Letter to H. Aubrey Hall, 28 February 1895

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Letter to H. Aubrey Hall, 28 February 1895  (1895) 
by Charles Harper

Letter from Charles Harper to Aubrey Hall on the occasion of the death of Hall's father, William Shakespeare Hall.

Feb 28, 95

Mr H. Aubrey Hall

Dear Sir

I was very pleased to get your note and the copy of the paper containing an account of the life & sudden end of my old friend your late father. I have often thought that I should have liked to take a trip down your way & see the old place and always thought of your father as one whom I should have been especially glad to meet and him again some of the old scenes of times long gone by.

You will have seen before this reaches you that a short sketch of your father's career was published in the West Australian immediately after his death. However I will place your letter & the paper in the hands of the editor of the "W.A." & if he thinks that this is enough fresh material he will no doubt publish it.

You will I can say be pleased to learn that the "old hands" are making provision for the erection of a suitable memorial over the grave of him who was a friend to all.

Yours faithfully

Charles Harper