List of Carthusians, 1800–1879/S

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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.


Sadler, Ashton Christopher William, 1846-49. Son of William Stebbihg Sadler, of Great Horkesley. b. 1833.

Sadler, Robert Stebbing, 1848-50. Brother of the above. b. 1839. Old House, Great Horkesley, Essex.

Saintsbury, Francis Edward, 1822. Son of John Saintsbury, Merchant of London, b. 1811. Royal Navy ; died in 1829, after gallant service in H.M.S. Glasgow, off the coast of Africa.

Saintsbury,* George, 1810. Brother of the above, b. 1796. Assisted Dr. Valpy in editing the Delphin Classics. Afterwards Secretary to the Southampton Docks; died 1860.

Salisbury, Nicholas Richard, 1811, b. 1797. Merchant of Liverpool.

Salmon, Charles Edward, 1878. Son of Capt. Salmon, late 60th Rifles, b. 1864.

Salmon, William Henry, 1875. Brother of the above. b. 1862.

Salmond, Charles Francis, 1821. Son of Francis Salmond, Master-Attendant, Fort Marlbro', Sumatra, b. 1809. Indian Service; died 1827.

Salmond, James William, 1821. Brother of the above, b. 1807; died 1847.

Saltmarshe, Ernest, 1874. Son of Philip Saltmarshe, of Saltmarshe, Yorks. b. 1859.

Saltwell, Charles Herbert Caley, 1875. Son of William Henry Saltwell, of Lincoln's Inn. b. 1860. Articled to a Solicitor.

Samler, Frederick, 1822. Son of William Samler, of Blackheath, b. 1810. Major in the Indian Army; deceased.

Samler, John Harman, 1822. Son of Richard Samler, of Wandsworth. b. 1809. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. For 32 years Vicar of Swallowcliffe, near Salisbury; died 1877.

Sams, Charles Hamilton, 1851-55. Son of Charles Hewit Sams, of Blackheath. b. 1839. Major 64th Regt.

Sams, John Sutton, 1850-54. Brother of the above, b. 1836. Medical Practitioner at Lee, Kent.

Samson, Frederick Charles, 1828. Of Tooting, Surrey. b. 1819.

Samson, George Wood, 1844-48, b. 1830. Caius Coll. Cam.; died 1856.

Sandars, George Edward, 1875. Son of J. E. Sandars, of Gainsborough.

Sanders, Arthur Andrew, 1876. Son of Rev. Lloyd Sanders, Rector of Whimple, Devon, b. 1863.

Sanders, Evelyn Francis, 1877. Son of Thomas Sanders, LL.D., of Sanders Park, Charleville, Co. Cork. b. 1864.

Sandham, Henry, 1847-49. Son of the late Lt.-Genl. Henry Sandham, R.E. b. 1832. Keeper of the Civil Engineering Collection, Science and Art Department, South Kensington Museum.

Sandwith, Fleming Mant, 1866, b. 1853. Surgeon. Served in the Russo-Turkish War 1877-78. Medal and Order of the Medjidié, and Gold Cross of Servia.

Sandys, Henry Jervis, 1877. Son of H. Sandys, of Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. b. 1863.

Sansom,* John, 1823, b. 1812. Queens Coll. Oxf. Rector of Bushingworth and Faldingworth, Lincoln.

Sant, James William, 1876. Son of James William Sant, R.A., Principal Painter in Ordinary to the Queen, b. 1862.

Sapte, Harry Gifford, 1874. Son of Rev. Canon Sapte, Rector of Cranleigh, Surrey, b. 1862.

Sargeaunt, Charles, 1815. Son of John Sargeaunt, of Coleshill, Herts, b. 1806. B.N.C. Oxf. No Profession.

Sargeaunt, Edward Woodbine, 1873. Son of William Charles Sargeaunt (below), b. 1860. In the Office of the Crown Agents for the Colonies.

Sargeaunt, James, 1815. Brother of Charles Sargeaunt (above), b. 1805. Capt. 13th Dragoons; died 1852.

Sargeaunt, James Primatt, 1840-44. Son of Rev. John Sargeaunt (below), b. 1831. Jesus Coll. Cam. Of Tewkesbury Park, Gloucester. Formerly Inspector of Military Schools.

Sargeaunt, John, 1812-17. Brother of James Sargeaunt (above), b. 1799. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Rector of Stanwick, Northants; d.

Sargeaunt, John Barmby, 1837-41. Eldest son of the above. b. 1823. St. John's Coll. Cam. Barrister. Resides at Bedford.

Sargeaunt,* Richard Arthur, 1851-58. Son of Rev. John Sargeaunt (above), b. 1840. Capt. Royal Engineers.

Sargeaunt, William Charles (C.M.G.), 1840-47. Brother of the above, b. 1829. Colonial Secretary at Natal. Crown Agent for the British Colonies.

Sargeaunt, William John, 1858-59. Son of Charles Sargeaunt (above), b. 1843. Clerk in the Admiralty Office.

Saunders, Alexander Octavius, 1818. Son of the late Robert Saunders. b. 1807. Commissariat; died in Mauritius 1836.

Saunders, Alexander William Fleck, 1847-53. Son of the above, b. 1837. Emigrated to Australia.

Saunders, Alfred Robert Henry, 1867-71. Son of Augustus Page Saunders, D.D. (below), b. 1853. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Solicitor.

Saunders,* Arthur Morrell, 1850-57. Son of the late Charles Alexander Saunders, Secretary to the Great Western Railway, b. 1839. Agent of the Madras Railway Company.

Saunders, Arthur William, 1847-53. Son of the late Robert John Saunders, of Eltham, Kent. b. 1835. Scholar of B.N.C. Oxf.; died 1854.

Saunders, Augustus Nicholson, 1837. Brother of the above, b. 1826. Died at Charterhouse 1838.

