Letter from Luis Vernet to Lt Smith

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Buenos Ayres Dec 2nd 1834

To the Commander in Chief of H.B.M’S Naval Forces In the South American Station

I write under date of 2nd July per Sardinian (?) Brig Juan Buatista and duplicate per Sardinian Frigate Ammiraglio Des Geneys” to the late Admiral Sir Michael Seymour enclosing a letter to Liet Smith Governor of the Falkland Islands, which letter not having reached Rio de Janeiro until after the death of Sir Michael, may, probably have been sent to England. And being very anxious to attain the object for which they were written I beg leave to hand you herewith copies of the same, trusting that you will have the kindness to do the needful.

In case the property and papers taken by Captain Low should be recovered or any other books or papers belonging to my establishment be saved from the effects of the massacre and be sent by Lieut Smith to Rio de janeiro, I shall consider it a particular favour if you would order such property to be delivered to my account to Messr Richards Rostron Brothers 46 of said place, and to send me such books and papers per first man of war that may happen top come this way. But any private papers belonging to the unfortunate victims I would prefer to be kept back and to be held at the disposal of their nearest relatives, or to be sent to such.

My late agent Capt. Matthew Brisbane left an aged mother and some sisters and brothers, one of which is William Brisbane whose address is Porth, North Britain (No 61 High Street) – Mr William Dickson has left a mother living in Dublin, Mrs Ellen Dickson and a stepfather Mr Thomas Dickson, Barrister at law in Dublin, No 10 Cuff Street, also a sister and a number of step brothers. Mr Ventura Paso clerk of my late agency, and brother in law of mine, native of thisplace, both his parents are living in this city, the father is Don Yldefonso Paso. Any papers or things belonging to his late son, I would thank you to send to me, because the fatal event has not been made known to the family and will not be as long as can be helped. Of the other two unfortunate men the former a Frenchman, the latter a german I know of no relatives, neither do I know how to trace them.

I beg to be excused for the trouble I thus cause you and have the honor to be

Sir your much obedient servant

(signed) Lewis Vernet