List of Carthusians, 1800–1879/T

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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.


Tabor, Samuel James, 1819, b. 1806.

Talbot, Edward Stuart, 1856-58. Son of the Hon. John Chetwynd Talbot (below), b. 1844. Slade Exhibitioner. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. 1st Class Law, &c. Holy Orders. Warden of Keble Coll. Oxf.

Talbot, Hon. George Gustavus Chetwynd, 1820. Son of the second Earl Talbot, K.G. and brother to the 18th Earl of Shrewsbury, b. 1810. Ch. Ch.Oxf. Rector of Whithington, Gloucestershire.

Talbot, Hon. Gerald Chetwynd, 1833-35. Brother of the above, b. 1819. Late Director-Genl. of the Military Store Department of the India Office.

Talbot, Hon. John Chetwynd, 1817. Brother of the above. b. 1806. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Barrister. Q.C. d. 1852.

Talbot, John Gilbert, 1847-53. Son of the above, b. 1835. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Slade Exhibitioner. 2nd Class Mods. Hon. 4th Lit. Hum. M.P. for West Kent 1868-78. Elected M.P. for the University of Oxford 1878.

Talbot, Hervey, 1849-55. Son of Hon. and Rev. A. C. Talbot. b 1838. 18th (Royal Irish) Regt. Lieut.-Col. King's Own Staffordshire Militia. Rhysnant Hall, Montgomeryshire.

Talbot, Thomas, 1818, b. 1804.

Talbot, Hon. William Whitworth Chetwynd, 1823. Brother of the Hon. John C. Talbot (above), b. 1814. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Rector of Bishop's Hatfield.

Tallents, Godfrey, 1824, b. 1812. Solicitor at Newark-on-Trent.

Talley, William, 1844. Left the same year. b. 1827.

Tamplin, Henry Mitchell Richard, 1853-54. Son of Henry Pagden Tamplin, of Brighton, b. 1843; d. 1869.

Taniere, James, 1822, b. 1807.

Tanner, John Lyneham, 1815-17, b. 1799. St. John's Coll. Cam.

Tanner, Thomas, 1837-38. Surgeon.

Tanner, Thomas Slingsby, 1873.

Tanner, William, 1844-50, b. 1834. Army Surgeon. Serving with Royal Artillery in Afghanistan (1879).

Tarbutt, Edward Octavius, 1826, b. 1813. Died at Charterhouse.

Tasker, John Campbell Wheatley, 1839-42. Son of John Tasker, of Dartford. b. 1824. Pemb. Coll. Cam. Holy Orders. Late of Bath.

Tate,* Charles Maitland, 1823. Son of Rev. J. Tate, Head Master of the Grammar School, Richmond, Yorks. b. 1813. Civil Engineer. Emigrated to America. Returned.

Tate, James, 1816-18. Brother of the above, b. 1801. Head Master of Richmond School, Yorks; d.

Tate,* John Samuel, 1853-57. Son of the above, b. 1839. Orator. Trin. Coll. Cam. Somerset House.

Taunton, Hugh Grosvenor, 1877. Son of Ernest Hippisley Taunton, of Freeland Lodge, Eynsham, Oxon.

Tayler,* Charles, 1808-11, b. 1796. Ch. Ch. Oxf.

Tayler, William Churchill, 1865, b. 1854. Solicitor in London.

Taylor,      , 1803.

Taylor, Adam, 1819, b. 1805.

Taylor, Alexander, 1804-10, b. 1795.

Taylor, Alexander John, 1878. Son of the late Dr. James Taylor, of Burghfield, Berks, b. 1864.

Taylor, Arthur Cole Pellew, 1821, b. 1808.

Taylor, Clarence Comyn, 1848-50. Son of the late General Sir Henry Taylor, K.C.B. b. 1830. 60th Bengal N. Infantry. Lieut.-Col. retired.

Taylor, Edward, 1816, b.1806; died 1816.

Taylor, George Henry, 1816, b.1807. Solicitor in London.

Taylor, George John, 1821, b.1808.

Taylor, George Peter, 1838-42, b.1825.

Taylor, Guthrie John Corbet, 1877.

Taylor, Guy Noble, 1875.

Taylor, Henry, 1822, b.1810.

Taylor, Henry Stuart, 1807. Left the same year. b.1791. Caius Coll. Cam.

Taylor, James, 1804-5, b.1793.

