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N.B. — The Mark * indicates a Gown Boy.

Radcliffe, Edmund Ford, 1826. Son of Rev. Edmund S. Radcliffe, of Watton le dale, near Preston, b. 1812. Indian Civil Service; died 1864.
Radcliffe, Robert Edmund Lowndes, 1878. Son of Major-General Robert Parker Radcliffe, R.A., Charlton, Kent. b. 1865.

Radford, Alexander William, 1830, b. 1816.

Rae, Amelius Isaac, 1848. Left the same year. b. 1834.

Raikes, Henry St. John Digby, 1877. Son of Henry Cecil Raikes, of Llwynegrin Hall, Flintshire, M.P. for Chester. b. 1863.

Raikes, Thomas Henry, 1821. Son of Thomas Raikes, of Sudbrook Park, Richmond, b. 1807. E. I. Civil Service. Judge. Retired. Resides at Clifton.

Raine, David, 1806-12, b. 1797. Solicitor.

Raine, Matthew, 1803-4, b. 1797.

Rainey, Arthur Henry, 1873.

Rainey, Robert Maximilian, 1873.

Rainier, George, 1825. Son of Daniel Rainier, of Highbury, Middlesex, b. 1813. B.N.C. Oxf. Vicar of Ninfield, Sussex; died 1872.

Rainier, John, 1825. Brother of the above, b. 1810. Capt. 98th Regt. H.M. Civil Commissioner at the Cape of Good Hope; died 1869.

Ralph, James, 1836-38, b. 1821. India.

Ram,* Stephen Adye Scott, 1878. Son of Stephen Adye Ram. 32, Oakley Square, N.W.

Ramsay, Edward Plomar, 1818, b. 1804.

Ramsay, James, 1826. Son of Andrew Ramsay, b. 1814. Lieut.-Col.; died 1878.

Ramsbotham, Henry Lindsay, 1851-53, b. 1837. Indian Army; died 1861.

Ramsden, John George, 1828, b. 1814. M.A. of St. John's Coll. Cam.; deceased.

Ramsden, Richard, 1817, b. 1804.

Ramsden, Thomas, 1819, b. 1804. Holy Orders.

Ramsden, William, 1811, b. 1801. Ch. Coll. Cam. Rector of Linwood, Lincoln.

Randall, William Ellis, 1842-45, b. 1828. Emigrated to Natal.

Randall, Francis Henry, 1872. Keble Coll. Oxf.

Randolph, Algernon Forbes, 1877. Son of Rev. Edward John Randolph, Rector of Dunnington Yorks. b. 1865.

Randolph,* Bernard Montgomery, 1844-52. Son of Rev. Thomas Randolph, Rector of Much Hadham, Herts. b. 1834. Orator. Ch. Ch. Oxf.; deceased.

Randolph, Charles James, 1873. Brother of Algernon F. Randolph (above). Manor House, Newton Valence, Alton, Hants.

Randolph, William Frederick Herbert, 1875. Brother of Algernon F. Randolph (above), b. 1862.

Ranken, John Grant, 1801-8.

Raper, Henry, 1810. Son of John Raper. Left the same year. b. 1799; died 1866.

Rashleigh, Carleton, 1865-69. Son of Rev. Henry Burvill Rashleigh, Vicar of Horton Kirby, Kent. b. 1851. Curate of Lighthorne, Warwickshire.

Rashleigh, Charles Edward, 1870. Son of Charles E. Rashleigh, of Farningham, Kent. b. 1856; died 1873.

Rashleigh,* George Burvill, 1861. Brother of Carleton Rashleigh (above), b. 1848. Ex. Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Math. Barrister. Principal Secretary to the Master of the Rolls.

Rashleigh, Henry George, 1873. Brother of Charles E. Rashleigh (above), b. 1858.

Ravenshaw,* Edward Vincent, 1866-72. Son of G. V. Ravenshaw, of Mortlake. b. 1854. Tea Planter in India.

Rawlins, Christopher, 1822, b. 1809. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Allerthorpe, Yorks; deceased.

Rawlinson (Sir) Christopher (Knt.), 1819. Son of John Rawlinson, of Alresford, Hants, b. 1806. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Chief Justice of Madras; resigned 1859.

Rawlinson,* Edward Creswicke Scott, 1870. Son of Rev. George Rawlinson, Camden Professor of Ancient History at Oxford, b. 1859. Keble Coll. Oxf.

Rawlinson, Henry, 1828. Brother of Sir Christopher Rawlinson (above), b. 1813. St. John's Coll. Oxf. Rector of Symondsbury, Dorset.