Saunders, Augustus Page, 1817. Son of the late Robert Saunders. b. 1801. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxf. Double 1st Class. Head Master of Charterhouse. Dean of Peterborough 1833; died 1878.

Saunders,* Cecil Ernest Brassey Pigou, 1869. Son of the late James Fergusson Saunders. b. 1859. Now in Madras.

Saunders, Edward Augustus, 1837-41. Brother of the above, b. 1825. Madras N. Infantry. Major-General retired. Served in the Indian Mutiny.

Saunders, Edward William, 1847-49. Son of the late John James Saunders (below), b. 1836. Major 14th Regiment. Crimean Medal and Clasp. Maori Medal.

Saunders, Frederick William, 1859-62. Son of the late William Septimus Saunders (below), b. 1844. Late Capt. 7th Fusiliers; retired.

Saunders, George Nicholson, 1843-52. Brother of Arthur William Saunders (above), b. 1833. Major 3rd Punjab N. Infantry; died at Mooltan 1876.

Saunders, George Robert, 1847-48. Son of the late Capt. William Saunders, R.A. b. 1836. Capt. Rifle Brigade; deceased.

Saunders, Harry Cecil, 1839-47. Son of the late Charles Alexander Saunders. b. 1829. E. I. Civil Service; died in Ceylon 1854.

Saunders, Henry George, 1848-50. Brother of Edward William Saunders (above), b. 1830. Major Bengal Staff Corps. Served in the Indian Mutiny Campaign. Medal.

Saunders, Henry Robe, 1839-43. Son of the late Robert John Saunders. b. 1829. Capt. Royal Artillery; died 1857.

Saunders,* Herbert Clifford, 1844-52. Son of the late Charles Alexander Saunders, Sec. Gt. Western Railway. b. 1834. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 2nd Class Moderations and Lit. Hum. Barrister.

Saunders, Hugh Ward, 1842-45. Son of the late Robert Saunders. b. 1828. Captain 7th Bengal Light Cavalry; deceased.

Saunders, James, 1832-33. Son of the late James Fergusson Saunders. b. 1818. Natal.

Saunders, John Boyd, 1842-47. Son of the late John James Saunders (below), b. 1830. Lieut.-Col. 9th Bengal Cavalry.

Saunders, John James, 1806-9. Son of the late William Saunders, M.D. b. 1794. Merchant at Leghorn; deceased.

Saunders,* Leslie Seymour, 1847-53. Brother of Herbert Clifford Saunders (above), b. 1837. E. I. Civil Service. Commissioner at Ajmeer.

Saunders,* Montague Stuart, 1851-58. Brother of the above, b. 1840. Late Capt. 20th Hussars. Madras.

Saunders, Oliver Augustus, 1857-62. Son of Augustus Page Saunders, D.D. (above), b. 1844. Trin. Coll. Cam. Wrangler 1866. Barrister.

Saunders, Reginald Floyer, 1842-48. Son of the late Charles Alexander Saunders. b. 1831. E. I. Civil Service. Judge.

Saunders, Robert, 1806-7. Son of the late William Saunders, M.D. b. 1792. E. I. Civil Service, Bengal; deceased.

Saunders, Robert Power, 1851-54. Son of the following. b. 1839. Capt. Royal Artillery; died 1871.

Saunders, William Septimus, 1818. Brother of Augustus Page Saunders, D.D. (above), b. 1803. Merchant in Mauritius; died 1850.

Savill-Onley, Onley Harvey, 1806-13. Son of Charles Harvey, who assumed the names of Savill-Onley. b. 1795. Caius Coll. and Pemb. Hall, Cam. Senr. Opt. Barrister of the Middle Temple. Recorder of Norwich. Stisted Hall, Essex.

Sayer, Edward Lane, 1814. Son of Henry Jenkinson Sayer, Solicitor, b. 1806. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Pulloxhill, Beds. Died at Thames Ditton 1868.

Schmitz,* Charles Alfred, 1871. Son of Leonard Schmitz, LL.D. b. 1856. Died 1878.

Schnell, Frank Macdonald, 1822, b. 1811.

Schroder, Edward, 1825, b. 1811. Special Pleader, Ohio, U.S.A.

Schroder, George, 1825, b. 1813. Architect at Adelaide, South Australia.

Schroder, Herman, 1811-15, b. 1800.

Schroder, James Peacock, 1814-15, b. 1802.

Scott, Charles, 1819, b. 1803. St. John's Coll. Cam. A.B. 1825.

Scott,* Charles Perry, 1857. Son of Rev. J. Scott, of Hull. b. 1847. Jesus Coll. Cam. Missionary in China.

Scott, George, 1821, b. 1807. India.

Scott, Herbert Thomas, 1855-60, b. 1844.

Scott, John, 1813-14, b. 1799.

Scott, John, 1826, b. 1812.

Scott, John Anthony, 1828, b. 1816; died 1864.

Scott, Patrick, 1821, b. 1803. E. I. Civil Service.

Scott, Patrick William Evelyn, 1874.

Scott, Richard Curtis Folliott, 1874. Son of Rev. R. F. Scott, Vicar of Arlesey, Beds. b. 1860. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Scott, Septimus, 1822. b. 1810. India.

Scott, Stanley Herbert, 1878. Son of John Thomas Scott. b. 1866.

Scott, Thomas, 1821, b. 1809. Of Tunbridge Wells.

Scott,* Thomas Brand Graham, 1818, b. 1808. Wine Merchant and Consul at Bordeaux.

Scovell, Charles, 1827, b. 1812 ; died 1831.

Scratchley, Charles James, 1824, b. 1814. Gold Medal. Scholar of Queens Coll. Cam. and B.N.C. Oxf. 3rd Class Lit. Hum. Rector of Lydeard, St. Lawrence, near Taunton.

Scratton, Alfred, 1876. Son of John Scratton, of Cobham, Kent. b. 1856.

Scratton, John, 1870. Brother of the above, b. 1863. Practical Engineer.