Taylor, John, 1804-10, b.1795.

Taylor, John, 1820, b.1808. Civil Engineer.

Taylor, John Bladen Metcalfe, 1861-63, b.1846. Lieut. 76th Regt.

Taylor, John Henry, 1810-17, b.1800. Surgeon.

Taylor, John Tindale, 1865. Son of John Hirst Taylor, of Broadoak, Twickenham, late of Windermere. b.1851.

Taylor, Richard, 1820, b.1810.

Taylor, Thomas Litton, 1874. Brother of John Tindale Taylor (above), b.1859. Trin. Hall, Cam.

Taylor, Thomas Rumbold, 1853-57, b.1841.

Taylor, William, 1819, b.1808. Went to India.

Taylor, William Addington, 1854-57. Son of Rev. William Addington Taylor, Rector of Litchborough, Northants. b.1840. St. Mary Hall, Oxf. Rector of Syston, Bristol.

Taylor, William Allen, 1812-13, b.1797.

Teague, James Alexander, 1826, b.1811. Solicitor in London. Magistrate's Clerk at Guildhall.

Templer, George Denis O'Kelly, 1829. Son of James Templer, of Bridport, Dorset, b. 1815. Solicitor at Lyme Regis; died 1872.

Templer, Henry Augustus, 1825. Brother of the above. b. 1813. Solicitor at Bridport. Brigade Major Dorset Volunteers; died 1874.

Templer, James Lethbridge, 1822. Brother of the above. b. 1811. Capt. in the East India Merchant Service; died 1845.

Templer, Robert Shawe, 1878. Son of Robert B. Templer, J.P. for Co. Armagh, b. 1864.

Templer, Walter Francis, 1878. Brother of the above. b. 1865.

Tennant, Claude Cambridge, 1874.

Tennant, Jocelyn Harvey, 1876.

Tennyson-D'Eyncourt. (See D'Eyncourt).

Terrewest, George, 1815-16, b. 1804.

Terrewest, Reuben, 1815-18, b. 1803. Solicitor in London and Lincoln; died 1876.

Terry, Claude Alexander Imbert- 1871. Son of Henry Imbert-Terry. b. 1857. Theological Coll. Lichfield.

Terry, Henry Machu Imbert- 1866-71. Brother of the above. b. 1854. 10, Park Village, West, Regent's Park.

Teulon, George Alexander, 1853-61. Son of Samuel Sanders Teulon, of London, Architect, b. 1843. Emigrated. Now living at Mortlake.

Teulon, Greville Newenham, 1852-59. Brother of the above. b. 1842. Emigrated to Australia.

Teulon, Howard Maxwell, 1857. Brother of the above. b. 1849; died 1859.

Teulon, Josiah Sanders, 1849-57. Brother of the above. b. 1838. Scholar of Linc. Coll. Oxf. 3rd Class Lit. Hum. Vice-Principal of Chichester Theological College.

Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1822. Son of Richmond Thackeray, of the East India Civil Service, b. 1811. Trin. Coll. Cam. The Author of Vanity Fair, The Newcomes, and other works; died 1863.

Tharpe, Augustus James, 1820, b. 1805. Ch. Coll. Cam. Rector of Snailwell cum Cippenham, Cambs.; died 1877.

Thirlwall, Connop, 1810-13. Son of Rev. T. Thirlwall, Rector of Bowers Gifford, Essex, b. 1797. Fellow of Trin. Coll. Cam. Bishop of St. David's 1841. The Historian of Greece; died 1875.

Thomas, Alexander, 1817-18, b. 1803. Went to Eton.

Thomas, George John, 1807-10, b. 1794. St. Mary's Hall, Oxf. Holy Orders.

Thomas, Henry, 1813. Left the same year. b. 1799.

Thomas, Robert Mosely Bryce, 1855-58, b. 1840. Captain Bengal Staff Corps.

Thompson, Albert, 1852-55, b. 1840.

Thompson, Arthur Peile, 1873.

Thompson, Cyril Powney, 1878. Son of Fendall Thompson, Bengal Civil Service, b. 1864.

Thompson,* Edward Stopford, 1856-61, b. 1842. Univ. Coll. Oxford.

Thompson, Frank Wolfe, 1872.

Thompson, Henry, 1814-16, b. 1801. Dublin University.

Thompson, John, 1806-11.

Thompson, John Chetwood, 1823, b. 1810.

