Korean Air Flight 801 investigation/Exhibits

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FLIGHT 801, B-747-300
AUGUST 6, 1997



The following exhibit items are part of the public docket, and were either scheduled for presentation at the Public Hearing in Hawaii, March 24-26, 1998, or were added following the hearing (marked NTSBupdated.gif). All documents listed below are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and require the free Acrobat Reader 3.0 from Adobe or later for viewing; when printing, use the "shrink-to-fit" Adobe print option for best results. (File size is less than 2MB, unless otherwise indicated.)

Not all items from the docket are available here - additional material may include large attachments, video tapes, etc. The complete docket may be obtained from General Microfilm Incorporated (GMI). Please note that material may continuously be added to the docket as long as it is open.

Note: if you have difficulty accessing the documents through your browser, right-click to save to disk, then open directly in the Acrobat Reader window.
1A Order of Hearing
1B Designation of Hearing Officer
1C Notice of Hearing
1D Designation of Parties to the Hearing
1E Notice of Designation of Chairman Board of Inquiry

2A Operations/Human Performance Group Chairman’s Factual Report
2B Flight Papers
2C Interview Summaries (Guam-Seoul, Korea, August 1997)
2D English Text of Guam Audio Visual Presentation
2E Korean Text of Guam Audio Visual Presentation
2F Letter - Level 3 Pilot English Test
2G Forensic Toxicology Report
2H Outline of B-747 Initial and Transition Training
2I Copy of B-747-200 Simulator Training Guide
2J Copy of Checklist
2K Copy of Landing Briefing Card
2L Airport Diagram
2M Copies of Approach Plates from Accident Airplane
2N Copy of August 2, 1996, ILS 6L Approach Plate
2O Accident Crewmember’s Flight Schedule (June, July, August 1997)
2P United States D.O.D. Capability Survey of Korean Air
2Q Captain’s Flight Activity Record (Aug. 3-4, 1997)
2R Interview Summaries (Guam, January 13, 1998)
2S Flight Safety Bi-Monthly Magazine Excerpts Presented by Korean Air NTSBupdated.gif
2T Approach Procedure Charting NTSBupdated.gif
2U Captain Paul Woodburn Witness Presentation NTSBupdated.gif
2V ALPA Presentation on TERPS Criteria for Instrument Approaches NTSBupdated.gif
2W Instrument Approach Chart Comparison NTSBupdated.gif
2X KAL Letter to Robert Francis - dated March 26, 1998 NTSBupdated.gif

3A Group Chairman’s Factual Report
3B Transcripts from GERAP
3C Air Traffic Control Transcript - Tower
3D CERAP Layout
3E Tower Layout
3F Weather Observations
3G Accident Notification Record - CERAP
3H Accident Notification Record - Tower
3I Excerpts from FAA Order 7110.65 Air Traffic Control (1.4M)
3J Excerpts from FAA Order 7210.3
Facility Operation and Administration

3K Excerpts from Agana FCT Standard Operating Procedures, June 1, 1996
3L FAA’s Response to NTSB Questions
Regarding MSAW at Guam CERAP and Tower

3M Executive Summary and Fact Finding Review
of National MSAW Program, September 1997

3N NTSB Staff Review and Conclusions of FAA’s MSAW Program
Evaluation Program of 10 Air Traffic Control Facilities

3O FAA’s Review and Corrective Actions Concerning National MSAW Program
3P FAA’s Facility Evaluation of the Guam CERAP - 1995 and 1997
3Q Briefing Memorandum dated January 26, 1998,
MSAW Altitude Settings for Houston Intercontinental Airport

3R Safety Recommendation Letter to FAA
dated November 21, 1994, and Response

3S Safety Board Recommendation Letter to the FAA
dated November 30, 1995, and Responses

3T Safety Board Recommendation Letter to the FAA
dated April 13, 1997, and Responses

3U Guam ARTS-IIA Chronology dated October 17, 1997
3V Post-Accident Report on MSAW at the Guam GERAP
3W FAA Standards and Guidelines to Define and Adapt
Values for MSAW and Conflict Alert Site Variables (A2.08)

3X FAA Form 6030-1, Facility Maintenance Logs Outer Marker,
VOR, Localizer , Glideslope VASI and MALS
3Y FAA Memorandum dated June 9, 1997, Concerning
Controller Refresher Training on MSAW Procedures

3Z FAA Order 7010.1, Air Traffic Evaluations and Checklists (3.9M)
3AA Guam CERAP Order 7220.10C, dated July 29, 1997,
Guam GERAP Positions of Operation and Responsibilities

3BB FAA Memorandum dated August 14, 1997,
Subject: Responses to NTSB Questions

3CC Personnel Statements
3DD Microprocessor En Route Automated Radar Tracking System
MICO-EARTS) dated October 1996

3EE MICRO-EARTS MSAW Alerts on KAL 801, August 6, 1997
3FF AOS MSAW Briefing NTSBupdated.gif

5A Meteorology Group Chairman’s Factual Report
5A Attachment 26 - Other Weather Documents NTSBupdated.gif
5B Weather Radar Composite Reflectivity Product for 1543 UTC

6A Survival Factors Group Factual Report of Investigation
6A Addendum 1 - Injury Chart and Photographs NTSBupdated.gif
6B NTSB Survivor Questionnaire (1.9M)
6C KAL Flight 801 Cabin Configuration & Emergency Equipment
Flight Attendant Basic & Recurrent Training and General Declaration
Diagram of Body Locations Removed by Guam Rescue Personnel

6D KAL Flight 801 Survivor Seat Locations

7A Structures Group Chairman’s Factual Report
7B Wreckage Plot, Plan View and Profile View
Data Table for Plot
Macro of Terrain with Wreckage Plot Overlay

7C Structures Group Photographs

8A Powerplants Group Chairman’s Factual Report

9A System’s Group Chairman’s Factual Report
9B System’s Group Chairman’s Factual Report
Attachment 1-Accident Site Photographs

9C System’s Group Chairman’s Factual Report
Attachment 2-Cockpit Panel Layout Diagrams

9D System’s Group Chairman’s Factual Report
Attachment 3-GPWS Summary Test Data Excerpts

9E System’s Group Chairman’s Factual Report
Attachment 4-ILS General Description

9F System’s Group Chairman’s Group Factual Report
Attachment 5- Korean Air Post Accident Tests

9G Basic ILS Receiver NTSBupdated.gif

10A Group Chairman’s Factual Report - Flight Data Recorder
10B Addendum to Group Chairman’s Report - Flight Data Recorder
10C HG-7468 FDR Parameter List
10D HG-7468 FDR Parameter Retrofit Documentation
10E Excerpted Plots of Flight Data Recorder Information

11A Maintenance Records Group Chairman’s Factual Report
11B Attachments to the Maintenance Records Group
Chairman’s Factual Report

12A Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript

13A Airplane Performance Study Korean Air Flight 801 (1.1M)
13B Simulated 3.0 degree glideslope depiction Korean Air Flight 801
13C Verbatim Radar/CVR Data Overlays
13D Don Bateman Witness Presentation NTSBupdated.gif

16A Emergency Management Specialist’s Factual Report
16B GFD After Action Report
16C Office of the Governor of Guam Korean Air 801 Incident Report Summary
16D Excerpts of Interviews from Survival Factors Group Field Notes
16E After Action Report on U.S. Naval Hospital MCI Reponse to KAL 801 Crash
16F Comnavmarianas Navy Lessons Learned KAL Flight 801 Crash
16G Guam International Airport Authority Airport Emergency Plan
16H Guam Territorial Emergency Plan
16I Maps and Diagrams

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