Scriven, Alexander, 1815, b. 1804.

Scriven, John, 1816-18, b. 1808. Lieut.-Col. of the 4th Royal Middlesex Militia; died 1878.

Searle, Frederick Charles, 1872. Son of F. A. Searle. b. 1859. Scholar of Pemb. Coll. Cam.

Searle, George William Von Uslar, 1873. Son of the late James Searle. b. 1860. Exhibitioner and Scholar of King's Coll. Cam.

Sechiari, George Parasqueva, 1878. Son of Parasqueva George Sechiari, of the Poplars, Edgeware. b. 1864.

Seckham, Bassett Thorne, 1876. Son of Samuel Lipscomb Seckham, of Hanch Hall, Lichfield. b. 1863.

Selwyn,* Henry Charles, 1801, b. 1789. Royal Artillery.

Senior,      , 1803.

Senior,      , 1803.

Senior, William, 1819, b. 1805.

Sentance, William Valentine, 1868-72.

Serle, William Ambrose, 1825, b. 1812.

Sewell, Ernest Brooke, 1878. Son of F. N. Sewell, Elmhurst, Upton, Essex, b. 1864.

Sewell, John Brodie, 1848-53. Son of John Sewell, of Fortis Green, Finsbury. b. 1839. Partner in the firm of Sewell and Son, Builders and Contractors; d. 1878.

Seymour* (Lord) Albert Charles, 1857-65. Son of the Marquess of Hertford, b. 1847. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Capt. Scots Fusilier Guards.

Seymour,* Albert Eden, 1853-60. Son of Richard Seymour (below), b. 1841. Prize Scholar. Orator. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Barnstaple.

Seymour, John Le Marchant, 1858-62. Brother of the above. b. 1845. Army. Killed in India 1866.

Seymour,* Richard, 1817. Son of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, K.C.B. b. 1806. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxf. Canon Res. of Worcester. Formerly Rector of Kinwarton.

Seymour, Richard Arthur, 1855-61. Son of the above. b. 1843. Univ. Coll. Oxf.

Seymour, Thos. Conway Waith, 1806-8. Emm. Coll. Cam.

Seymour, Walter Richard, 1853-58. Brother of A. E. Seymour (above), b. 1838. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Admiralty.

Shackell, Francis Bayley, 1849-53, b. 1834. Scholar of Oriel Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Mods. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Holy Orders; d. 1861.

Shackell, Henry William, 1848-52, b. 1832. Scholar and Fellow Pemb. Coll. Cam. 10th Wrangler, 2nd Class. Classical Tripos. Missionary in India.

Shakespear, John Arthur, 1835-38. Son of Rev. J. M. Shakespear, Vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire, b. 1820. Trin. Coll. Cam. No Profession.

Shakespear (Sir) Richmond Campbell, 1823. Son of John Talbot Shakespear, of the Bengal Civil Service, b. 1811. General, Bengal Artillery ; d. 1861 at Indore.

Shakespeare, George Trant, 1823, b. 1809. Indian Artillery.

Sharp, Alban Henry, 1874. Son of Martin Sharp, 3, North Grove, Highgate.

Sharp, Charles, 1873. Son of Samuel Sharp, of Chilworth, Surrey, b. 1860. Architect.

Sharp, Henry, 1837-38. Provost-Marshall, Granada, W. Indies.

Sharples, Edward, 1838-40, b. 1825.

Shaw, Henry, 1802-4.

Shaw, James, 1802-5.

Shaw, John Wyburgh, 1802-4.

Shaw, Robert, 1827, b. 1814.

Shears, Edmund Augustus, 1871. Son of Wm. Shears, of The Limes, Clapham Common.

Shears, James Charles, 1871. Brother of the above.

Shears, William, 1869-71, b. 1855.

Shee, Benjamin Basil, 1812-14, b. 1803.

Shelley, Edward Adolphus, 1820. Son of Sir John Shelley, Bart. b. 1812 ; died 1854.

Shelley (Sir) John Villiers (Bart.), 1819. Brother of the above, b. 1808. M. P. for Westminster 1852-55; died 1867. Of Maresfield Park, Sussex.

Shepherd, Charles William, 1853-56, b. 1838. Trin. Coll. Cam. Rector of Trotterscliffe, Kent.

Sheppard, Shearman, 1836-40, b. 1825. Solicitor.

Sheppard,* William Fleetwood, 1875. Son of Edmund Sheppard. Judge in Queensland, Australia, b. 1863.

Sherard, Philip Castell (Lord Sherard), 1815-16. Son of Rev. P. C. Castell Sherard. b. 1804. Glatton Hall, Hunts.

Sheridan, Francis Cynric, 1823. Son of Thomas Sheridan, and grandson of Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. b. 1811. Colonial Sec. at Barbados. Treasurer of Mauritius, where he died 1843.

Sheridan,* Thomas Berkeley, 1821. Brother of the above. b. 1811. Royal Navy. Killed accidentally on board H.M.S. Diamond 1826.

Sherwood, Richard William, 1821. Son of Edward Sherwood, of Purley, Berks, b. 1811. Solicitor. Wellingborough, Northampton.

Shetton, Arthur, 1841-43, b. 1830. Went to Helston School.

Shipden, John, 1825, b. 1810.

Shirley, Henry James, 1831, b. 1819.

Shoppee, Conrad Joseph, 1870, b. 1856.

Shoppee, Eustace Cyril, 1873. Shore-Smith, Samuel, 1875. [Son of William Shore-Smith, of 30, York Place, Portman Square]. King's Coll. Cam.

Short,* Anthony Holbeche, 1876. Son of Rev. J. H. Short, Temple Balsall, Warwickshire, b. 1862.

Short,* Edward Morrison de Courcy, 1870, b. 1857.

Short, John Hassard, 1823. Son of Richard Samuel Short, of Edlington, Linc. b. 1810. Trin. Coll. Cam. J.P. and D.L. for Lincoln.

