Joy in Suffering/Preparatory Prayer

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Preparatory Prayer
(To be recited daily)

Dear St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, I thank the Most Holy Trinity for all the graces lavished upon you, and through you upon the world. I have great confidence in your intercession, both because of your power in heaven, since you yourself said that "God would refuse you nothing," and because of your goodness and your promise that "no one would invoke you without receing an answer," since you would "spend your heaven in doing good upon earth" and "let fall from heaven a shower of roses." Intercede for me with the loving Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that the Holy Spirit may assist me to understand your teaching on "Joy in Suffering" and may grant me the gift of fortitude, that fired with a burning love of God and souls, I may eagerly follow you in joyous suffering and one day share in your glorious triumph. I promise to show my heartfelt gratitude by doing whatever I can to promote your honor and to make you ever more widely known and loved throughout the world for the greater glory of the most Holy Trinity. Amen.