Letters of John Huss Written During His Exile and Imprisonment/Letter 17, To John of Chlum

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Letter of Jan Hus to his friends (after 20 March 1415).



[He tells him of the consolation which he has received in prison.]

I have received great consolation from the visit of the Bohemian noblemen, but I was much distressed at not having been permitted to see you.[2] Master Christian has left the city, bearing the message of Seignior Henry, and also of Master Jessenitz. I think the Council is much agitated on account of the Pope’s flight. In all things executed, or to be executed, God should be consulted before human reason. This is what they have not done, and it is why[3] ******* If God grants me a happy issue I will not forget this faithful friend;[4] but if my death is only deferred, it is to you I recommend him.

I have discovered that the Seignior William is my friend; return him thanks for me.

I saw Wenceslaus Duba shedding tears when he spoke to me, and the Seignior Mozka shewed me all the kindness of a friend.

  1. Hist. et Monum. Johann. Huss, Epist. Iv.
  2. The regret thus expressed by Huss would lead to the presumption that this letter, like the preceding, was addressed to John of Chlum, whose name is not found among those of the Seigniors and friends of John Huss, mentioned by the latter as having visited him in prison.
  3. Here the text is deficient.
  4. It is probable that this friend, whom he does not name, is the one to whom he has already alluded in several preceding letters.