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140474Library of Congress Classification — Class D: General and Old World History


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Subclass D History (General)
Subclass DA Great Britain
Subclass DAW Central Europe
Subclass DB Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia
Subclass DC France - Andorra - Monaco
Subclass DD Germany
Subclass DE Greco-Roman World
Subclass DF Greece
Subclass DG Italy - Malta
Subclass DH Low Countries - Benelux Countries
Subclass DJ Netherlands (Holland)
Subclass DJK Eastern Europe (General)
Subclass DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland
Subclass DL Northern Europe. Scandinavia
Subclass DP Spain - Portugal
Subclass DQ Switzerland
Subclass DR Balkan Peninsula
Subclass DS Asia
Subclass DT Africa
Subclass DU Oceania (South Seas)
Subclass DX Romanies
Subclass D
D1-2027 History (General)
D1-24.5   General
D25-27 Military and naval history
D31-34 Political and diplomatic history
D51-90 Ancient history
D101-110.5 Medieval and modern history, 476-
D111-203 Medieval history
D135-149   Migrations
D151-173 Crusades
D175-195 Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Latin Orient, 1099-1291
D200-203 Later medieval. 11th-15th centuries
D(204)-(475) Modern history, 1453-
D219-234 1453-1648
D242-283.5 1601-1715. 17th century
D251-271   Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648
D274.5-6 Anglo French War, 1666-1667
D275-276 War of Devolution, 1667-1668
D277-278.5 Dutch War, 1672-1678
D279-280.5 War of the Grand Alliance, 1688-1697
D281-283.5 War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714
D284-297 1715-1789. 18th century
D291-294 War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748
D297 Seven Years’ War, 1756-1763
D299-(475) 1789-
D301-309 Period of the French Revolution
D351-400 19th century. 1801-1914/1920
D371-(379)   Eastern question
D383 1815-1830. Congress of Vienna
D385-393 1830-1870
D394-400 1871-. Later-19th century
D410-(475) 20th century
D461-(475) Eastern question
D501-680 World War I (1914-1918)
D720-728 Period between World Wars (1919-1939)
D731-838 World War II (1939-1945)
D839-860 Post war history (1945- )
D880-888 Developing countries
D890-893 Eastern Hemisphere
D900-2009 Europe (General)
D901-980 Description and travel
D1050-2027 History
Subclass DA
DA1-995 History of Great Britain
DA10-18.2   British Empire. Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth
DA20-690 England
DA20-27.5   General
DA28-592 History
DA28-35   General
DA40-89.6 Political, military, naval, and Air Force history. Foreign relations
DA90-125 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DA129-592 By period
DA129-260   Early and medieval to 1485
DA140-199 Celts. Romans. Saxons. Danes. Normans
DA200-260   1154-1485. Angevins. Plantagenets. Lancaster York
DA300-592 Modern, 1485-
DA310-360 Tudors, 1485-1603
DA350-360 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. Elizabethan age
DA385-398 Early Stuarts, 1603-1642
DA400-429 Civil War and Commonwealth, 1642-1660
DA430-463 Later Stuarts
DA498-503 1714-1760
DA505-522 George III, 1760-1820
DA550-565 Victorian era, 1837-1901
DA566-592 20th century
DA600-667 Description and travel. Guidebooks
DA670-690 Local history and description
DA670 Counties, regions, etc., A-Z
DA675-689 London
DA690 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DA700-745 Wales
DA700-713 General
DA714-722.1 History
DA725-738 Description and travel
DA740-745 Local history and description
DA750-890 Scotland
DA750-757.7 General
DA757.9-826 History
DA757.9-763 General
DA765-774.5 Political and military history. Antiquities, etc.
DA774.8-826 By period
DA777-790 Early and medieval to 1603
DA783.2-783.45 War of Independence, 1285-1371
DA783.5-790 Stuarts, 1371-1603
DA800-814.5 1603-1707/1745
DA807 The Union, 1707
DA813-814.5 1707-1745. Jacobite movements
DA815-826 19th-20th centuries
DA850-878 Description and travel
DA880-890 Local history and description
DA900-995 Ireland
DA900-908.7     General
DA909-965 History
DA909-916.8   General
DA920-927 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DA930-965 By period
DA930-937.5 Early and medieval to 1603
DA933.3   English conquest, 1154-1189
DA938-966.2 Modern, 1603-
DA949.5 The Union, 1800
DA949.7-965 19th-20th centuries. Irish question
DA963   1922-. Republic of Ireland. Irish Free State
DA966-966.2 21st century
DA969-988 Description and travel
DA990-995 Local history and description
DA990.U45-U46 Northern Ireland (Ulster)
Subclass DAW
DAW1001-1051 History of Central Europe
DAW1001-1028   General
DAW1031-1051 History
Subclass DB
DB1-3150 History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia
DB1-879   Austria. Austro-Hungarian Empire
DB1-20.5   General
DB21-27.5 Description and travel
DB29-34.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DB35-99.2 History
DB35-40.5   General
DB42-49 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DB51-99.2 By period
DB51-64   Early and medieval to 1521
DB60-64   Wars with the Turks
DB65-99.2 1521
DB65.2-65.9 1521-1648
DB66-69.5 1648-1740
DB69.7-77 1740-1815
DB80-99.2 19th-20th centuries
DB83   Revolution, 1848
DB96-99.2 Republic, 1918-
DB99-99.1   1938-1955. German annexation. Allied occupation
DB99.2 1955-
DB101-879 Local history and description
DB101-785 Provinces, regions, etc.