Shortt, William, 1850-53. Son of the late Colonel Shortt, and nephew of Rev. C. R. Dicken. b. 1836. Lieut.-Col. Late 57th Regiment. Served in the Crimean and New Zealand Wars. Four Medals. Resides at St. Helens, Chesterfield.

Shuttleworth, Edward, 1817. Son of T. Starkie Shuttleworth, of Ashton Lodge, Preston, Lanc. b. 1806. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Egloshayle, Cornwall. Hon. Canon of Truro.

Shuttleworth, John, 1817. Brother of the above, b. 1804. Lawyer at Preston.

Shuttleworth, William, 1819. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Lawyer and Town Clerk at Liverpool; deceased.

Sibley, Arthur Fullerton, 1875. Son of Col. Thomas Harmer Sibley. b. 1862.

Sillem, Herman Walter, 1873. Son of A. Sillem, of Laurie Park, Sydenham.

Silver, Henry, 1839-44, b. 1824. Solicitor. One of the writers in Punch.

Simmons, Francis Carlyon, 1875. Son of G. E. Carlyon Simmons, of Southsea. b. 1861.

Simons, Nicholas, 1800-6, b. 1788. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Bramfield.

Simpson, Arthur Bridgeman, 1820, b. 1812.

Simpson, Edward, 1825. Son of Edward Simpson, of Lichfield. b. 1815. C. C. C. Oxf. Inner Temple. Assumed the name of Hicks. M.P. for Co. Cambridge 1878. Wilbraham Temple, Cam.

Simpson, Howard Robert, 1872, b. 1861.

Simpson, James Macgregor, 1871-77. Son of Rev. J. H. Simpson, of St. Mark's, Bexhill, Sussex, b. 1859. Emigrated to Australia.

Simpson, William Bridgeman, 1826. Third son of late Hon. John Bridgeman Simpson, of Babworth Hall. b. 1813. Trin. Coll. Cam. Rector of Babworth, Notts.

Sims, Charles, 1812-16. Son of E. T. Sims, of Hubbard's Hall, Harlow, Essex, b. 1803. East India Civil Service.

Sims, Edward Sidney, 1817. Brother of the above, b. 1806. died 1822.

Sims, Frederick, 1819. Brother of the above, b. 1810. East India Merchant Service; deceased.

Sims, Henry Belmont, 1810-16. Brother of the above, b. 1800. Rector of Great Parndon, Essex; deceased.

Sims, William Unwin, 1808. Brother of the above, b. 1797. Merchant in London. Chairman of the Gt. Western Railway; died 1839.

Sinclair, Charles Albert, 1877. Son of Charles Sinclair.

Sinclair, Robert, 1827, b. 1817. Civil Engineer.

Sismey, George Herbert, 1875. Son of T. Sismey, of Hadley Green, Barnet.

Sismey, Thomas Boulton, 1877. Brother of the above.

Skey, Francis Wakefield, 1842-45. Son of the late Frederic Carpenter Skey, C.B., F.R.S. b. 1831. Surgeon; d. 1863.

Skey, Frederic Charles, 1842-51. Brother of the above. b. 1832. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Weare, Weston-Super-Mare. Late Precentor of Bristol.

Skirrow, Arthur George Walker, 1875. Son of Walter Skirrow, 2, Queensberry Place, S.W.

Sladden, Arthur, 1870-71, b. 1856.

Slade, Arthur John, 1875. Son of Rev. James Slade, Little Lever, Bolton. b. 1862.

Slade, Felix, 1802-4. Son of Robert Slade, Proctor in Doctors' Commons, b. 1792. Proctor in Doctors' Commons; d. 1868.

Slade, George Penkivil, 1848-50, b. 1832.

Slade,* Montague Maule, 1861-5. Son of Lieut.-General Marcus John Slade, twin brother of Sir Fredk. Slade, Bart. b. 1849. Capt. 10th Hussars.

Slater, James, 1825, b. 1812.

Slater, Thomas, 1824, b. 1810.

Sleeman, Richard, 1824, b. 1812. Ball. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Whitchurch, Devon; deceased.

Smallwood, Henry, 1809-11, b. 1794.

Smelt, Cornelius Robert, 1814-15. Of Northallerton, Yorks. b. 1803.

Smith, Alexander Fitzwalter, 1877. Son of Colonel Clement James Smith, R.A. b. 1864.

Smith, Alfred, 1827. b. 1815. Banker at Derby.

Smith, Algernon Jason, 1877. Son of Jason Smith, of 60, St. James-street, London, b. 1864.

Smith, Bertram Metcalf, 1877. Son of the late Metcalf-Smith. (Bournemouth).

Smith, Charles Aubrey, 1875. Son of Charles John Smith, Medical Practitioner of Brighton, b. 1863.

Smith, Charles Swainson, 1878. Son of Rev. Henry Robert Smith, Rector of Grange-over-Sands, Canforth, Lanc. b. 1865.

Smith, Edmund, 1823, b. 1809. E. I. Civil Service.

Smith, Edward Cleaver, 1823, b. 1809.

Smith, Edward Langdale, 1825. Son of Rev. Edward Smith, of Folkingham, Lincolnshire, b. 1811. St. John's Coll. Cam. Vicar of Chetwode, Bucks.

Smith, Elijah, 1810. Left the same year. b. 1800.

Smith, Frederick Evan Cowper, 1874. (See Cowper-Smith.)

Smith, Frederick Sherard. Son of Col. Clement J. Smith. b. 1860. Of Surbiton, Surrey.

Smith, George Samuel Fereday, 1821. Son of Richard Smith, of Shenstone Hall, Staffs, b. 1812. Queens Coll. Oxf. Barrister of the Inner Temple. Grovehurst, Kent.

Smith, George Spencer, 1846-48, b. 1831.

Smith, Graham, 1823, b. 1812. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Smith, Henry, 1841-43, b. 1832.

