List of Carthusians, 1800–1879/I

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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.


Ievers,* James Wentworth, 1849-53, b. 1835.

Ilberg, James William Henry, 1824, b. 1811.

Ilbert,* Donald, 1863-66. Son of Rev. Peregrine A. Ilbert, Rector of Thurlestone, Devon, b. 1850. Emigrated to California.

Ilderton, Robert Mitford, 1871. Son of Thomas Ilderton (below), b. 1858.

Ilderton, Thomas, 1824. Son of Sanderson Ilderton, of Ilderton. b. 1811. St. Peter's Coll. Cam. Rector of Ilderton, Northumberland.

Iles, Henry Wilson, 1878. Son of Francis H. W. Iles, M.D., of Watford, b. 1865.

Imbert-Terry (see Terry).

Inge,* Francis George, 1853-59, Son of Rev. Wm. Inge, of Benn Hill, near Atherstone. b. 1840. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Assistant Master in the School. Curate of Alrewas, Lichfield.

Inge, John Walter, 1853-56. Brother of the above, b. 1839. Capt. Royal Artillery.

Inglis,* Charles George, 1867-71. Son of Major-Genl. Sir John E. W. Inglis, K.C.B., and grandson of the 1st Lord Chelmsford. b. 1855. Coffee planter in Ceylon.

Inglis,* John Frederick, 1864. Brother of the above, b. 1853. Lieut. 62nd Regt.

Ingpen, Edward Lockyer, 1849-53, b. 1835. St. Mark's Coll. Chelsea.

Ingram,* Edward John Winnington, 1863, b. 1849.

Ingram, Horace Walter Walpole, 1876, b. 1863.

Inman,* James Lipson, 1855-58, b. 1844.

Innes, Lewis Charles, 1839-41, b. 1825. Judge of High Court of Judicature, Madras.

Irvine, Archibald Henry, 1860-63. Son of Lt.-Col. Archibald Irvine, C.B. b. 1847. Civil Engineer.

Irvine, Charles Thomas, 1842-46. Son of Rev. Andrew Irvine, of St. Margaret's, Leicester, formerly an Assist. Master in the School, b. 1827. Admiralty; d. 1850.

Irvine,* John William, 1846-55. Brother of the above. b. 1836. Orator. Ch. Ch Oxf. Assistant Master. Rector of St. Mary's, Colchester.

Irvine, Octavius Butler, 1846-53. Twin brother of the above, b. 1836. Judge of the High Court, Madras.

Irvine,* Robert Hamilton, 1819, b. 1806.

Irving,* Frederick Sumner, 1840-48. Son of Rev. Matthew Irving, D.D. Canon of Rochester, b. 1830. Trin. Coll. Cam. Solicitor. One of the Poor-law Auditors.

Irving, John, 1820, b. 1805.

Irving, Robert, 1823, b, 1810.

Irwin, John Lewis, 1822, b. 1808.

Isaacson,* Anthony Allett, 1803-12. Son of Anthony Isaacson, b. 1793. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of St. Woolos, Newport. Mon. d. 1843.

Isaacson, Henry Whitehead, 1856-59. Son of Rev. John Fredk. Isaacson, Rector of Freshwater, Isle of Wight. b. 1843, Merchant.

Isaacson, John Frederick, 1855-58. Brother of the above. b. 1842. Fellow of St. John's Coll. Cam. 3rd Senr. Opt. Senr. Classic. Rector of Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Isaacson, Thomas Charles, 1817, b. 1804.

Ivatt, Alfred Edgar, 1875. Son of the late Rev. Alfred William Ivatt, Rector of Coveney, Cambs. b. 1861.

Iveson,      , 1806-7.

Iveson,      , 1806-7.