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For naval history, see D-F

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Subclass V Naval science (General)
Subclass VA Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
Subclass VB Naval administration
Subclass VC Naval maintenance
Subclass VD Naval seamen
Subclass VE Marines
Subclass VF Naval ordinance
Subclass VG Minor services of navies
Subclass VK Navigation. Merchant marine
Subclass VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering

Subclass V

V1-995 Naval science (General)
V25-55   History and antiquities of naval science
V66-69   Navy clubs
V160-165   Strategy
V167-178   Tactics
V200   Coast defense
V210-214.5   Submarine warfare
V390-395   Naval research
V396-396.5   Military oceanography
V399   Automation in the naval sciences
V400-695   Naval education
V720-743   Naval life, manners and customs, antiquities, etc.
V750-995   War vessels: Construction, armament, etc.

Subclass VA

VA10-750 Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
VA49-395   United States
VA400-750   Other regions or countries

Subclass VB

VB15-(955) Naval administration
VB21-124   By region or country
VB170-187   Civil department
VB260-275   Enlisted personnel
VB307-309   Warrant officers
VB310-315   Officers
VB320-325   Minorities, women, etc. in navies

Subclass VC

VC10-580 Naval maintenance
VC20-258   Organization of service
VC260-268 Supplies and stores
VC270-279 Equipment of vessels, supplies, allowances, etc.
VC280-345 Clothing and equipment
VC350-410 Subsistence. Provisioning
VC412-425 Navy yards and stations. Shore facilities

Subclass VD

VD7-430 Naval seamen
VD21-124   By region or country
VD160-302 Drill regulations
VD330-335 Shooting
VD360-390 Small arms
VD400-405 Small boat service

Subclass VE

VE7-500 Marines
VE23-124   By region or country
VE160-302 Drill regulations
VE330-335 Shooting
VE360-390 Small arms
VE430-435 Barracks, quarters, etc.
VE430-435 Training camps

Subclass VF

VF1-580 Naval ordnance
VF21-124   By region or country
VF160-302 Ordnance instructions and drill books
VF310-315 Target practice
VF346-348 Naval weapons systems
VF350-375 Ordnance and arms (General)
VF390-510 Ordnance material (Ordnance proper)

Subclass VG

VG20-2029 Minor services of navies
VG20-25   Chaplains
VG50-55 Coast guard and coast signal service
VG70-85 Naval communication by telegraphy, telephone, etc.
VG90-95 Naval aviation
VG100-475 Medical service
VG500-505 Public relations. Press. War correspondents
VG2000-2005 Social work. Social welfare services
VG2020-2029 Recreation and information service

Subclass VK

VK1-1661 Navigation. Merchant marine
VK15-124   History, conditions, etc.
VK321-369.8 Harbors. Ports
VK381-397 Signaling
VK401-529 Study and teaching
VK549-572 Science of navigation
VK573-587 Nautical instruments
VK588-597 Marine hydrography. Hydrographic surveying
VK600-794 Tide and current tables
VK798-997 Sailing directions. Pilot guides
VK1000-1249 Lighthouse service
VK1250-1299 Shipwrecks and fires
VK1299.5-1299.6 Icebreaking operations
VK1300-1491 Saving of life and property
VK1500-1661 Pilots and pilotage

Subclass VM

VM1-989 Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering
VM15-124   History
VM165-276 Study and teaching
VM295-296 Contracts and specifications
VM298.5-301 Shipbuilding industry. Shipyards
VM311-466 Special types of vessels
VM595-989 Marine engineering
VM975-989   Diving