DB841-860 Vienna
DB879 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DB881-898 Liechtenstein
DB901-999 Hungary
DB901-906.7 General
DB906.9-920.5 Description and travel. Antiquities. Ethnography
DB921-958.6 History
DB927-958.6 By period
DB927-932.9 Early to 1792
DB929-929.8 Árpád dynasty, 896-1301
DB929.95-931.9 Elective kings, 1301-1526
DB932.95-945 1792-1918. 19th century
DB934.5-939.5 Revolution of 1848-1849
DB940-945 1849-1918
DB946-958.6 20th century
DB955-955.8 1918-1945. Revolution of 1919-1920
DB955.9-957.5 1945-1989. Revolution of 1956
DB957.9-958.6 1989-
DB974.9-999 Local history and description
DB974.9-975 Counties, regions, etc.
DB981-997 Budapest
DB2000-3150 Czechoslovakia
DB2000-2035 General. Description and travel. Antiquities. Social life and customs
DB2040-2043 Ethnography
DB2044-2247 History
DB2080-2247   By period
DB2080-2133   Early and medieval to 1526
DB2135-2182 Hapsburg rule, 1526-1918
DB2185-2241 Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1992
DB2242-2247 1993- . Independent Czech Republic
DB2300-2650 Local history and description of Czech lands
DB2300-2421 Moravia
DB2600-2649 Prague (Praha)
DB2700-3150 Slovakia
DB3100-3139 Bratislava (Pressburg)
Subclass DC
DC1-947 History of France
DC1-20.5   General
DC21-29.3 Description and travel
DC30-34.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DC35-424 History
DC35-41   General
DC44-59.8 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DC60-424 By period
DC60-109   Early and medieval to 1515
DC62-64   Gauls. Celts. Franks
DC64.7-94 476-1328. Merovingians. Carlovingians. Capetians
DC95-109 1328-1515
DC96-101.7   Hundred Years’ War, 1339-1453
DC101.9-109 15th century. Jeanne d’Arc, Saint
DC110-433 Modern, 1515
DC111-120 1515-1589. 16th century
DC118 Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572
DC120.8-130 1589-1715. Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV
DC131-138 1715-1789. 18th century. Louis XV, Louis XVI
DC139-249 Revolutionary and Napoleonic period, 1789-1815
DC251-354.9 19th century
DC256-260 Restoration, 1815-1830
DC261-269 July Revolution of 1830. July Monarchy, 1830-1848
DC270-274.5 February Revolution and Second Republic
DC275-280.5 Second Empire, 1852-1870
DC281-326.5 Franco-German or Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871
DC330-354.9 Later 19th century
DC361-424 20th century
DC397 1940-1946
DC398-409 Fourth Republic, 1947-1958
DC411-424 Fifth Republic, 1958
DC425-433 21st century
DC600-801 Local history and description
DC601.1-609.83 North, East, etc. France
DC611 Regions, provinces, departments, etc., A-Z
DC701-790 Paris
DC801 Other cities, towns, etc., A Z
DC921-930 Andorra
DC941-947 Monaco
Subclass DD
DD1-(905) History of Germany
DD1-21   General
DD21.5-43 Description and travel
DD51-78 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DD84-257.4 History
DD84-96   General
DD99-120 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DD121-257.4 By period
DD121-124   Earliest to 481
DD125-174.6 Early and medieval to 1519
DD126-155   Medieval Empire, 481-1273
DD127-135   481-918. Merovingians. Carolingians
DD136-144 919-1125. Houses of Saxony and Franconia
DD145-155 1125-1273. Hohenstaufen period
DD156-174.6 1273-1519. Houses of Habsburg and Luxemburg
DD175-257.4 Modern, 1519-
DD176-189 1519-1648. Reformation and Counter reformation
DD181-183 Peasants’ War, 1524-1525
DD184-184.7 Schmalkaldic League and War, 1530-1547
DD189 Period of Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648
DD190-199 1648-1815. 18th century. French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period
DD201-257.4 19th-20th centuries
DD206-216 1815-1871
DD217-231 New Empire, 1871-1918
DD228.8   Period of World War I, 1914-1918
DD233-257.4 Revolution and Republic, 1918-
DD253-256.8 Hitler, 1933-1945. National socialism
DD(256) Period of World War II, 1939-1945
DD257-257.4 Period of Allied occupation, 1945-
DD258-262 West Germany
DD280-289.5 East Germany
DD301-454 Prussia
DD301-312 General
DD314-320 Description and travel
DD325-339 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DD341-454 History
DD701-901 Local history and description
DD701-788 North and Central, Northeast, etc. Germany
DD801 States, provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DD851-900 Berlin
DD900.2-900.76 Bonn
DD901 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
Subclass DE
DE1-100 History of the Greco-Roman world
DE1-15.5   General
DE23-31 Geography
DE46-73.2 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DE80-100 History
Subclass DF
DF10-951 History of Greece
DF10-289   Ancient Greece
DF10-16   General
DF27-41 Geography. Travel
DF75-136 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DF207-241 History
DF207-218   General
DF220-241 By period
DF220-221   Bronze Age, Minoan, and Mycenaean ages
DF221.2-224 ca. 1125-500 B.C. Age of Tyrants
DF225-226 Persian wars, 499-479 B.C.
DF227-228 Athenian supremacy. Age of Pericles. 479-431 B.C.
DF229-230 Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.
DF230.9-231.9 Spartan and Theban supremacies, 404-362 B.C.
DF232.5-233.8 Macedonian epoch. Age of Philip. 359-336 B.C.
DF234-234.9 Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C.
DF235-238.9 Hellenistic period, 323-146.B.C.
DF239-241 Roman epoch, 140 B.C. 323/476 A.D.
