Letter to George Washington - February 14, 1790

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Monticello Feb. 14. 1790


I have duly received the letter of the 21st of January With which you have honored me, and. no longer hesitate to undertake the office to which you are pleased to call me. Your desire that I should come on as quickly as possible, is a sufficient reason for me to postpone every matter of business, however pressing, which admits postponement. Still, it will be the close of the ensuing week before I can get away, and then I shall have to go by the way of Richmond, which will lengthen my road. I shall not fail, however, to go on with all the dispatch possible, nor to satisfy you, I hope, when I shall have the honor of seeing you in New York, that the circumstances which prevent my immediate departure, are not under my control. I have now that of being, with sentiments of the most perfect respect & attachment, Sir

Your most obedient & most humble servant

Th. Jefferson

The President of the U.S.