Laud the grace of God victorious

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Laud the grace of God victorious
Sing triumphant o'er the foe,
Tell of him a martyr glorious
For the changeless truth laid low,
Faithful servant, valiant soldier,
Whom all lands and ages know.
Valiant soldier, proto-matyr,
First of Britain's sons to die,
Pagan ire and cries withstanding
By the grace of God most high.
By the strength of Him, Protector,
Who in strength and pow'r was nigh.
Craggy way and steep and narrow
Dark and drear the path of blood
Cruel foes were pressing round him
As he touched the Jordan's flood
Yet he stood, a soldier valiant
And the enemy withstood.
Patient, humble, like his Master,
He resigned a spirit calm;
Crowned with coronal unfading
Now he bears a martyr's palm;
Sheathing sword no longer needed,
He took up the endless psalm:
Laud and honour to the Father,
Equal honour to the Son,
Adoration to the Spirit,
Ever three and ever one;
Co-substantial, co-eternal,
While unending ages run.