DF251-289 Local history and description
DF501-649 Medieval Greece. Byzantine Empire, 323-1453
DF501-518 General
DF520-542.4 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DF545-548 Military history. Political history. Empire and papacy
DF550-649 History
DF550-552.8 General
DF553-599.5 Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057. Constantine the Great
DF599.8-649 1057-1453
DF610-629 1204-1261. Latin Empire
DF630-649 1261-1453. Palaeologi
DF645-649   1453. Fall of Constantinople
DF701-951 Modern Greece
DF701-720 General
DF720.5-728 Description and travel
DF741-748 Social life and customs. Ethnography
DF750-854.32 History
DF750-760 General
DF765-787 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DF801-854.32 By period
DF801-801.9 Turkish rule, 1453-1821
DF802-832 1821-1913
DF804-815 War of Independence, 1821-1829
DF816-818 Kapodistrias, 1827-1831
DF833-854.32 20th century
DF848 Republic, 1924-1935
DF895-951 Local history and description
DF901 Regions, provinces, islands, etc., A-Z
DF901.C78-C88 Crete
DF915-936 Athens
DF951 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
Subclass DG
DG11-999 History of Italy
DG11-365   Ancient Italy. Rome to 476
DG11-16   General
DG27-41 Geography. Description and travel
DG51-70 Local history and description
DG51-55   Regions in Italy, A-Z
DG59 Regions outside of Italy, A-Z
DG61-69 Rome (City) to 476
DG70 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DG75-190 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DG201-365 History
DG201-215 General
DG221-365 By period
DG221-225   Pre-Roman Italy. Etruria. Etruscans
DG231-269 Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C.
DG233-233.9   Foundations and kings, 753-510
DG235-269 Republic, 509-27
DG237-238   Subjection of Italy, 343-290
DG241-253 Conquest of Mediterranean world. 264-133
DG242-249.4 First and Second Punic Wars. Illyrian wars. 264-201
DG250-253 Wars in the East and in the West. 200-133
DG253.5-269 Fall of the Republic and establishment of the Empire. 133-27
DG256-260 Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey). 111-78
DG261-267 Julius Caesar. First Triumvirate, 60
DG268-269 Second Triumvirate, 43-31
DG269.5-365 Empire, 27 B.C.-476 A.D.
DG269.5-274.3 General
DG275-309.3 Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C.-284 A.D.
DG310-365 284-476. Decline and fall
DG401-583.8 Medieval and modern Italy, 476-
DG401-421 General
DG421.5-430.2 Description and travel
DG431-457 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DG461-583.8 History
DG461-473 General
DG480-499 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DG500-583.8 By period
DG500-537.8 Medieval, 476-1492
DG503-529 476-1268
DG506-514.7 489-774. Gothic and Lombard kingdoms. Byzantine exarchate, 553-568
DG515-529 774-1268. Frankish and German emperors
DG530-537.8 1268-1492
DG532-537.8 Renaissance
DG538-583.8 Modern, 1492-
DG539-545.8           16th-18th centuries
DG546-549 1792-1815. Napoleonic period
DG548-549   Kingdom of Italy
DG550.5-564 19th century
DG552-554.5 1848-1871. Risorgimento
DG553-553.5   1848-1849. Austro-Sardinian War
DG555-575 1871-1947. United Italy (Monarchy)
DG571-572 1919-1945. Fascism
DG576-583.8 1948-. Republic
DG600-684.72 Northern Italy
DG600-609 General
DG610-618.78 Piedmont. Savoy
DG631-645 Genoa
DG651-664.5 Milan. Lombardy
DG670-684.72 Venice
DG691-817.3 Central Italy
DG691-694 General
DG731-759.3 Tuscany. Florence
DG791-800 Papal States (States of the Church). Holy See. Vatican City
DG803-817.3 Rome (Modern city)
DG819-875 Southern Italy
DG819-829 General
DG831 Sicily and Malta
DG840-857.5 Naples. Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
DG861-875 Sicily
DG975 Other cities (non metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z
DG987-999 Malta. Maltese Islands
Subclass DH
DH1-925 History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries
DH1-23   General
DH31-40 Description and travel
DH51-92 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DH95-207 History
DH95-109   General
DH113-137 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DH141-207 By period
DH141-162   Early and medieval to 1384
DH171-184 1384-1555. House of Burgundy
DH185-207 Wars of Independence, 1555-1648
DH401-811 Belgium
DH401-430 General
DH431-435 Description and travel
DH451-492 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DH503-694 History
DH503-527 General
DH540-569 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DH571-694 By period
DH571-584   Early and medieval to 1555
DH585-619 1555-1794. Spanish and Austrian rule
DH611-619   1714-1794. Austrian Netherlands
DH620-676 1794-1909
DH631 French rule, 1794-1813
DH650-652 Revolution of 1830
DH677-694 20th century
DH801-811 Local history and description
DH801 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DH802-809.95 Brussels
DH811 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DH901-925 Luxembourg
Subclass DJ
DJ1-(500) History of Netherlands (Holland)
DJ1-30   General
DJ33-41 Description and travel
DJ51-92 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DJ95-292 History
DJ95-116   General
DJ124-150 Military, naval, and political history, etc. Foreign relations
DJ151-292 By period
DJ151-152   Early and medieval to 1555
DJ154-210 1555-1795. United provinces
DJ180-182   Anglo-Dutch wars, 1652-1667
DJ190-191 War with France, 1672-1678
DJ193 Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674
DJ196-199.2 Stadtholders, 1702-1747
DJ205-206 Anglo-Dutch War, 1780-1784
DJ208-209 War with France, 1793-1795
DJ211 1795-1806. Batavian Republic
DJ215-292 19th-20th centuries
DJ401-411 Local history and description
DJ411.A5-A59 Amsterdam
Subclass DJK
DJK1-77 History of Eastern Europe (General)
DJK26-28   Ethnography
DJK27   Slavic peoples (General)
DJK30-51 History
DJK61-77 Local history and description
DJK61-66 Black Sea region
DJK71-76 Carpathian Mountain region
DJK76.2-76.8 Danube River Valley
DJK77 Pannonia
Subclass DK
DK1-949.5 History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics
DK33-35.5   Ethnography
DK36-293 History
DK70-112.42   Early to 1613
DK70-99.7   Rus’
DK99.8-112.42 Muscovy
DK112.8-264.8 House of Romanov, 1613-1917
DK265-265.95 Revolution, 1917-1921
DK266-292 Soviet regime, 1918-1991
DK293 1991-
DK500 Regions not limited to one Republic, A-Z
DK501-949.5 Local history and description
DK502.3-502.75 Baltic States
DK503-503.95 Estonia
DK503.92-503.939 Tallinn
DK504-504.95 Latvia
DK504.92-504.939 Riga
DK505-505.95 Lithuania
DK505.92-505.939 Vilnius
DK507-507.95 Belarus. Byelorussian S.S.R. White Russia
DK507.92-507.939 Minsk
DK508-508.95 Ukraine
DK508.92-508.939 Kiev
DK509 Southern Soviet Union
DK509.1-509.95 Moldova. Moldovian S.S.R. Bessarabia
DK509.92-509.939 Chisinau. Kishinev
DK510-651 Russia (Federation). Russian S.F.S.R.
