Letter to Mohammed bin Zeini

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In the Name of GOD the Compaſſionate, the Merciful !

To proceed. This Letter is from Haroun, the Son of Mohadi, ſt to His Highneſs Mohammed the Son of Zeini, who hath been encompaſſed by my Beneficence, and whom I conſtituted Viceroy of a part of my Dominions. Be it known to thee that I am highly diſpleafed at certain Things which have lately occurred at Ealfora y and now I deſire that on the Arrival of Noureddin, the Son of Fadladdin, who is the Bearer of this Letter, thou wilt divert thyſelf of the regal Authority and ſeat him in thy Place ; ſo diſobey not my Commands, and Peace be with thee !