Smith,* Henry Eden, 1878. Brother of Charles Swainson Smith (above), b. 1864.

Smith, Henry Robert, 1876. Son of Robert Smith, of Chesham House, Croydon. b. 1862.

Smith, Henry Sandford, 1877. Son of Henry Maberly Smith, 2, Uxbridge-road, Surbiton, Surrey, b. 1864.

Smith,* Henry Venn Brandram, 1861-70. Son of the Bishop of Victoria (Hong Kong). b. 1851. Prize Scholar.

Smith, Henry William, 1820, b. 1806.

Smith, Herbert Henry, 1862, b. 1851.

Smith, Hugh Wallis, 1823, b. 1811. St. John's Coll. Cam. Barrister. Wine Merchant.

Smith, John, 1804-8.

Smith, John Charles, 1839-41, b. 1824. Queens Coll. Oxf. Vicar of King-Sterndale, Buxton.

Smith,* John Spencer, 1814-18, b. 1803.

Smith, Mosley, 1823, b. 1810. E. I. Civil Service.

Smith, Poynder, 1826, b. 1814.

Smith, Raynes Waite, 1829, b. 1818.

Smith, Rennell Percy, 1875. [Son of Rev. H. Percy Smith, Vicar of Barton, Suffolk]. R.M. Academy, Woolwich.

Smith, Richard, 1823, b. 1809. Formerly in the Rifle Brigade. Holy Orders.

Smith, Robert Willan, 1826. Son of Ashby Smith, M.D. b. 1814. Scholar of Jesus and Post-Master of Mert. Coll. Oxf. Formerly Incumbent of Stow in Upland, Suffolk. Now residing at Richmond, Surrey.

Smith, Samuel, 1841-43, b. 1831.

Smith, Samuel Shore. (See Shore-Smith).

Smith, Samuel Lee, 1869. Son of Alfred Smith, b. 1856. Merchant. The Gleanings, Rochester.

Smith, Sherard Frederick, 1875. 2, Surbiton Terrace, Surbiton.

Smith, Somers Percy, 1875.

Smith, Stuart Alfred, 1877. Brother of Samuel Lee Smith (above), b. 1864.

Smith, Thomas Bennett, 1827, b. 1816.

Smith, Walter Joseph, 1873. Son of Timothy Smith, of Boston, Lincolnshire, b. 1859. Planter in Ceylon.

Smith,* William, 1876. Son of the late William Edward Smith, b. 1864.

Smith, William Peters, 1827, b. 1813 ; died 1830.

Smith,* Windham, 1825. Son of Rev. Sydney Smith, Canon of St. Paul's, b. 1813. Trin. and Caius Coll. Cam. Civil Service.

Smyth,* Charles, 1827. Born in India, b. 1815. Captain in the Army; deceased.

Smyth, Charles Montaubon Carmichael (C.B.), 1801-5. Son of James Carmichael-Smyth, M.D., F.R.S., of Aithernie. b. 1790. General. Served in 20th Hussars and 8th Bengal Light Cavalry during the Indian Mutiny; died 1870.

Smyth (Sir) James Robert Carmichael- (Bart.), 1829. Son of Maj.-Genl. Sir Jas. Carmichael Smyth, Bart. b. 1817. (Resumed the name of Carmichael only). See Carmichael.

Smyth, Mark Wood Carmichael- 1814-15. Brother of the above, b. 1801. Capt. 6th Madras Light Cavalry; deceased. (Resumed the name of Carmichael only).

Smyth, Robert Stewart Carmichael- 1812-14. Brother of the above, b. 1799. Late Major 93rd Highlanders. Resides at Frome.

Smyth, Robert Maclein, 1823, b. 1811.

Smythe, George Edward, 1860-65. Son of Rev. Patrick Murray Smythe, Rector of Solihull, Warwickshire, b. 1846. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Barrister.

Smythe, Patrick Murray, 1873. Brother of the above, b. 1860.

Smythe, William Frederick, 1872. Son of William Smythe, of Methven Castle, Perth, b. 1859.

Snowden, Northing, 1823. Son of George Snowden, of Ramsgate. b. 1809; died 1826.

Soames, Edgar, 1874. [Son of E. Soames, of Bromley]. Went to Westminster School.

Soames, Joseph, 1820, b. 1806; deceased.

Solly, Francis Drake, 1850-54. Son of the late Samuel Solly, F.R.C.S. b. 1840.

Solly, William Hammond, 1825. Son of the late Samuel Reynolds Solly, F.R.S. b. 1814. Went to Harrow School. Trin. Coll. Cam. Of Serge Hill, Hemel Hempstead.

Solly, William Herbert, 1848-52. Brother of Francis Drake Solly (above), b. 1835. Bengal Cavalry; died in India.

Soltau, James Pillans, 1825, b. 1812; died at Charterhouse 1836.

Somers-Cocks, Arthur Percy, 1878. Son of Arthur Herbert Cocks, C.B. b. 1864. Late Bengal Civil Service.

Somers-Cocks, Charles Richard, 1826. Son of Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Philip James Cocks, of Stepple Hall, Salop. b. 1814. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Vicar of Wolverley, Worcester, and Neen Savage, Salop; died 1875.

Somers-Cocks, Herbert Haldane, 1873. Brother of Arthur Percy Somers-Cocks (above), b. 1861. R.M. Coll. Sandhurst.

Somers-Cocks, Henry Lawrence, 1875. Brother of the above. b. 1862.

Somerset,* A. Plantagenet Fredk. Charles, 1843-44. Son of Col. the Hon. John Thos. H. Somerset, b. 1829. 13th Regt. Lieut.-Col.

Somerset,* Charles Bruce Henry, 1852-57. Son of Col. Somerset, b. 1841. 3rd Regt.

Somerset, Edward, 1878. Son of Francis Flower Somerset, Greenham House, Newbury, Berks, b. 1864.

