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Subclass Q Science (General)
Subclass QA Mathematics
Subclass QB Astronomy
Subclass QC Physics
Subclass QD Chemistry
Subclass QE Geology
Subclass QH Natural history - Biology
Subclass QK Botany
Subclass QL Zoology
Subclass QM Human anatomy
Subclass QP Physiology
Subclass QR Microbiology

Subclass Q

Q1-390 Science (General)
Q1-295 General
Q300-390 Cybernetics
Q350-390 Information theory
Subclass QA
QA1-939 Mathematics
QA1-43   General
QA47-59 Tables
QA71-90 Instruments and machines
QA75-76.95   Calculating machines
QA75.5-76.95 Electronic computers. Computer science
QA76.75-76.765   Computer software
QA101-(145) Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic
QA150-272.5 Algebra
QA273-280 Probabilities. Mathematical statistics
QA299.6-433 Analysis
QA440-699 Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology
QA801-939 Analytic mechanics
Subclass QB
QB1-991 Astronomy
QB1-139   General
QB140-237 Practical and spherical astronomy
QB275-343 Geodesy
QB349-421 Theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics
QB455-456 Astrogeology
QB460-466 Astrophysics
QB468-480 Non optical methods of astronomy
QB495-903 Descriptive astronomy
QB500.5-785   Solar system
QB799-903 Stars
QB980-991 Cosmogony. Cosmology
Subclass QC
QC1-999 Physics
QC1-75   General
QC81-114 Weights and measures
QC120-168.85 Descriptive and experimental mechanics
QC170-197 Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
Including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics
QC221-246 Acoustics. Sound
QC251-338.5 Heat
QC310.15-319   Thermodynamics
QC350-467 Optics. Light
QC450-467 Spectroscopy
QC474-496.9 Radiation physics (General)
QC501-766 Electricity and magnetism
QC501-(721) Electricity
QC669-675.8   Electromagnetic theory
QC676-678.6 Radio waves (Theory)
QC701-715.4 Electric discharge
QC717.6-718.8 Plasma physics. Ionized gases
QC750-766 Magnetism
QC770-798 Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
QC793-793.5 Elementary particle physics
QC794.95-798 Radioactivity and radioactive substances
QC801-809 Geophysics. Cosmic physics
QC811-849 Geomagnetism
QC851-999 Meteorology. Climatology
Including the earth's atmosphere
QC974.5-976 Meteorological optics
QC980-999 Climatology and weather
QC994.95-999 Weather forecasting
Subclass QD
QD1-999 Chemistry
QD1-65 General
Including alchemy
QD71-142 Analytical chemistry
QD146-197 Inorganic chemistry
QD241-441 Organic chemistry
QD415-436 Biochemistry
QD450-801 Physical and theoretical chemistry
QD625-655 Radiation chemistry
QD701-731 Photochemistry
QD901-999 Crystallography
Subclass QE
QE1-996.5 Geology
QE1-350.62   General
Including geographical divisions
QE351-399.2 Mineralogy
QE420-499 Petrology
QE500-639.5 Dynamic and structural geology
QE521-545   Volcanoes and earthquakes
QE601-613.5 Structural geology
QE640-699 Stratigraphy
QE701-760 Paleontology
QE760.8-899.2 Paleozoology
QE901-996.5 Paleobotany
Subclass QH
QH1-278.5 Natural history (General)
QH1-(199.5)   General
Including nature conservation, geographical distribution
QH201-278.5 Microscopy
QH301-705.5 Biology (General)
QH359-425 Evolution
QH426-470 Genetics
QH471-489 Reproduction
QH501-531 Life
QH540-549.5 Ecology
QH573-671 Cytology
QH705-705.5 Economic biology
Subclass QK
QK1-989 Botany
QK1-474.5   General
Including geographical distribution
QK474.8-495 Spermatophyta. Phanerogams
QK494-494.5   Gymnosperms
QK495 Angiosperms
QK504-(638) Cryptogams
QK640-(707) Plant anatomy
QK710-899 Plant physiology
QK900-989 Plant ecology
Subclass QL
QL1-991 Zoology
QL1-355   General
Including geographical distribution
QL360-599.82 Invertebrates
QL461-599.82   Insects
QL605-739.8 Chordates. Vertebrates
QL614-639.8 Fishes
QL640-669.3 Reptiles and amphibians
QL671-699 Birds
QL700-739.8 Mammals
QL750-795 Animal behavior
QL791-795 Stories and anecdotes
QL799-799.5 Morphology
QL801-950.9 Anatomy
QL951-991 Embryology
Subclass QM
QM1-695 Human anatomy
QM1-511   General
QM531-549 Regional anatomy
QM550-577.8 Human and comparative histology
QM601-695 Human embryology
Subclass QP
QP1-(981) Physiology
QP1-345   General
Including influence of the environment
QP351-495 Neurophysiology and neuropsychology
QP501-801 Animal biochemistry
QP(901)-(981) Experimental pharmacology
Subclass QR
QR1-502 Microbiology
QR1-74.5 General
QR75-99.5 Bacteria
QR99.6-99.8 Cyanobacteria
QR100-130 Microbial ecology
QR171 Microorganisms in the animal body
QR180-189.5 Immunology
QR355-502 Virology