Lisbon Agreement

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Lisbon Agreement  (1980) 
Governments of Spain and the United Kingdom

The Lisbon Agreement was a joint statement by the Spanish Foreign Minister Marcelino Oreja and the British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington signed in Lisbon on April 10th 1980

1. The British and Spanish Governments desiring to strengthen their bilateral relations and thus to contribute to Western solidarity, intend, in accordance with the relevant United Nations Resolutions, to resolve, in a spirit of friendship, the Gibraltar problem.

2. Both Governments have therefore agreed to start negotiations aimed at overcoming all the differences between them on Gibraltar.

3. Both Governments have reached agreement on the re-establishment of direct communications in the region. The Spanish Government has decided to suspend the application of the measures at present in force. Both Governments have agreed that future cooperation should be on the basis of reciprocity and full equality of rights. They look forward to the further steps which will be taken on both sides which they believe will open the way to closer understanding between those directly concerned in the area.

4. To this end, both Governments will be prepared to consider any proposals which the other may wish to make, recognising the need to develop practical cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

5. The Spanish Government, in reaffirming its position on the re-establishment of the territorial integrity of Spain, restated its intention that in the outcome of the negotiations the interests of the Gibraltarians should be fully safeguarded. For its part the British Government will fully maintain its commitment to honour the freely and democratically expressed wishes of the people of Gibraltar as set out in the Preamble to the Gibraltar Constitution.

6. Officials on both sides will meet as soon as possible to prepare the necessary practical steps which will permit the implementation of the proposals agreed to above. It is envisaged that these preparations will be completed not later than 1 June.

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