DK541-579 Saint Petersburg. Leningrad. Petrograd
DK588-609 Moscow
DK670-679.5 Georgia (Republic). Georgian S.S.R. Georgian Sakartvelo
DK679.2-679.39 Tbilisi. Tiflis
DK680-689.5 Armenia (Republic). Armenian S.S.R.
DK689.2-689.39 Yerevan. Erevan
DK690-699.5 Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan S.S.R.
DK699.2-699.39 Baku
DK751-781 Siberia
DK845-860 Soviet Central Asia. West Turkestan
DK901-909.5 Kazakhstan. Kazakh S.S.R.
DK909.2-909.39 Alma Ata
DK911-919.5 Kyrgyzstan. Kirghiz S.S.R. Kirghizia
DK919.2-919.39 Frunze
DK921-929.5 Tajikistan. Tajik S.S.R. Tadzhikistan
DK929.2-929.39 Dushanbe
DK931-939.5 Turkmenistan. Turkmen S.S.R. Turkmenia
DK939.2-939.39 Ashkhabad
DK941-949.5 Uzbekistan. Uzbek S.S.R.
DK949.2-949.39 Tashkent
DK4010-4800 History of Poland
DK4120-4122 Ethnography
DK4123-4452   History
DK4186-4348   To 1795
DK4348.5-4395 1795-1918. 19th century (General)
DK4397-4420 1918-1945
DK4429-4442 1945-1989. People’s Republic
DK4445-4452 1989-
DK4600-4800 Local history and description
DK4610-4645 Warsaw (Warszawa)
DK4650-4685 Gdansk (Danzig)
DK4700-4735 Krakow (Cracow)
Subclass DL
DL1-1180 History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia
DL1-6.8   General
DL7-11.5 Description and travel
DL20-42.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DL43-87 History
DL43-49   General
DL52-59 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DL61-87 By period
DL61-65   Earliest to 1387. Scandinavian Empire. Northmen. Vikings
DL75-81 1387-1900
DL83-87 1900- . Period of World War I, 1914-1918
DL101-291 Denmark
DL101-114.5 General
DL115-120 Description and travel
DL121-142.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DL143-263.3 History
DL143-151 General
DL154-159.5 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DL160-263.3 By period
DL160-183.9   Early and medieval to 1523
DL162-173.8   750-1241. Norwegian rule, 1042-1047
DL174-183.9 1241-1523. Union of Kalmar, 1397
DL184-263.3 Modern, 1523-
DL185-192.8 1523-1670
DL190   War with Sweden, 1643-1645
DL192 War with Sweden, 1657-1660
DL193-199.8 1670-1808
DL196.3 Period of Northern War, 1700-1721
DL201-249 1808-1906. 19th century
DL217-223 Schleswig Holstein War, 1848-1850
DL236-239.6 Schleswig Holstein War, 1864
DL250-263.3 20th century
DL269-291 Local history and description
DL271 Counties, regions, islands, etc., A-Z
DL276 Copenhagen
DL291 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DL301-398 Iceland
DL301-334 General. Description and travel, etc.
