Letter from Ernest to Aubrey Hall 26 November 1916

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Letter from Ernest to Aubrey Hall, 26 November 1916  (1916) 
by Henry Ernest Hall

H. Aubrey Hall Esq
Jarman Island

Via Cossack

Nov 26th 1916

My dear Aube

Received your note and was pleased to hear from you. I am at the Sherlock at the 35,000. But I had to pay for the new windmill & store it & I have Hubert there at present — but useful to there my self. When we return from South the House is a (illegible text) affair. That is the worst part of it — we had a fire run through (illegible text) 200 posts burnt out. Came right across from the Whim Creek road to Sherlock (illegible text) & burnt 35 posts there. It was the biggest fire I have seen for years. I have found a road across from Croydon to Sherlock it is about 21 miles & a first class track go right past Bungles well stirling a well four miles from Sherlock house & have just delivered to Vans on (illegible text) Blyths 138 fat cattle going by Mundaroo & I will be selling on suffering 100 (illegible text) this will make just about 1100 head sold this year. There are 3000 wethers on Sherlock for sale next year & about 1200 at Croydon the Croydon wethers 1500 cut 39 bales of wool. I had 1000 cattle in paddock in un mustered 640 from out-side in four days & there are still (illegible text) of cattle (illegible text) where if I only got a couple of good seasons it will be alright. Hubert seems to be settling to his work, but not a bit keen on town so you can have the end front room (illegible text) (illegible text) place any time you come to town. I will hang this key up in the wash house on the wall pleased to hear the (illegible text) (illegible text) is doing well love to all will let you know when we are going south good bye heaps of luck.

Your affectionately