John French Sloan letter to Walter Pach, 1920 June 9

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105 Johnson St
Santa Fe N.M.
June 9 - 1920

Dear Pach -

Well! Here we are again in the old town - it looks just the same. We feel the altitude more this year than last. It happens [?] because we climbed more slowly by autombile last year. We took three days to get here and were delayed 5 miles east of [?] for 3 hours. Very provoking, for we would have arrived on the [?] of [?] schedule time if a freight wreck in Apache Canyon had not occurred ahead of us. Dr. Hewett I have seen just once for a few minutes - he seemed glad to welcome me back. [Page 2] We walked out to the "Casa de Davey" last Sunday - he is going to have a beautiful place when his alterations are completed. They're well under way. He has three horses. One piece for self, wife & boy - three miles up the Santa Fe Canyon - wants me to buy a place near him. $900 is the price but I guess I won't indulge myself in [?] estate purchases.

I have started painting. Nearly a week went by before I felt ready - a Corpus Christi procession through the roads and over the bridge Sunday - gave me a theme.

By the way I got in to the Metropolitan Anniversary Ex before I left N.Y. and thank you for reminding me of its importance. I enjoyed the special additions very much. Suppose you read [?]'s article in The Dial "Art & Craftsmanship." I thought it very concise and true didn't you?

I hope that Raymond is quite well by now remember us both & [?] Pach and if you have some time & will to drop us a line - we feel far away out here. Regards to "Bayly" if you see him. Good luck and good health to you.

Yours sincerely,
John Sloan

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