DL335-380 History
DL396-398 Local history and description
DL401-596 Norway
DL401-414 General
DL415-419.2 Description and travel
DL420-442.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DL443-537 History
DL443-451.5 General
DL453-459 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DL460-537 By period
DL460-478 Early and medieval to 1387
DL480-502         1387-1814. Union of Kalmar, 1397
DL499   War of 1807-1814
DL500-502 Union with Sweden, 1814
DL503-526 1814-1905. 19th century
DL525 Dissolution of the Swedish Norwegian union, 1905
DL527-537 20th century. Period of World War II, 1939-1945
DL576-596 Local history and description
DL576 Counties, regions, etc., A-Z
DL581 Oslo (Christiania)
DL596 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DL601-991 Sweden
DL601-614.5 General
DL614.55-619.5 Description and travel
DL621-642 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DL643-879 History
DL643-651 General
DL654-659 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DL660-879 By period
DL660-700.9 Early and medieval to 1523. Union of Kalmar, 1397
DL701-879 Modern, 1523-
DL701-719.9 Vasa dynasty, 1523-1654. Gustaf II Adolf, 1611-1632
DL710-712   Wars with Denmark, Russia, Poland
DL721-743 Zweibrücken dynasty, 1654-1718
DL733-743 Northern War, 1700-1721
DL747-805 1718-1818
DL790 Revolution and loss of Finland, 1809
DL805 Union with Norway, 1814
DL807-859 1814-1907. 19th century
DL860-879 20th century
DL971-991 Local history and description
DL971 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DL976 Stockholm
DL991 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DL1002-1180 Finland
DL1002-1014.5 General
DL1015-1015.4 Description and travel
DL1016-1022 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DL1024-1141.6 History
DL1024-1033 General
DL1036-1048 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DL1050-1141.6 By period
DL1050-1052.9 Early to 1523
DL1055-1141.6 Modern, 1523-
DL1070-1078 Revolution, 1917-1918. Civil War
DL1090-1105 1939-1945
DL1095-1105 Russo Finnish War, 1939-1940
DL1122-1135.5 1945-1981
DL1140-1141.6 1981-
DL1170-1180 Local history and description
DL1170 Regions, provinces, historical regions, etc., A-Z
DL1175-1175.95 Helsinki (Helsingfors)
DL1180           Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
Subclass DP
DP1-402 History of Spain
DP1-27   General
DP27.5-43.2 Description and travel
DP44-53 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DP56-272.4 History
DP56-75   General
DP76-86 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DP91-272.4 By period
DP91-96   Earliest to 711
DP92-96   Pre-Roman, Roman, and Gothic periods
DP97.3-160.8 711-1516. Moorish domination and the Reconquest
DP100-123 Moors in Spain. Córdoba. Kingdom of Granada
DP124-133.7 Aragon (Catalonia)
DP134-143.8 Castile and Leon
DP145-152.8 León (Asturias)
DP153-160.8 Navarre
DP161-272.4 Modern Spain, 1479/1516-
DP161.5-166 1479-1516. Fernando V and Isabel I
DP170-189 1516-1700. Habsburgs
DP192-200.8 1700-1808. Bourbons
DP201-232.6 1808-1886. 19th century
DP204-208   1808-1814. Napoleonic period
DP212-220 1814-1868. Bourbon restoration
DP219-219.2   Carlist War, 1833-1840
DP222-232.6 1868-1886
DP224-226 Revolution, 1868-1870
DP230-231.5 First Republic, 1873-1875
DP233-272.4 20th century. 1886-
DP250-269.9 Second Republic, 1931-1939
DP269-269.9 Civil War, 1936-1939
DP269.97-271 1939-1975
DP272-272.4 1975-
DP285-402 Local history and description
DP285-295 Northern, Northwestern, Southern Spain
DP302 Provinces, regions, ets., A-Z
DP350-374 Madrid
DP402 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DP501-(900.22) History of Portugal
DP501-520 General
DP521-526.5 Description and travel
DP528-534.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DP535-682.2 History
DP535-546 General
DP547-557 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DP558-682.2 By period
DP558-618 Early and medieval to 1580
DP568-578 House of Burgundy, 1095-1383
DP580 Interregnum, 1383-1385
DP582-618 House of Aviz, 1385-1580
DP620-682.2           1580-
DP622-629   1580-1640. Spanish dynasty (Sixty years’ captivity)
DP632-644.9 1640-1816. House of Braganza
DP645-669 1816-1908
DP650   Revolution of 1820
DP657 Wars of succession, 1826-1840
DP670-682.2 20th century
DP674 Revolution of October 1910
DP675-682.2 Republic, 1910- . Revolution of 1919
DP702-802 Local history and description
DP702 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DP752-776 Lisbon
DP802 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
Subclass DQ
DQ1-851 History of Switzerland
DQ1-20   General
DQ20.5-26 Description and travel
DQ30-49.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DQ51-210 History
DQ51-57   General
DQ59-76 Military and political history. Foreign relations
DQ78-210 By period
DQ78-110   Early and medieval to 1516
DQ79-84   Early to 687. Celts and Romans. Teutonic tribes
DQ85-87 687-1291. Carolingian and German rule
DQ88-110 1291-1516. Federation and independence
DQ111-123 1516-1798
DQ124-191 19th century
DQ131-151 1789/1798-1815. Helvetic Republic, 1798-1803
DQ154-161 1815-1848. Sonderbund, 1845-1847
DQ171-191 1848-1900
DQ201-210 20th century
DQ301-851 Local history and description
DQ301-800.35 Cantons (and cantonal capitals)