Thompson, John Henry, 1868, b. 1856.

Thompson, Robert John Arthur Rolle Rainburgh, 1820. b. 1810. War Office. Took the name of Gwyn.

Thompson,* Walter Hume, 1867-72, b. 1855. Merchant Service.

Thompson, William, 1825, b. 1813.

Thomson, Thomas Ellman, 1814-15, b. 1799. B.N.C. Oxf.

Thomson,* William, 1806-11, b. 1795. Medical Practitioner.

Thomson, William, 1814-16, b. 1803.

Thorneycroft, John Mytton, 1821, b. 1809. B.N.C. Oxf. Holy Orders.

Thorneycroft, Wallace, 1878. Son of Lieut.-Col. T. Thorneycroft, of Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. b. 1864.

Thornhill, John Bensley, 1820, b. 1808. Bengal Civil Service.

Thornhill, William, 1819, b. 1806.

Thornton, Edward (C.B.), 1824-28. Son of John Thornton, of Clapham. b. 1811. East India Civil Service. Chief Commissioner of Punjab. Retired.

Thornton, George Smith, 1821, b. 1808. Went to Harrow School. Merchant. Director of the Sun Insurance Office.

Thornton, John, 1821. Brother of Edward Thornton (above). b. 1809. Bengal Civil Service. Retired.

Thorp, Robert, 1853-56, b. 1838. 98th Regt.; deceased.

Thorpe, Ralph, 1809-14, b. 1800. Went to Merchant Taylor's School.

Thurlow (Hon.) John Edmund Hovell- 1830. Son of the 2nd Baron Thurlow. b. 1817. Served in 60th Rifles, and 85th Regt. Capt. retired 1854; died 1871.

Thurlow (Hon.) Thomas Hugh Hovell- 1830. Brother of the above, b. 1816. Capt. 7th Fusiliers. Retired 1844.

Thynne (Lord) Edward, 1820. Son of the 2nd Marquess of Bath. b. 1807. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Was M.P. for Frome from 1859 to 1865.

Tickell, Richard Samuel, 1823. Son of Lieut. -Genl. Tickell, E. I. Co. Service (Engineers), b. 1810. Went to Eton. Major Indian Army; deceased.

Tilden, John, 1852-56. Son of John Tilden, of Ifield Court, Northfleet, Kent. b. 1839.

Till,* William, 1801-6. Son of Mr. Till, of the London Waterworks, b. 1791.

Tilly, Tobias Harry, 1823. Son of Captain John Tilly, R.M. Packet Service, of Tremough, Cornwall, b. 1808. Solicitor at Falmouth. Took an active part in promoting the Falmouth Docks; died 1866.

Timmins, William Raikes, 1821, b. 1808. Bengal Civil Service.

Tindal, Acton, 1822-28. Son of Thomas Tindal, of Aylesbury. b. 1811. Solicitor at Aylesbury. Clerk of the Peace for Buckinghamshire.

Tisdall, Alfred Oliver, 1873.

Tobin, John James, 1820, b. 1808. M.D.

Tobin, Thomas Frederick, 1820, b. 1810.

Tod,* Alexander Hay, 1869, b. 1857. Prize Scholar. Trin. Coll. Oxf.

Todd, William, 1874. Of Beverley, Yorks.

Tombs, William Thomas Symonds, 1877. Son of Rev. Joseph Tombs, Rector of Burton, So. Wales, b. 1863.

Tomkin, Henry Brickwood Frederick, 1878. Of Buckland, Dover, b. 1866.

Tomkins, Henry Alfred Colthurst, 1868-72. Son of Rev. Henry George Tomkins, Vicar of Branscombe. b. 1855. Trin. Coll. Cam. Curate of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

Tonks, Thomas Anthony, 1859-61, b. 1844.

Torkington, James, 1824. Son of James Torkington, of Great Stukeley Hall, Hunts, b. 1811. Of Stukeley Hall; died 1852.

Torkington, Laurence John, 1821. Brother of the above. b. 1809. Clare Hall, Cam. Lieut. 4th Light Dragoons. Retired 1837; died 1874.

Torrens, Henry, 1819. Son of Sir Henry Torrens, G.C.B. b. 1806. Bengal Civil Service. Agent to the Court of the Nawab of Moorshedabad; died 1852.

