Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate/Volume 2/Number 3/Letter from Wilford Woodruff (Dec. 1835)

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190421Latter Day Saints' Messenger and AdvocateVolume 2, Number 3, Letter from Wilford Woodruff (Dec. 1835)Wilford Woodruff

Paris, Henry co. Tenn.

DEAR BROTHER IN THE LORD:—Since the 21st of Sept. I have extended the limits of my travels to Clark River Ky. Here I proclaimed the gospel, on Sabbath and Monday, and was publicly opposed by a Campbellite Priest; although weak, in and of myself, yet I wielded the sword in the name of the Lord Jesus, and prevailed.

I delivered three discourses; which included, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the authenticity of the book of Mormon, and the scattering and gathering of the house of Israel: after which three came forward for baptism: I confirmed them, by the water side, and left them strong in the faith of the new and everlasting covenant. There are some more in this place, who will follow the example of the three which I have been speaking of. I took my leave of these my new brethren and friends, and journeyed to Taropea, where we had baptized some before.—I held two meetings in this place; after which eight presented themselves as candidates for baptism: We immediately repaired to the water, the solemnities of eternity, and the the Spirit of the Lord rested upon the congregation. I baptized 14 since the 21st of Sept.

Yours in the new covenant,