Rawlinson, William Edward, 1819. Brother of the above. b. 1808. Indian Army. Capt. 2nd European Regt. Dep. Judge Advocate Genl. of Bombay Army; died 1850.

Rawson, Cecil Frank, 1876. Son of J. Rawson, of Godalming.

Rawson, Sidney George, 1876. Brother of the above.

Raymond, William Forbes, 1800-3. Sid. Suss. Coll. Cam. Archdeacon of Northumberland.

Rayner, Arthur, 1876. Son of Roderick Rayner, of Hill Side, Wavertree, Liverpool, b. 1863.

Rayner, Charles Joseph Lee, 1877. Son of Robert Lee Rayner, of Mirfield, Yorks. b. 1863.

Rayner, Wilfred, 1878. Brother of the above, b. 1864.

Read, Henry, 1853-54, b. 1838.

Read, Henry George, 1871. Son of H. B. Read, Finsbury Square, b. 1860.

Read, Reginald Bligh, 1852-54, b. 1837.

Reade, Alfred, 1823, b. 1812.

Reade, Frederick, 1818, b. 1808. St. John's Coll. Cam. Incumbent of St. John the Baptist, Hove, Brighton.

Reade, Frederick, 1850-53. Son of the above, b. 1834. 57th Regt. Bengal N.I.; died 1855.

Reade,* Henry Jonathan, 1811-18. Son of John Reade, of Ipsden. b. 1801. Indian Cavalry. Killed in Action at Kolah 1821.

Reade, Lewin, 1822, b. 1810. Sailor. H. E. I. C. Service.

Reece, Henry, 1874. 10, Ladbroke Square, W.

Rees-Mogg. (See Mogg).

Reeve,* Charles Arthur, 1871. Son of Rev. J. W. Reeve, Canon of Bristol, &c. b. 1857. Trin. Coll. Cam.

Reeve, D'Arcy Wentworth, 1873. Son of J. Reeve, of Fernside, Wimbledon.

Reeve, Neville Henry, 1853-57. Son of Ellis Reeve, b. 1839. Oriel Coll. Oxf. Capt. 45th Regt. Abyssinian Medal.

Reeves, Edgar Lee, 1876. Son of H. W. Reeves, of Richmond.

Reeves, John Frederick, 1824. Son of John Fry Reeves, of Edgarley, Somerset, b. 1810.

Reeves, Thomas Porch, 1820. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Trin. Coll. Cam. Of Edgarley, Somerset. J.P. Assumed the name of Porch in 1830; died 1877.

Reid, Andrew Gildart, 1826, b. 1814. Capt. 47th Bengal N.I.; d. 1876.

Reid, David, 1818, b. 1807. Univ. Coll. Oxf.

Reid, George Alexander, 1805-10, b. 1794. Life Guards.

Reid, Henry, 1818. Brother of David Reid (above), b. 1806. Trin. Coll. Cam. Holy Orders.

Reid, Henry Solomon, 1803-5, b. 1792.

Reid, Percy Frith, 1874. Son of L. R. Reid.

Reid, Rawson Hart Boddam, 1826. Brother of A. G. Reid (above). Merchant in China ; d. 1876.

Renaud, Godfrey Marshall, 1869, b. 1858.

Rendall, John, 1833-34, b. 1818. Ball. Coll. and Fellow of Ex. Coll. Oxf. Holy Orders; d.

Renny, William, 1827, b. 1814. Queens Coll. Cam. Emigrated to Canada.

Reynardson, Charles Thomas Samuel Birch, 1823. Eldest son of General Thomas Birch-Reynardson, of Holywell Hall, Lincolnshire, b. 1810. Went to Eton. Trin. Coll. Cam. High Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1859.

Reynardson,* John Birch, 1827. Brother of the above. b. 1816. C. C. Coll. Cam. Rector of Careby, Lincolnshire.

Reynolds, Richard Anthony, 1820, b. 1807. 11th Hussars; deceased.

Reynolds,* Thomas, 1811-15, b. 1798.

Rhodes, Abraham, 1845-47, b.1831.

Ricardo, David, 1812-15. Son of David Ricardo, M.P. for Portarlington. b. 1803. Trin. Coll. Cam. M.P. 1832-3. Gatcombe Park, Gloucester; died 1864.

Ricardo, Mortimer, 1815. Brother of the above, b. 1807. Went to Eton. Life Guards; deceased.

Ricardo, Osman, 1805. Brother of the above, b. 1795. Trin. Coll. Cam. M.P. for Worcester 1847-65. Bromesberrow Place, Worcestershire.

