Joseph Fawcett Letter 1828-03-03

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Joseph Fawcett Letter 1828-03-03
by Joseph Fawcett

Source: Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1998.

Folded Letter, To:[edit]

Mr. Lyle B. Fawcett, Richmond, Va.


Harrisonburg 3rd March 1828

Dear Son

Doct Sherdlin, shipped from Baltimore on the 28th of september last two Boxes of goods marked B. R ds Dr D. Sherdlin on board the Schooner Brazil to be delivered at the packet office Petersburg, freight Seventy five cents, these Boxes were intended by Doct. Shardlin to have been sent to the packet office at Fredericksburg, where he had applied but did not find them, and was under an impression that were lost until recently he has discovered the mistake, the object therefore of this communication is to prevail on you to get these goods up from Petersburg and to forward them to this place by some safe hand as they are valueable articles belonging to his sisters.

John Rader was here to day and we had an interview on the subject of his property on the creek. he will not agree to rent for more than three years. he appears to expect some courting. We shal not agree. And I feel no disposition to engage in a project so fraught with vexation and insult as I apprehend this would be it is true the most of our neighbors are civil but I frequently experience the cold supercillious contempt of a poor mortal like my self.

Warden Morris of philadelphia writes me that if I can raise one third of the amt in money that he will furnish me with a shop of Drugs worth $1500. I had written to him on the subject this is his offer no great favor I think, yet I belive if I were there he would probably have do better.

David Jones has administered of B. Quinn, the goods will be sold. I am yet inclined to believe that we might possibly ge the beginning of a Small store for me out of it, if I could get a few articles out of them with a few from Morris of Pha I would trye my luck some where or other

all well.
Jo. Fawcett

P.S. Doct Sherdlin has the bill of lading, if it is necessary he will send it to you.