Tottenham, Charles John, 1821. Son of Rt. Rev. Lord R. P. Tottenham, D.D., Bishop of Clogher. b. 1808. Ball. Coll. Oxf. Capt. 2nd Life Guards. Lieut.-Col. Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry; died 1878.

Tower, Charles, 1827. Son of Rev. Charles Tower, of Brentwood. b. 1815. Scholar of St. John's Coll. Cam. Prebendary of Sarum. Rector of Chilmark, Wilts.

Tower, Thomas, 1824. Son of Christopher Thomas Tower, M.P., of Weald Hall, Brentwood. b. 1809. St. John's Coll. Cam. Barrister.

Townshend, Thomas William, 1818. b. 1802.

Trafford, Clement, 1807-11, b. 1793. Jesus Coll. Cam.

Trafford, Edward William, 1821, b. 1809.

Trapmann, Louis Alexander Stuart, 1875. Son of W. H. Trapmann, 8, Roland Gardens, So. Kensington.

Treacher, Robert, 1833-37, b. 1822. Civil Engineer.

Tredell, Thomas Arthur, 1803-6, b. 1794.

Trevelyan, Alfred Wilson, 1820. Son of Sir John Trevelyan, Bart. b. 1807. Lieut. 32nd Regt.; died 1831.

Trevelyan (Sir) Charles Edward (Bart.), 1820. Son of the Venl. Archdeacon George Trevelyan. b. 1807. Assistant Sec. to the Treasury. Governor of Madras, &c. Created a Baronet 1874.

Trevelyan, Edward Otto, 1823. Brother of the above. b. 1810. C. C. C. Oxf. Holy Orders. Of Rockfield, Monmouth.

Trevelyan, Willoughby, 1817. Son of Rev. Walter Trevelyan, Vicar of Henbury and Rector of Nettlecombe. b. 1805. East India Service.

Tristram, Francis Thomas, 1877. Son of Thomas Hutchinson Tristram, D.C.L., of 22, Manchester Square, b. 1864.

Tristram,* Henry Baker, 1806-13. Son of Rev. Thomas Tristram, Prebendary of Salisbury, Rector of Barkstone, Lincolnshire, b. 1795. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Vicar of Eglingham, Northumb.; d. 1837.

Tristram, John Christopher, 1878. Son of the late William Barrington Tristram, b. 1864.

Tritton, Henry, 1828, b. 1815. Banker in London.

Tritton, Joseph, 1831, b. 1819. Banker in London.

Trollope, Andrew Harvey, 1873. Son of G. F. Trollope, of Streatham, Surrey, b. 1860.

Trotter, Lionel James, 1841-45, b. 1827. Post-Master Mert. Coll. Oxf. Indian Army, 1st European Regt.

Trotter, William Thomas, 1823. Son of William Trotter, of Ballindean, Perthshire, b. 1809. E. I. Civil Service.

Troughton, Francis Thomas, 1878. Son of T. Troughton, of Northfleet, Kent.

Troward, Albany, 1814-15, b. 1799. Col. Indian Army. Military Governor of the Invalid Establishment at Poonah; died 1865.

Trower, Edward Spencer, 1823, b. 1809.

Tuck, Edgar Needham, 1850-54, b. 1836; deceased.

Tucker,* Charles Benjamin, 1878. Son of Walter James Tucker, of Chard, Somerset, b. 1865.

Tucker, Frederick Henry, 1841-42, b. 1826. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Horrabridge, Devon.

Tucker,* John, 1803-7, b. 1790. Vicar of West Hendred, Wantage.

Tucker, Stephen, 1803-4, & 1788.

Tucker, William Edwin Pitts, 1875. Son of T. John Pitts Tucker, Solicitor, of Barnstaple, Devon, b. 1861.

Tucker, William Raffles Arthur Gordon, 1877.

Tudor, Frederick Sidney Scripps, 1849-53. Son of Samuel Tudor, of Gidea Hall, Romford. b. 1839. Merchant. Wyton, Yorks.

Tudor, Owen Scripps, 1849-52. Brother of the above. b. 1836. Merchant. Upper Tooting.

Tudor, William Scripps, 1849-53. Brother of the above. b. 1838. Merchant. Queensbury, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Tunbridge, Thomas T., 1871. Left after a few days, b. 1855.

Tupper, Arthur Chilver, 1825. Son of Martin Tupper, Surgeon, of Guernsey, b. 1816; died 1876.

Tupper, Charles William, 1833-34. Brother of the above. b. 1821. 69th Regt. Now in business in the City.

