Letter from Alexander Henry Haliday to Hermann Loew February 9, 1862

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Paris, Hotel de I'Empire, February 9, 1862)

I left London with my friends on Tuesday morning, reached Amiens that evening, spent the next day with Dr. Dours [1] and reached Paris by 11 p.m. The next day I called on Dr. Sichel [2], then of course to the Museum.The next day at Dr. Sichel's (Hymenoptera), Saturday again at the Museum[3]. In the parts of Meigen's [4] collection to which I confined my attention (Muscidae Acalypt.)the species represented are few beyond all my previous suppositions. It is evident that he derived more from v. Winthem's [5] and Wiedemann's[6] collections than from his own ; or that the duplicates of which his heirs disposed to Mr.Winnertz [7] included a material part of the whole. Yet even the little remaining I found to take much time to muster and survey ; the more so from their imperfect condition. I first went through Helomyza-Heteromyza with your tables ; then Ephydra and Hydrellia hastily. The results I have copied out for you (vide postscript), expecting to set out to-morrow.At present, however, the aspect of the weather, snow and frost . . . induces us to pause for one or for two days, before we prepare to encounter Mont Cenis[8] . I shall therefore, I expect, have one more morning at the Museum. ... I have not had a sight of Mr. Bigot [9] till this afternoon. Bigot has got from Corsica the most remarkable Nemocerous Dipteron I have ever seen." [the Blepharocerid Apistomyia Bigot, published in the same year]. I feel much obliged hy the effort you made, under the instant pressure of business, to write to me.I am glad to know the Discomyza arrived safe. Finding that the volume of Curtis's [10] 'Farm Insects' might go more safely through my booksellers, I have entrusted it to them and hope it will reach you speedily. I shall receive with real gratification the present you propose for me of your ' South African Diptera.' ... I expect to find his [Bellardi's] [11] collection of Piedmontese Diptera very interesting. . . . He has been collecting long enough to furnish a good provincial collection. There I must conclude. Ever yours sincerely,A.H.H