lad who held Fitzsimmons
For thirteen gory rounds.
But the ring's red history passes
To a swiftly roving tale,
And there's few who now remember
The name of the Nonpareil.
But here's to the greatest of fighters,
To a name that never shall fail,
To the name of the first Jack Dempsey
The wonderful Nonpareil.