Letter to Mary Boatman

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Governor Reagan to Mary Boatman (1967)
by Ronald Reagan
2719842Governor Reagan to Mary Boatman1967Ronald Reagan

Mrs. Rex Boatman 6/2/1967
543 14th St
Santa Monica

Dear Mary

Finally got to the ranch and found your letter. I was happy to learn my last letter came over the hill to the rescue in the nick of time.

The poll this time was most interesting, particularly on “Withholding.” This is the one area I feel it’s necessary to hold out even if the poll is against me. Withholding may make it easier to pretend you aren’t being taxed but it’s also easier for govt. to raise taxes without getting a protest from the people.

I’ll check out whether there is anything a Gov. can do about appointments to the Air Force Acad. If not I’ll contact Corp. Al Bell and refer this to him.

Again thanks & Best Regards


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