Somerset, Fitzroy William Henry, 1856-62. Son of Rev. William George Henry Somerset, b. 1845. Brisbane, Australia.

Somerset, Henry George Edward, 1841. Son of Lieut.-Genl. Sir Henry Somerset, K.C.B. b. 1829. Capt. 3rd Regt. Cape Mounted Rifles. Caffre War 1850-52. Fort Major at Jersey.

Somerville, Henry, 1817, b. 1806.

Sotheby, Hans William, 1839-46. Son of Hans Sotheby, East India Company's Service, b. 1827. Gold Medal. Fellow of Ex. Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Barrister; died 1875.

South,* Henry Erskine, 1876. Son of the late Mr. South, Paymaster-in-Chief Royal Navy. b. 1862. Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth.

Southwell, Charles Leslie, 1875. Son of T. Martin Southwell, of The Woodlands, Bridgenorth.

Southwell, Edmund Martin, 1868. Brother of the above. b. 1853. Lieut. Salop Rifles. St. Leonards, Bridgenorth.

Southwell, Frank Marvan, 1870. Brother of the above. b. 1859. West Cromwell Road, London.

Southwell, Harry Kemble, 1871. Brother of the above. b. 1860. Magd. Coll. Oxf.

Southwell, Herbert B., 1869. Son of Charles T. Southwell, of Stoke Newington. b. 1856. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Mods.

Southwell, William Lascelles, 1868, b. 1855.

Sparling, Charles, 1824. Son of William Sparling, of Petton, Salop, b. 1813. Captain 15th Hussars; died 1876.

Sparling, William, 1824. Twin brother of the above, b. 1813. St. John's Coll. Cam. J.P. Petton Park, Salop.

Sparrow, Basil James Harold, 1868-71. Son of Basil Sparrow, of Gosfield Place, Essex, b. 1853. Ch. Coll. Cam. Curate of Chacely.

Sparrow, Herbert Edward, 1870. Brother of the above. b. 1857. Emm. Coll. Cam. Banker.

Spence, Edward Fordham, 1874. Son of James Spence, of 67, Queensborough Terrace.

Spencer,* George John Trevor, 1812-17. Son of William Robert Spencer, who was a grandson of the Duke of Marlborough. b. 1799. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Bishop of Madras. Chancellor of St. Paul's; died 1866.

Spencer, John, 1803. Left the same year.

Spencer, John, 1825, b. 1811. Jes. Coll. Cam.

Spencer, John Trevor, 1873. Son of William Cavendish Spencer, of the Bengal Civil Service, b. 1859.

Spencer-Stanhope, Walter, 1875. (See Stanhope).

Spicer, Stephen Ralph, 1821, b. 1806. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Curate of Woodnesborough, Kent.

Spiller,* Edward Frederick, 1842-48, b. 1831. Emigrated to Australia.

Spooner, Charles Herbert, 1871. Son of Isaac Spooner, of Wightwick Staffs, b. 1855.

Spooner, George Cecil Frederick, 1873.

Spranger, Richard Walter, 1839-40. Nephew of the following, b. 1823.

Spranger, Robert Jefferies, 1824. Son of Rev. R. Spranger, Rector of Low Toynton, Line. b. 1812. Fellow and Tutor Ex. Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. Holy Orders.

Spranger, Stephen, 1826. Brother of the above, b. 1813. Trin. Coll. Cam. M.D., F.R.C.S.; d.

Springett, William Leaver, 1823, b. 1814.

Spring-Rice, Gerald, 1877. Son of the late Hon. C. W. T. Spring-Rice, b. 1864.

Spry, Arthur Brown, 1826. Son of James Hume Spry (below), b. 1812. Trin. Coll. Cam. Chaplain in India; died 1870.

Spry, Edmund Hume, 1823. Brother of the above, b. 1805.

Spry, Edmund Trant, 1814. Brother of the above, b. 1806.

Spry, James Hume, 1813. Son of Rev. J. H. Spry, Rector of Marylebone. b. 1805. Medical Officer to Charterhouse.

Spry, Philip Lane, 1825. Son of the above, b. 1810. Indian Army. 35th N. Infantry.

Spurrier, Thomas Henry, 1822, b. 1810. Solicitor at Birmingham.

Spurway, Edward Popham, 1876. Son of Rev. E. B. Spurway, Rector of Heathfield, Taunton. b. 1863.

Spyers, Thomas Charles, 1852-54. Son of Rev. Dr. Spyers, of Weybridge. b. 1837. Surgeon; deceased.

Stainforth, Frederick, 1823, b. 1810.

Stanhope, Walter Spencer, 1875. Son of Walter Thos. Wm. Spencer-Stanhope, of Cannon Hall, Yorks. b. 1860.

Stanley, Edward, 1874. Son of William Stanley, of Ponsonby Hall, Cumberland, b. 1859.

Stanley, Owen, 1821. Son of Sir John Thomas Stanley, of Alderley, Bart. b. 1811. Commander R.N.; d. 1850.

Stanley, William, 1874. Brother of Edward Stanley (above). b. 1861.

Stannett, George Radcliffe, 1813-16, b. 1803.

Stantial, Arthur Evered, 1874. Son of Rev. T. Stantial, Vicar of St. John's, Clapham Rise.

Stanton, John Harrison, 1876. Son of John Harrison, Stanton, of Stubb House, Whiston, near Darlington. b. 1861.

Staples, Samuel, 1808-10. Son of Samuel Staples, of Cumberwell House, Wilts, b. 1796.

Starkie, Thomas Whitaker, 1828, b. 1816. St. John's Coll. Cam.; died 1843.

Starling, John Little, 1875.

Starr, John, 1817. Son of John Starr, Solicitor and Auditor to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. b. 1804. New Inn Hall, Oxf. Solicitor. Partner with his father. Retired 1840. The Precincts, Canterbury.

Starr, Powys, 1821. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Died at Charterhouse 1824.