DQ820-829 Alps
DQ841 Regions, peaks, etc., A-Z
DQ851 Cities, towns, etc., A-Z
Subclass DR
DR1-2285 History of Balkan Peninsula
DR1-11   General
DR11.5-16 Description and travel
DR20-27 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR32-48.5 History. Balkan War, 1912-1913
DR50-50.84 Thrace
DR51-98 Bulgaria
DR51-56.7   General
DR57-60.2 Description and travel
DR62-64.5 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR65-93.47 History
DR65-69.5   General
DR70-73 Military and political history. Foreign relations
DR73.7-93.47 By period
DR73.7-80.8   Early and medieval
DR74.5-77.8   First Bulgarian Empire, 681-1018
DR79-79.25 Greek rule 1018-1185
DR80-80.8 Second Bulgarian Empire, 1185-1396
DR81-84 Turkish rule, 1396-1878
DR84.9-89.8 1878-1944
DR89.9-93.34 1944-1990
DR93.4-93.47 1990-
DR95-98 Local history and description
DR95 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DR97 Sofia
DR98 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DR201-296 Romania
DR201-206 General
DR207-210 Description and travel
DR211-214.2 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR215-269.6 History
DR215-218 General
DR219-229 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DR238-269.6 By period
DR238-240.5 Early and medieval to 1601. Roman period
DR241-241.5 Phanariote regime, 1601-1822
DR242-249 1822-1881. 19th century
DR250-266.5 1866/1881-1944
DR267-267.5 1944-1989
DR268-269.6 1989-
DR279-296 Local history and description
DR279-280.74 Transylvania
DR281 Other provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DR286 Bucharest
DR296 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DR401-741 Turkey
DR401-419 General
DR421-429.4 Description and travel
DR431-435 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR436-605       History
DR436-446   General
DR448-479 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DR481-605 By period
DR481   Earliest to 1281/1453
DR485-555.7 1281/1453-1789. Fall of Constantinople, 1453
DR511-529 1566-1640. Period of decline
DR515-516   Cyprian War, 1570-1571. Holy League, 1571
DR531-555.7 1640-1789
DR534.2-534.5 War of Candia, 1644-1669
DR556-567 1789-1861. 19th century
DR568-575 1861-1909. War with Russia, 1877-1878
DR576-605 20th century. Constitutional movement
DR701-741 Local history and description-(European Turkey)
DR701 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DR716-739 Istanbul (Constantinople)
DR741 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DR901-998 Albania
DR901-914.5 General
DR915-918 Description and travel
DR921-926 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR927-978.52 History
DR927-946 General
DR947-953 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DR954-978.52 By period
DR954-960.5 To 1501
DR961-969 1501-1912. Turkish rule
DR969.8-978.52 20th century
DR996-998 Local history and description
DR996 Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z
DR997 Tiranë
DR998 Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DR1202-2285 Yugoslavia
DR1202-1218 General
DR1220-1224 Description and travel
DR1227-1231 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DR1232-1321 History
DR1232-1249 General
DR1250-1258 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
DR1259-1321 By period
DR1259-1265 Early and medieval to 1500
DR1266-1272 1500-1800
DR1273-1280 1800-1918
DR1281-1321 1918-
DR1313-1313.8 Yugoslav War, 1991-1995
DR1350-2285 Local history and description
DR1352-1485 Slovenia
DR1502-1645 Croatia
DR1620-1630.5 Dalmatia
DR1633-1636.5 Slavonia
DR1652-1785 Bosnia and Hercegovina
DR1802-1928       Montenegro
DR1932-2125 Serbia
DR2075-2087.7   Kosovo
DR2090-2101.5 Vojvodina
DR2106-2124.5 Belgrade
DR2152-2285 Macedonia
Subclass DS
DS1-937 History of Asia
DS5.95-10   Description and travel
DS11 Antiquities
DS13-28 Ethnography
DS31-35.2 History
DS35.3-35.77 The Islamic World
DS36-39.2 Arab countries
DS36.9   Ethnography
DS37-39.2 History
DS41-66 Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East
DS51-54.95 Local history and description
DS54-54.95 Cyprus
DS58-59 Ethnography
DS61-66 History
DS67-79.9 Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)
DS69-70.5 Antiquities
DS70.8 Ethnography
DS70.82-79.9 History
DS80-90 Lebanon (Phenicia)
DS80.5-80.55 Ethnography
DS80.7-87.6 History
DS92-99 Syria
DS94.7-94.8 Ethnography
DS94.9-98.3 History
DS99 Provinces, regions, cities, etc.
DS101-151 Israel (Palestine). The Jews
DS109-109.94 Jerusalem
DS111-111.9 Antiquities
DS113.2-113.8 Ethnography. Tribes of Israel
DS114-128.2 History
DS133-151 Jews outside of Palestine
DS153-154.9 Jordan. Transjordan
DS153.5-153.55 Ethnography
DS153.7-154.55 History
DS155-156 Asia Minor
DS161-195.5 Armenia
DS173-195.5 History
DS201-248 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia
DS218-219 Ethnography
DS221-244.63 History
DS247-248 Local history and description
DS251-326 Iran (Persia)
DS260.7-262 Antiquities
DS268-269 Ethnography
DS270-318.85 History
DS324-326 Local history and description
DS327-329.4 Central Asia
DS331-349.9 Southern Asia. Indian Ocean Region
DS349.8-349.9   Islands of the Indian Ocean
DS350-375 Afghanistan
DS354.5-354.6 Ethnography
DS355-371.3 History
DS374-375 Local history and description
DS376-392.2 Pakistan
DS380 Ethnography