Rice, Howard, 1815-18. Son of Rev. Edward John Howard Rice, D.C.L., Rector of St. Luke's, Old Street, London. b. 1803. Royal Navy. Afterwards in the 44th Bengal Native Infantry; died 1859.

Richards, Alfred Bates, 1829, b. 1820. Capt. in the Army. Editor of The Morning Advertiser; deceased.

Richards, Edward Harrison, 1860-63, b. 1850.

Richards, Fowell Charles Buxton, 1864, b. 1853.

Richards, George, 1821, b. 1811.

Richards, Henry, 1820, b. 1808.

Richards, Lewis Matthew, 1875. Son of Richard Richards, of Swansea, b. 1861.

Richardson, Charles George, 1820. 2nd son of Sir John Richardson, b. 1810. Barrister; died about 1843.

Richardson, John, 1823, b. 1812.

Richardson, Marmaduke Nelson, 1843-45. Son of William Richardson, Solicitor, of York. b. 1829. Late of the 83rd Regt. Now in Australia.

Richardson, William, 1824, b. 1810.

Richardson, William Benson, 1841-45. Brother of Marmaduke Nelson Richardson (above), b. 1827. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Hon. 4th Class. Solicitor at York.

Richmond, Harry Inglis, 1862-8. Son of George Richmond, R.A. b. 1849. Ball. Coll. Oxf. Barrister.

Richmond, John, 1867. Brother of the above, b. 1854. Medical Student.

Richmond, Thomas Knyvett, 1845-52. Brother of the above. b. 1833. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Crosthwaite, Keswick. Chaplain to the Bishop of Carlisle.

Richmond,* Walter Coleridge, 1865. Brother of the above. b. 1852. Cirencester College. Agent to Lord de Tabley.

Rickards, Arthur Benjamin, 1871. Son of William Henry Rickards, of Whalley Grange, Manchester, b. 1856. Solicitor.

Ricketts,* Dashwood Poyntz, 1870. Son of D. W. Ricketts (below), b. 1859.

Ricketts, Dashwood Watts, 1815, b. 1804. Secretary of Council, Mauritius. Resides at Leamington.

Ricketts, Poyntz, 1815-18. Brother of the above, b. 1803. E. I. Civil Service, Bombay; died 1825.

Ridgeway, William Henry, 1851-55. Son of Rev.J.Ridgeway, Vicar of Tunbridge Wells, b. 1836. Hertford Coll. Oxf. Hon. 4th Class Lit. Hum. Rector of Sternfield, Saxmundham.

Ridley, Frank Colborne, 1878. Son of Rev. Oliver Matthew Ridley, Rector of Bishopstone, Hereford, b. 1864.

Ridsdale,* George John, 1839-44. Son of Rev. Robert Ridsdale, of Tillington. b. 1827. Clare Hall, Cam. Vicar of South Raynham, Norfolk.

Rigge, Henry Fletcher, 1823. Son of Gray Rigge, of Wood Broughton. b. 1809. C. C. C. Cam. Formerly Capt. 2nd Lancashire Militia. Of Wood Broughton, Lancashire. J.P. and D.L. High Sheriff 1870.

Riley, Henry Thomas, 1832-34. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Author of a "Dictionary of Latin Quotations."

Ritchie, Arthur Sydney McDonald, 1868, b. 1858.

Rivington, Horace Mylne, 1862-63. Son of the late Charles Rivington, of Kensington Park Gardens, b. 1848; died 1870.

Robarts, Nathaniel, 1828, b. 1816.

Roberts,* Alfred Temple, 1870. Son of Josiah Roberts, of Cheltenham, b. 1857. Demy of Magd. Coll. Oxf. 1st Class Mods. Gaisford Prizeman.

Roberts, Charles Henry, 1808-12, b. 1797. Merchant.

Roberts, Edward Stokes, 1854-55. Son of the late Edward Stokes Roberts, b. 1838; deceased.

Roberts, Henniker Peregrine, 1816, b. 1803. Magd. Coll. Cambridge.

Roberts, Rowland Bennett, 1853-59, b. 1840. Oriel Coll. Oxford.

Roberts, Walter, 1875. Son of J. Roberts, of Clapham Common.

Roberts, William Prowding, 1820, b. 1805.

Robertson, Ebenezer, 1809-11, b. 1794. Trin. Coll. Cam. Vicar of Mottiston, Isle of Wight.