Starr, Thomas, 1809-12. Brother of the above, b. 1794. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Died at Canterbury 1858.

Starr, William Arthur, 1825, b. 1808.

Statham, Richard Jervis, 1815, b. 1805. C. C. C. Oxf. Rector of Tarporley, Cheshire; d.

St. Aubyn, Hugh Molesworth, 1878. Son of Rev. A. H. M. St. Aubyn, of Clowlance, Camborne, Cornwall, b. 1865.

Staveley, George Edmund, 1870-72, b. 1856.

Stavert, Herbert John Brownell, 1875. Son of Archibald, Stavert, of Hoscote, Selkirkshire.

Stavert, Thomas Hope, 1873-6. Brother of the above. b. 1859. R.M. Coll. Sandhurst.

Stavert, William James, 1873. Brother of the above. New Coll. Oxf.

Stedman, Robert Frost, 1827, b. 1812. Solicitor at Sudbury.

Steele, William, 1818, b. 1804.

Steer, William Frederick, 1803-5, b. 1789.

Steers, John Reay, 1818, b. 1806.

Stenhouse, Thomas, 1868. Son of Thomas Stenhouse, of 14, Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead. b. 1856. King's College, Aberdeen.

Stephens, David Evan, 1877, b. 1862. Of 10, Quay Street, Carmarthen.

Stephens,* Henry, 1827, b. 1815.

Stephenson,* Benjamin Charles, 1849-55, b. 1839. Treasury. Secretary to Lloyd's.

Stephenson, Henry, 1818, b. 1804.

Stevens, Percy Wansborough, 1871, b. 1861.

Stevens, Robert, 1844-49, b. 1832.

Stevens, Robert Champion, 1877. Son of John Robert Stevens, 15, Prince's Square, Bayswater.

Stevenson, Leader Henry, 1861-64, b. 1848.

Steward, Alfred, 1818-21. Son of William Steward, of Great Yarmouth, b. 1803. Wine Merchant in London; died 1835.

Steward, Francis, 1818-22. Brother of the above, b. 1806. Trin. Hall, Cam. Rector of Barking, Suffolk. J.P.

Steward, Henry Allan Holden, 1878. Son of Rev. Walter Holden Steward, Rector of Whilton, Daventry. b, 1865.

Steward, Walter John Wyndham, 1878.

Stewart, Donald Charles, 1874.

Stewart, Edward Hamilton, 1876. Son of the Ven. Henry Stewart, D.D., Archdeacon of Dromore. b. 1864.

Stewart, Keith, 1821, b. 1809.

Stewart, Lewis Maxey, 1872.

Stewart, Montgomerie James, 1874. Son of Rev. James Stewart, Rector of Little Stukeley, Huntingdon.

St. George, Charles Hervey, 1877. Son of William Whitmore St. George, of Clifton Park, Birkenhead. b. 1863.

St. George, Howard, 1872. Brother of the above, b. 1858.

Stirling, Norman William, 1875.

St. Leger, Henry Berners, 1874. Son of Colonel John St. Leger, of Park Hill, Rotherham, Yorks. b. 1861.

Stock, John, 1856-58. Son of Edward Stock, J.P. of Poplar, Middlesex, b. 1841. King's Coll. London. Formerly a Solicitor. Now in Holy Orders.

Stockdale, Joseph Walter, 1823, b. 1810. Trin. Coll. Cam. Holy Orders.

Stoddart, Henry Moncreiff, 1817, b. 1808.

Stoddart, William Wellwood, 1817, b. 1809. Fellow of St. John's Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Denyer's Prize. Holy Orders.

Stokes, Arthur Romney, 1872.

Stone, Andrew, 1802-5; deceased

Stone, Charles, 1846-48, b. 1831.

Stone, George, 1820, b. 1808. Banker.

Stone, James Henry, 1810-13, b. 1803. Went to St. Paul's School. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Stone, John Urry, 1824, b. 1812.

Stone, Samuel John, 1853-58. Son of the late Rev. William Stone, Vicar of Alfriston, Sussex, b. 1839. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of St. Paul's, Haggerston. Author of Various Hymns and Poems.

Stone, Thomas Arthur, 1810-13, b. 1797. Accoucheur.

Stone, William Henry, 1843-49. Son of Rev. William Stone, Canon of Canterbury, b. 1830. Gold Medal. Scholar of Ball. Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Lit. Hum. M.B. Physician and Lecturer at St. Thomas's Hospital, &c.

Stopford,* Algernon Edward, 1868. Son of Rev. F. M. Stopford (below), b. 1858.

Stopford,* Frederick Manners, 1841-50. Son of Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Edward Stopford. b. 1831. Orator. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Vicar of Tichmarsh, Northants.

Stopford,* Montagu Charles Henry, 1848-54. Son of Admiral the Hon. Sir Montagu Stopford, K.C.B. b. 1837. Land Agent in Australia.

Stopford, Walter James, 1843-46. Brother of F. M. Stopford (above), b. 1833. Late Capt. 52nd Regiment. Commissioner of Prisons.

Storks (Sir) Henry Knight (K.C.B.), 1825. Son of Mr. Sergeant Storks, b. 1811. Capt. 38th Regiment. Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. Governor of Malta. Under Secretary for War, &c. M.P. for Ripon; died 1874.

Storks, Trundle Thomas, 1826, b. 1812. Jes. Coll. Cam. Holy Orders; deceased.

Story, Anthony Browne, 1822, b. 1810. Solicitor at St. Albans ; d. 1874.

Story, Edmund, 1826, b. 1811.

Story, Frederick, 1837-45. Son of Anthony Browne Story (above), b. 1827. Solicitor at St. Albans.

Story, Frederick, 1877. Son of Henry John Story, 83, Alexander Road, London, b. 1863.

Story, Henry James, 1826, b. 1814. Solicitor at St. Albans.

Story, Samuel John, 1828, b. 1812. Army.

