Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book, 1833/Love Letter

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1833-25-The Love Letter.png


Artist: H. Richter - Engraved by: Chas. Rolls


Pray thee, maiden, heed him not,
Is not thine a happy lot?
Darling of my aged heart,
Canst thou be so glad to part,
Where thou art the sole delight,
From a home by thee made bright?
These are selfish words, and vain,
’Tis not thus I would restrain
Her, whose will I never curbed,
Whose young joy I ne’er disturbed:
But, for thine own sake, I say,
Fling that faithless scroll away.
Dost thou wish for nights that keep
Weary watch, to wake and weep?
Wouldst thou have thy bright cheek bear
Witness to its own despair,
With a dim and sunken eye,
Which is fain to close and die?
And, yet are not these the things,
Soon or late, love ever brings?
I have seen a careless smile
Hide a breaking heart the while,
Watched so much of youth and bloom
Sink to an untimely tomb;
Dearest one! and must there be
Such a destiny for thee?
Spare thyself such burning tears,
Pity thou thy own few years.
Vain these words! love never yet
Shunned or spared its own regret:
Thou art saddened and estranged,
And thy whole sweet nature changed;
Love has other love exiled,
Fare thee well, alas, my child.