King George IV. his welcome to Scotland/Gloomy winter's come again

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Gloomy Winter’s come again,
Heavy fa’s the fleet and rain;
Flecky ſnaw decks white the plain,
And ilka thing looks dreary, O!
Hoary froſt o’erſpreads each dale,
Glazing firm each chryſtal rill,
It minds me o’ thy fickle ſel’,
My fair, but faithleſs Mary, O.

Lanely I tread each tractleſs way,
Where with thee, Mary, I did ſtray,
My heart oppreſs’d with grief and wae,
Thou’rt falſe, and a’ looks weary, O.
The high clad hills o’ertap the clouds,
The hare flees tim’rous the woods,
The trees forſaken by their buds,
Emblems of me and Mary, O!

A’ around deſerted looks!
Tangles fringe the barren rocks,
And children by the ingle-neuks
Tell tales that make them earie, O.
Storms may rage, and tempeſts roar,
Reſtleſs billows best the ſhore,
Joy on earth I’ll ne’er ha’e more,
But live and mourn my Mary, O.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.