DS381-389.22 History
DS392-392.2 Local history and description
DS393-396.9 Bangladesh. East Pakistan
DS393.82-393.83 Ethnography
DS394.5-395.7 History
DS396.8-396.9 Local history and description
DS401-(486.8) India (Bharat)
DS430-432 Ethnography. Sects
DS433-481 History
DS483-(486.8) Local history and description
DS488-490 Sri Lanka
DS489.2-489.25 Ethnography
DS489.5-489.86 History
DS491-492.9 Bhutan
DS493-495.8 Nepal
DS498-498.8 Goa. Portuguese in India
DS501-518.9 East Asia. The Far East
DS518.15-518.9 Relation of individual countries to East Asia
DS520-560.72 Southeast Asia
DS524-526.7 History
DS527-530.9 Burma
DS531-560.72 French Indochina
DS541-553.7   History
DS554-554.98 Cambodia
DS555-555.98 Laos
DS556-559.93 Vietnam. Annam
DS557-559.9   Vietnamese Conflict
DS560-560.72 Democratic Republic (North Vietnam), 1945-
DS561-589 Thailand (Siam)
DS569-570 Ethnography
DS570.95-586 History
DS588-589 Local history and description
DS591-599 Malaysia. Malay Peninsula. Straits Settlements
DS595-595.2 Ethnography
DS595.8-597.215 History
DS597.22-599 Local history and description
DS597.33-597.34 Sabah. British North Borneo
DS597.36-597.39 Sarawak
DS600-605 Malay Archipelago
DS608-610.9 Singapore
DS611-649 Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)
DS631-632 Ethnography
DS633-644.46 History
DS646.1-646.15 Sumatra
DS646.17-646.29       Java
DS646.3-646.34 Borneo. Kalimantan, Indonesia
DS646.4-646.49 Celebes. Sulawesi
DS646.5-646.59 Timor
DS646.6-646.69 Moluccas. Maluku
DS650-650.99 Brunei
DS651-689 Philippines
DS665-666 Ethnography
DS667-686.62 History
DS688-689 Local history and description
DS701-799.9 China
DS730-731 Ethnography
DS733-779.32 History
DS781-796 Local history and description
DS781-784.2 Manchuria
DS785-786 Tibet
DS796.H7 Hong Kong
DS798 Outer Mongolia. Mongolian People's Republic
DS798.92-799.9 Taiwan
DS801-897 Japan
DS833-891.5 History
DS894.215-897 Local history and description
DS901-937 Korea
DS904.8-922.4642 History
DS918-921.8 War and intervention, 1950-1953
DS924-925 Local history and description
DS930-937 Democratic People's Republic, 1948
Subclass DT
DT1-3415 History of Africa
DT7-12.25   Description and travel
DT15-16 Ethnography
DT17-39 History
DT43-154 Egypt
DT56.8-69.5   Antiquities
DT63-63.5   Pyramids
DT68-68.8 Religious antiquities
DT71-72 Ethnography
DT73 Local antiquities
DT74-107.87 History
DT115-154 Local history and description
DT139-153.5 Cairo
DT154.1-159.9 Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
DT154.8 Antiquities
DT155-155.2 Ethnography
DT155.3-157.67 History
DT159.6-159.9 Local history and description
DT160-177 North Africa
DT167-176 History
DT168-169.5 Carthaginian period
DT179.2-179.9 Northwest Africa
DT181-346 Maghrib. Barbary States
DT211-239 Libya
DT223-223.2 Ethnography
DT223.3-236 History
DT238-239 Local history and description
DT241-269 Tunisia (Tunis)
DT253-253.2 Ethnography
DT253.4-264.49 History
DT268-269 Local history and description
DT271-299 Algeria
DT283-283.6 Ethnography
DT283.7-295.55 History
DT298-299 Local history and description
DT301-330 Morocco
DT313-313.6 Ethnography
DT313.7-325.92 History
DT328-329 Local history and description
DT330 Spanish Morocco
DT331-346 Sahara
DT348-363.3 Central-Sub Saharan Africa
DT365-469 Eastern Africa
DT365.5-365.78 History
DT367-367.8 Northeast Africa
DT371-390 Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
DT380-380.4 Ethnography
DT380.5-390 History
DT391-398 Eritrea
DT401-409     Somalia. Somaliland and adjacent territory
DT402.3-402.45   Ethnography
DT402.5-407.3 History
DT409 Local history and description
DT411-411.9 Djibouti. French Territory of the Afarsand Issas. French Somaliland
DT411.42-411.45 Ethnography
DT411.5-411.83 History
DT411.9 Local history and description
DT421-432.5 East Africa. British East Africa
DT433.2-433.29 Uganda
DT433.242-433.245 Ethnography
DT433.252-433.287 History
DT433.29 Local history and description
DT433.5-434 Kenya
DT433.542-433.545 Ethnography
DT433.552-433.584 History
DT436-449 Tanzania. Tanganyika. German East Africa
DT443-443.3 Ethnography
DT443.5-448.25 History
DT449.Z2 Zanzibar
DT450-450.49 Rwanda. Ruanda-Urundi
DT450.24-450.25 Ethnography
DT450.26-450.437 History
DT450.49 Local history and description
DT450.5-450.95 Burundi
DT450.64-450.65 Ethnography
DT450.66-450.855 History
DT450.95 Local history and description
DT468-469 Islands (East African coast)
DT469.M21-.M38 Madagascar
DT469.M39 Mascarene Islands
DT469.M4-.M495 Mautitius (Ile de France)
DT469.M4975 Mayotte
DT469.R3-.R5 Reunion
DT469.S4-.S49 Seychelles
DT470-671 West Africa. West Coast
DT477 Upper Guinea
DT479 Lower Guinea
DT491-516.9 British West Africa
DT507 Ashanti Empire
DT509-509.9 Gambia
DT509.42-509.45   Ethnography
DT509.5-509.83 History
DT509.9 Local history and description
DT509.97-512.9 Ghana (Gold Coast)
DT510.42-510.43 Ethnography
DT510.5-512.34 History
DT512.9 Local history and description
DT515-515.9 Nigeria
DT515.42-515.45 Ethnography
DT515.53-515.842         History
DT515.9 Local history and description
DT516-516.9 Sierra Leone
DT516.42-516.45 Ethnography
DT516.5-516.82 History
DT516.9 Local history and description
DT521-555.9 French West Africa. French Sahara. West Sahara. Sahel
DT541-541.9 Benin. Dahomey