Tupper, Daniel, 1822. Brother of the above, b. 1812. B.N.C. Oxf. Lord Chamberlain's Office; died 1869.

Tupper, Heathfield, 1823, b. 1808; died 1850.

Tupper, Martin Farquhar, 1822. Brother of Daniel Tupper (above), b. 1810. Ch. Ch. Oxf. D.C.L. F.R.S. Called to the Bar 1835. Author of "Proverbial Philosophy," &c.

Turner, Adolphus, 1818, b. 1805. Foreign Office. Chargé D'Affaires in Uruguay.

Turner, Edmond Robert, 1838-43, b. 1826. Scholar of Caius Coll. Cam. Wrangler. Chancery Barrister.

Turner (Sir) George James, 1813-15, b. 1798. Fellow of Pemb. Coll. Cam. 9th Wrangler. Q.C. 1840. Lord Justice of Appeal in the Court of Chancery. Governor of Charterhouse; died 1867.

Turner, George Richard, 1838-42. Son of the above, b. 1825. Caius Coll. Cam. Rector of Kebshall, Herts; deceased.

Turner, Henry Blois, 1819. Son of Thomas Turner, M.D., of London, b. 1808. General Royal Engineers.

Turner, James Francis, 1838-44. Son of Sir G. J. Turner (above), b. 1827. Univ. Coll. Durham. Formerly Rector of Tidworth, Wilts. Bishop of Grafton and Armidale.

Turner, John, 1810-11, b. 1794.

Turner,* John Fisher, 1828. Cousin of Richard Bawtree Turner (below), b. 1805. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Rector of St. Mary, Major, Exeter; deceased.

Turner, John Hayward, 1804-5. Son of Samuel Turner, of 21, Upper Wimpole Street, b. 1789. Merchant; deceased.

Turner, Richard Bawtree, 1836-41. Son of Richd. Turner, and nephew of Sir G. J. Turner, b. 1822. Ex. Coll'. Oxf. Barrister. Died in South Africa.

Turner, Salmon, 1819, b. 1806. Pemb. Coll. Cam.

Turner, Samuel Blois, 1814. Brother of Henry Blois Turner (above), b. 1805. Pemb. Coll. Cam. Rector of All Saints, South Elmham, Suffolk.

Turner, Thomas, 1828. Son of John Turner, of Thames Ditton. b. 1811. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Marden, Wilts.

Turner, Thomas, 1840-44, b. 1827. Solicitor.

Turner, Thomas Hawkins, 1846-49. Son of General H. B. Turner, R.E. b. 1834. Lieut.-Col. Bombay Staff Corps; died 1878.

Turner, Thomas Metcalfe Blois, 1821. Brother of Samuel Blois Turner (above). b. 1809. Capt. Bombay Engineers; died in India 1847.

Turner, Thomas Peregine, 1819. Brother of John Fisher Turner (above). b. 1803. Solicitor at Exeter.

Turner, William Stephen Turner Mellish, 1823. (See Meryweather).

Turnor, Henry Martin, 1825. Son of Edmund Turnor, of Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire. b. 1812.

Tweed, Henry Earle, 1843-46. Son of late Rev. James Tweed, of Rayne, near Braintree. b. 1827. Gold Medal. Scholar of Trinity and Fellow of Oriel Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Latin Essay, &c. Vicar of Coleby, Lincolnshire.

Twells, Philip, 1823. Son of John Twells, of Darby House, Sunbury. b. 1808. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Called to the Bar. Banker in London. M.P. for London 1874.

Twentyman, Percy, 1876. Son of Lawrence B. Twentyman, of Wimbledon. b. 1862.

Twist, Charles, 1875. Of Wavertree, Liverpool.

Tyacke, Francis Yonge, 1876. Son of N. Tyacke, M.D., of Chichester. b. 1861. Articled to a Solicitor in London.

Tyrrell, William, 1818, b. 1807. St. John's Coll. Cam. 4th Senr. Opt. Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales, where he died 1879.

Tyrwhitt-Drake, Algernon Frederick, 1872, b. 1860.

Tyrwhitt-Drake, John D'Urban, 1877. Son of Capt. John Charles Tyrwhitt-Drake, of Aylesbury. b. 1864.

Tyrwhitt-Drake,* Frederick Edward, 1840-47, b. 1828. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Pulham, Dorset.