Key to the Exercises in Adler's Grammar/Preface

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I have added this Key to the Exercises of my Practical Grammar of the Latin Language, for the benefit of teachers, and of such students, as may not have the advantages of more extended oral or written authority upon the subject. But since the Latin, by the use or absence of particles, exhibits a far greater variety of construction in interrogative sentences, than the English, with certain shades of distinction not always indicated by the latter idiom, the questions, as here put, are not proposed as the only form, in which they may occur in every instance, and the student may not unfrequently have them in a different shape, though equally correct, according to the rules advanced in the several lessons and developed at large in Lessons LXXXV and XCVII. It is hoped, however, that this Latin version of the Exercises may serve, if not as an absolute standard, at least as a useful aid to the efforts of the teacher, who, in his explanations, variations, and amplifications, can enhance the interest of the study at his pleasure, and that in this sense, properly used, it may prove an acceptable guide in the course here pointed out.