Robertson, Edmund Murray, 1876. Son of the late Edmund R. Robertson, of Hook House, Winchfield. b. 1862.

Robertson, John, 1807-11, b. 1797.

Robertson, Robert Dunbar, 1811-15, b. 1800.

Robins, Sanderson, 1816, b. 1801. Ex. Coll. Oxf. 2nd Class Lit. Hum. Rector of Shaftesbury.

Robinson, &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp: , 1803.

Robinson, Arthur Hildyard, 1875. Son of J. H. Robinson, Clerk in the House of Lords.

Robinson, Charles James, 1836. (See Robinson-Dawson).

Robinson,* Edward, 1818, b. 1807.

Robinson, George Augustus, 1841-48, b. 1830; died 1851.

Robinson, Henry Marks, 1875. Brother of Arthur Hildyard Robinson (above).

Robinson, John, 1812, b. 1803.

Robinson, John Travers, 1820, b. 1807. Jes. Coll. Cam. Rector of St. Andrew's, Holborn; d. 1851.

Robinson, John William, 1844-46. Son of the late Rev. John T. Robinson, Rector of S. Andrew's, Holborn. b. 1832. Trin. Coll. Dublin. Vicar of North Petherton, Somerset.

Robinson, William, 1812, b. 1801. Ball. Coll. Oxf. D.C.L. Doctors' Commons.

Robinson, William, 1813-17, b. 1802.

Robinson,* William Le Fleming, 1843-48. Son of Rev. William Scott Robinson, Rector of Dyrham, Gloucestershire, b. 1830. E. I. Civil Service, Bengal, where he held high executive office. Retired 1878.

Robinson-Dawson, Charles James, 1836-42, b. 1824. Scholar of Queens Coll. Oxf. Barrister, Melbourne, Australia; died 1870.

Rodewald,* Alfred Edward, 1875. Son of C. Ferdinand Rodewald, 57, Onslow Square, Brompton. b. 1862.

Rodgers, Alfred, 1825, b. 1812. Solicitor.

Rodgers, Charles Eboral, 1819, b. 1808. Trin. Coll. Cam. Vicar of Harworth, Notts; died 1868.

Rodick, Septimus, 1820. Of Northampton, b. 1808. Surgeon at Halstead.

Rodwell, Benjamin Bridges Hunter, 1827-31. Son of late William Rodwell, of Woodlands, Ipswich, b. 1815. Trin. Coll. Cam. Barrister. Q.C. Bencher of the Middle Temple. M.P. for Cambridgeshire 1874.

Rodwell, Edgar Kedington, 1837-39. Brother of the above. b. 1823. Solicitor at Ipswich.

Rodwell, Hasell, 1841-42. Brother of the above, b. 1826. Banker at Ipswich.

Rodwell, John Bramston, 1874. Son of the following, b. 1861.

Rodwell, Robert Mandeville, 1837. Son of William Rodwell, of Woodlands, Ipswich, b. 1821. Ex. Coll. Oxf. Rector of High Laver, Essex.

Rodwell, William, 1853-58. b. 1845.

Roe, Charles, 1822, b. 1809. Trin. Coll. Cam. Rector of Little Welnetham, Suffolk.

Roe, William, 1822, b. 1811.

Roe, William Gason Hamilton John, 1842-46. Son of George Hamilton Roe, M.D. b. 1827. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. M.B.

Rokeby, Henry Langham, 1875. Son of Rev. H. R. Rokeby, of Arthingworth,Northants. b. 1861. R.M. Coll. Sandhurst.

Rokeby, Ralph Thomas, 1876. Brother of the above, b. 1863.

Rolfe, George Crabb, 1824. Son of Thomas Rolfe, of Rayne, Braintree, Essex, b. 1811. Scholar of St. John's Coll. Cam. Wrangler. Vicar of Hailey, Oxon.

Romaine, William Colin Campbell, 1874. Son of William Govett Romaine, C.B., of Old Windsor, b. 1861.

Rooke,* George, 1807-12, b. 1796. Mert. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Embleton, Northumberland.

Rooke, Leonard, 1806-8, b. 1794. Navy.

Rooper, John, 1821. Son of the late Rev. Thomas Richard Rooper, of Wick Hill, Brighton, Rector of Abbots Ripton, Hunts, b. 1809. Captain Rifle Brigade. Retired. Resides at Leamington.

Rooper, William Henry, 1820. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Of Hockliffe Pastures, Beds. Formerly Rector of Abbots Ripton, Hunts. Resides at Ouseley Lodge, Old Windsor.

Roper, Charles, 1826, b. 1814.

