Julius Caesar (1919) Yale/Appendix C

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The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig, except for the following deviations:

1. The stage directions of the Folio have been restored as far as possible, with necessary modern additions in square brackets.

2. The punctuation, especially in the use of exclamation points, has been modernized, and the spelling of Calpurnia brought into conformity with current usage.

3. The only significant verbal departures—usually in the direction of a return to the Folio—are listed below, the readings adopted in the present text being placed before the colon while Craig's readings follow it; and Folio authority is given wherever involved:

I. i. 65 whether: whe'r (F where)

ii. 154 walks F: walls

iii. 96 these F: those

II. i. 72 moe F: more

275 you are F: are you

283 or F: of

ii. 76 statue F: statua

III. i. 31 Cæs. F: Casca

206 lethe (F1 Lethee F4 Lethe): leth

209 stricken F2, 3, 4: strucken (F1 stroken)

ii. S. d. et pas. Plebeians F: Citizens

193 statue F: statua

IV. i. 37 objects, arts F: abject orts

iii. 13 speaks (speakes F): speak

101 Pluto's F: Plutus'

V. iii. 61 to night F: to-night

97 whether: whe'r (F where)

104 Thasos: Thassos (F Tharsus)

iv. 18 Brutus is ta'en, Brutus is ta'en, my Lord F: Brutus is ta'en, my lord

30 whether: whe'r (F where)