Story, Thomas Kemp, 1826, b. 1814. 1, Edinburgh Mansions, Victoria Street.

Story,* William Henry, 1875. Brother of Fredk. Story, Junior (above), b. 1861.

Stovin, Cornelius Frederick, 1874. Son of Dr. Stovin, of Wheatley, Oxon.

Strachey, Arthur, 1872. Son of Sir John Strachey, G.C.S.I. b. 1858. Trin. Hall, Cam.

Streatfeild, Alexander McNeill, 1876. Son of Alexander Edward Champion Streatfeild, of Charts Edge, Kent. b. 1863.

Streatfeild, Henry Bertram, 1867-70. Son of the Rev. William Streatfeild, Vicar of East Ham, Essex, b. 1852. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Curate of Holy Trinity, Louth, Lincolnshire.

Streatfeild, Sidney Richard, 1852-53. Son of the following. b. 1841. Royal Navy.

Streatfeild, Sidney Robert, 1820. Son of Richard Thomas Streatfeild, of the Rocks, Uckfield, Sussex, b. 1808. Formerly Major 52nd Regt.; deceased.

Strettell, Dashwood, 1821. Son of Edward Strettell, Advocate-General at Calcutta, b. 1806. Major 20th Madras Native Infantry. Retired 1852. Died at Hillenboro', Kent, 1854.

Strettell, John Wynne, 1821. Brother of the above. b. 1809. Major Madras Cavalry. Died at Ootacamund.

Strickland, Henry Eustatius, 1876. Son of Sir George Strickland.

Stride,* William John Francis Keatley, 1878. Son of W. Stride, of Redbridge, Southampton, b. 1865.

Stronge, Walter Cecil, 1874.

Stuart, Alexander, 1874. Son of William Stuart, of Feddal, Perthshire, b. 1859. Trin. Coll. Cam. Melville House, Portobello.

Stuart, Charles, 1821, b. 1808.

Stuart, Constantine Wentworth, 1815, b. 1805; deceased.

Stuart, Henry, 1821. Son of Rear Admiral Lord George Stuart, b. 1808.

Stubbs, Charles John, 1874.

Stubbs, Stanley John, 1874. Brother of the above.

Sturgeon, Charles Wentworth Dillon, 1853-55. Son of Charles Sturgeon, Barrister-at-law. b. 1843. Barrister. F.R.G.S.

Sugden, Henry Richard, 1876. Son of Hon. and Rev. Frank Sugden, of Thames Ditton, Surrey, b. 1862.

Sullivan,* (Sir) Francis William (K.C.B.), 1844-48. Son of Rev. Frederick Sullivan, Vicar of Kimpton, Herts, b. 1834. Rear Admiral. A.D.C. to the Queen.

Sullivan, Henry Eden, 1845-51. Brother of the above. b. 1835. B.N.C. Oxf. Solicitor.

Sumner,* Charles Almon, 1857-63. Son of Charles Sumner, of Hempsted Court, Gloucestershire, b. 1846. Merchant in San Francisco.

Surridge, Edward North, 1874. Son of North Surridge, of Romford Hall, Essex, b. 1859. Articled to a Solicitor; died 1877.

Surridge, William North, 1874. Brother of the above, b. 1858. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Surtees,* Henry Ratcliffe, 1825. Son of William Villiers, Surtees, of Rotherfield, Sussex, b. 1814. Worc. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Stockland, Devon; died 1876.

Surtees,* John Oliver, 1834-40. Brother of the above. b 1823. Barrister. Emigrated to Australia; deceased.

Surtees, Robert Lambton, 1824. Son of Robert Surtees, of Redworth Hall, Darlington, b. 1812. Trin. Coll. Cam. J.P. and D.L. Late of Redworth and The Grove, Durham; deceased.

Surtees* (Sir) Stephenson Villiers, 1815-16. Son of John Surtees, of Dinan, France, b. 1803. Univ. Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. B.C.L. Chief Justice at Mauritius; died 1867.

Surtees,* William Aubone, 1821. Son of Aubone Surtees, of Hedley and Pigdon, Northumberland, b. 1810. 52nd Regt.; died 1839.

Sutherland, George Mowbray, 1842-48. Son of Dr. Sutherland, b. 1830. Barrister.

Sutherland, Stanley Sutherland, 1846-53. Son of J. W. Sutherland, of Coombe, Croydon. b. 1836. Capt. Indian Army; retired.

Sutton, Gilbert, 1873. Son of Rev. R. Sutton, Rector of Pevensey and Prebendary of Chichester.

Swaine, George William, 1874. Son of the late George William Swaine. b. 1859. 2nd Lieut. 14th (Prince of Wales' Own) Regiment.

Swan, Edward Daniel, 1860-62, b. 1843.

Swan,* Frederick Thesiger, 1870. Son of Rev. Charles Trollope Swan, of Sausthorpe Hall, Lincolnshire, b. 1858. Magd. Coll. Oxf.

Sweet, Thomas Shardalow, 1862. Left the same year. b. 1851. Emigrated to New Zealand.

Swire, William, 1876. Son of William Hudson Swire, 3, Holland Park, Bayswater. b. 1862.

Sykes, Edward, 1848-50, b. 1833. Drowned.

Sykes, Godfrey Milnes, 1829, b. 1814. Gold Medal. Schol. of Trin. Coll. and Fellow of Downing Coll. Cam. Wrangler. Vicar of Tadlow, Beds; died 1877.

Sym, William Lyter, 1818. Left the same year. b. 1806.

Symonds, Frederick John, 1 864. Son of Rev. A. R. Symonds, Vicar of Walmer, Kent. b. 1849. Solicitor in India.

Symonds, Sydney Vere, 1864. Brother of the above, b. 1853. Died at Madras 1876.

Synge,* Francis Julian, 1868. Son of W. W. F. Synge, British Consul at Havana, b. 1856.

Synge,* Robert Follett, 1865. Brother of the above, b. 1853.