DT541.42-541.45 Ethnography
DT541.5-541.845 History
DT541.9 Local history and description
DT543-543.9 Guinea
DT543.42-543.45 Ethnography
DT543.5-543.827 History
DT543.9 Local history and description
DT545-545.9 Côte d'Ivoire. Ivory Coast
DT545.42-545.45 Ethnography
DT545.52-545.83 History
DT545.9 Local history and description
DT546.1-546.49 French speaking Equatorial Africa
DT546.1-546.19 Gabon (Gaboon, Gabun)
DT546.142-546.145   Ethnography
DT546.15-546.183 History
DT546.19 Local history and description
DT546.2-546.29 Congo (Brazzaville). Middle Congo
DT546.242-546.245 Ethnography
DT546.25-546.283 History
DT546.29 Local history and description
DT546.3-546.39 Central African Republic. Central African Empire. Ubangi Shari
DT546.342-546.345 Ethnography
DT546.348-546.3852 History
DT546.39 Local history and description
DT546.4-546.49 Chad (Tchad)
DT546.442-546.445 Ethnography
DT546.449-546.483 History
DT546.49 Local history and description
DT547-547.9 Niger
DT547.42-547.45 Ethnography
DT547.5-547.83 History
DT547.9 Local history and description
DT548 West Sahara
DT549-549.9 Senegal
DT549.42-549.45 Ethnography
DT549.47-549.83 History
DT549.9 Local history and description
DT551-551.9 Mali. Mali Federation. Sudanese Republic. French Sudan
DT551.42-551.45 Ethnography
DT551.5-551.82 History
DT551.9 Local history and description
DT554-554.9 Mauritania
DT554.42-554.45         Ethnography
DT554.52-554.83 History
DT554.9 Local history and description
DT555-555.9 Burkina Faso. Upper Volta
DT555.42-555.45 Ethnography
DT555.517-555.837 History
DT555.9 Local history and description
DT561-581 Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun)
DT570-571 Ethnography
DT572-578.4 History
DT581 Local history and description
DT582-582.9 Togo. Togoland
DT582.42-582.45 Ethnography
DT582.5-582.82 History
DT582.9 Local history and description
DT591-615.9 Portuguese-speaking West Africa
DT613-613.9 Guinea-Bissau. Portuguese Guinea
DT613.42-613.45 Ethnography
DT613.5-613.83 History
DT613.9 Local history and description
DT615-615.9 Sao Tome and Principe
DT615.42-615.45 Ethnography
DT615.5-615.8 History
DT615.9 Local history and description
DT619-620.9 Spanish West Africa
DT620-620.9 Equatorial Guinea (Spanish Guinea)
DT620.42-620.45 Ethnography
DT620.46-620.83 History
DT620.9 Local history and description
DT621-637 Liberia
DT630-630.5 Ethnography
DT630.8-636.53 History
DT639 Congo (Kongo) River region
DT641-665 Zaire. Congo (Democratic Republic). Belgian Congo
DT649.5-650 Ethnography
DT650.2-663 History
DT665 Local history and description
DT669-671 Islands
DT671.C2 Cape Verde
DT1001-1190 Southern Africa
DT1054-1058 Ethnography
DT1062-1182 History
DT1190 Local history and description
DT1251-1465 Angola
DT1304-1308 Ethnography
DT1314-1436 History
DT1450-1465 Local history and description
DT1501-1685 Namibia. South West Africa
DT1554-1558 Ethnography
DT1564-1651 History
DT1670-1685 Local history and description
DT1701-2405   South Africa
DT1754-1770   Ethnography
DT1757   Apartheid
DT1758-1760 Blacks
DT1772-1974 History
DT1991-2054 Cape Province. Cape of Good Hope
DT2075-2145 Orange Free State. Oranje Vrystaat
DT2181-2278 KwaZulu Natal. Natal
DT2291-2378 Transvaal. South African Republic
DT2421-2525 Botswana. Bechuanaland
DT2454-2458 Ethnography
DT2464-2502 History
DT2541-2686 Lesotho. Basutoland
DT2592-2596 Ethnography
DT2604-2660 History
DT2680-2686 Local history and description
DT2701-2825 Swaziland
DT2744-2746 Ethnography
DT2754-2806 History
DT2820-2825 Local history and description
DT2831-2864 British Central Africa. Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
DT2871-3025 Zimbabwe. Southern Rhodesia
DT2910-2913 Ethnography
DT2914-3000 History
DT3020-3025 Local history and description
DT3031-3145 Zambia. Northern Rhodesia
DT3054-3058 Ethnography
DT3064-3119 History
DT3140-3145 Local history and description
DT3161-3257 Malawi. Nyasaland
DT3189-3192 Ethnography
DT3194-3237 History
DT3252-3257 Local history and description
DT3291-3415 Mozambique
DT3324-3328 Ethnography
DT3330-3398 History
DT3410-3415 Local history and description
Subclass DU
DU1-950 History of Oceania (South Seas)
DU28.11-68   History
DU80-398 Australia
DU108-117.2   History
DU120-125 Ethnography
DU125   Australian aborigines
DU145 Australian Capital Territory. Canberra
DU150-180 New South Wales
DU170-172 History
DU178-180 Local history and description
DU182-198 Tasmania. Van Diemen's Land
DU190-195.3 History
DU200-230 Victoria
DU220-222 History
DU228-230 Local history and description
DU250-280 Queensland
DU270-272 History
DU278-280 Local history and description
DU300-330 South Australia
DU320-322 History
DU328-330 Local history and description
DU350-380 Western Australia
DU370-372 History
DU378-380 Local history and description
DU390 Central Australia
DU391 Northern Australia
DU392-398 Northern Territory of Australia
DU400-430 New Zealand
DU419-422 History
DU422.5-424.5 Ethnography
DU422.8-424 Maoris
DU428-430 Local history and description
DU490 Melanesia (General)
DU500 Micronesia (General)
DU510 Polynesia (General)
DU520-950 Smaller island groups
DU620-629 Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii
DU739-747 New Guinea
DU810-819 Samoan Islands
Subclass DX
DX101-301 History of Romanies