Korea & Her Neighbours

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Korea & Her Neighbours (1897)
by Isabella Lucy Bird Bishop
1408497Korea & Her Neighbours1897Isabella Lucy Bird Bishop



Author's Prefatory Note

Introductory Chapter

Chapter I. First Impressions of Korea

Chapter II. First Impressions of the Capital

Chapter III. The Kur-dong

Chapter IV. Seoul, the Korean Mecca

Chapter V. The Sailing of the Sampan

Chapter VI. On the River of Golden Sand

Chapter VII. Views Afloat

Chapter VIII. Natural Beauty — The Rapids

Chapter IX. Korean Marriage Customs

Chapter X. The Korean Pony — Korean Roads and Inns

Chapter XI. Diamond Mountain Monasteries

Chapter XII. Along the Coast

Chapter XIII. Impending War — Excitement at Chemulpo

Chapter XIV. Deported to Manchuria

Chapter XV. A Manchurian Deluge — A Passenger Cart — An Accident

Chapter XVI. Mukden and its Missions

Chapter XVII. Chinese Troops on the March

Chapter XVIII. Nagasaki — Wladivostok

Chapter XIX. Korean Settlers in Siberia

Chapter XX. The Trans-Siberian Railroad

Chapter XXI. The King's Oath — An Audience

Chapter XXII. A Transition Stage

Chapter XXIII. The Assassination of the Queen

Chapter XXIV. Burial Customs

Chapter XXV. Song-do: A Royal City

Chapter XXVI. The Phyong-yang Battlefield

Chapter XXVII. Northward Ho

Chapter XXVIII. Over the An-kil Yung Pass

Chapter XXIX. Social Position of Women

Chapter XXX. Exorcists and Dancing Women

Chapter XXXI. The Hair-cropping Edict

Chapter XXXII. The Reorganized Korean Government

Chapter XXXIII. Education and Foreign Trade

Chapter XXXIV. Dæmonism or Shamanism

Chapter XXXV. Notes on Dæmonism Concluded

Chapter XXXVI. Seoul in 1897

Chapter XXXVII. Last Words on Korea

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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