Jersey Journal/1881/For A New Trial

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For a New Trial  (1881) 

John Jacob Lindauer (1840-1888) and other members of the Lindauer criminal organization in the The Jersey Journal on July 8, 1881.

For a New Trial. In the case of Lindauer, Heins and Smith, the convicted burglars, Counselor McGrath made a motion this morning for a new trial on the ground that the purity of the verdict of the jury had been vitiated, for the research that the members of the jury, which had been called to try the case had, during its progress visited New York, where they examined the books at the hotel where Heins had stopped, and had also hunted up the girl Mina Wood, who was spoken of in connection with Smith. McGrath referred to authorities to show that if a jury, after they are sworn in a case, and before the rendition of a verdict, hear other testimony other than rendered in the case, it will vitiate the whole proceeding. The Court took the papers and reserved decision.

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