Roper, William, 1826, b. 1811.

Roper, William John Duff, 1843-46, b. 1830. Linc. Coll. Oxf. Author of Chronicles of Charterhouse.

Rose,* Conway Lucas, 1828. Son of the late William Rose Rose, of Wolston Heath, near Rugby, b. 1817. Trin. Coll. Cam. Furnham House, Chard, Somerset.

Rose, Herbert, 1875. Son of the above, b. 1862.

Rose, William, 1820, b. 1810. Indian Army; deceased.

Rose, William George, 1821. Brother of Conway Lucas Rose (above), b. 1813. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 60th Rifles.

Ross, Edward George William, 1818, b. 1803.

Rotherham, Kenneth, 1875. Son of Alexander Rotherham, of Coventry, b. 1863.

Rotherham, Richard Alexander, 1878. Brother of the above, b. 1865.

Round, Edward John, 1820. Son of George Round, of Colchester, b. 1806. Resides at Geneva.

Round, Henry Lewis, 1844-45. Son of the late Rev. Joseph Green Round, Rector of Woodham Mortimer, Essex. b. 1830. Capt. Royal Navy. Assumed the name of Turner in addition to that of Round in 1871.

Roundell, Henry, 1836-42. Son of the following, b. 1824. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Vicar of Buckingham; deceased.

Roundell, Henry Dawson, 1801-4. Son of Rev. Richard Roundell, of Gledstone. b. 1785. B.N.C. and Fellow of Magd. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Fringford, Oxon; deceased.

Roundell, Savile Richardson, 1801-7. Brother of the above. b. 1789. Manager of the Branch Bank of England at Manchester; deceased.

Roupell, John Stuart, 1822, b. 1807. Fellow of Trin. Hall, Cam. B.C.L. Conveyancer.

Rouquette, Louis, 1870-71. Son of Henry Philip Rouquette, of Walthamstow, Essex, b. 1857. Merchant in New Orleans.

Rous, Hon. Thomas Manners, 1823. Son of the 6th Earl of Stradbroke. b. 1810. Ball. Coll. Oxf. Holy Orders; died 1841.

Routh, Edward, 1822, b. 1810.

Routh, James, 1826, b. 1816.

Routh, Randolph Henry Felix, 1876. Son of C. H. F. Routh, M.D. b. 1862.

Routh, William de Hague, 1822, b. 1811. E. India Co's. Service, Bengal.

Rowlatt, John Henry, 1815. Son of the late William Henry Rowlatt. b. 1803. St. John's Coll. Cam. Formerly Librarian and Assistant Reader of the Middle Temple.

Rowlatt, William, 1818. Brother of the above, b. 1808. Captain Royal Navy; deceased.

Rowsell, Philip, 1862-64, b. 1850. Merchant Service.

Roxburgh, Bruce, 1811-12, b. 1797. India.

Roxburgh, Robert, 1811. Left the same year. b. 1796. India.

Rucker, Henry, 1826. Son of S. Rucker, of West Hill, Wandsworth. b. 1812. Colonial Brother.

Rucker, Sigismond, 1823. Brother of the above, b. 1810. Merchant; died 1875.

Ruddle, Francis, 1819, b. 1806.

Rugg, Charles, 1844-46, b. 1831.

Rumbold (Sir) Cavendish Stuart (Bart.), 1826. Son of Sir William Rumbold, Bart. b. 1815; died 1853.

Rush,* Henry, 1824, b. 1813. Solicitor; drowned 1839.

Rushbrooke, Robert Frederick Brownlow, 1825. Eldest son of Col. Robert Rushbrooke, M.P., of Rushbrooke Hall, Suffolk, b. 1814. Major Scots Fusilier Guards; died 1870.

Rushbrooke, William Henry, 1825. Brother of the above. b. 1815. Commander R.N.

Russell, Alfred Francis, 1865. Son of Francis Russell, of Wateringbury (below), b. 1851. Univ. Coll. Oxf. Rector of Chingford, Essex.

Russell, Francis, 1803. Holy Orders.

Russell, Francis, 1824. Son of the late Rev. Dr. Russell, Head Master of Charterhouse, b. 1815. Trin. Coll. Cam. 2nd Class Math. Barrister. Recorder of Tenterden. Resides at Wateringbury, Kent.

Russell, Frank, 1863. Left the same year. b. 1848.

Russell,* John, 1823-30. Eldest son of Rev. Dr. Russell, the Head Master, b. 1814. Orator. Ch. Ch. Oxf.; died 1836.

Russell, John Montague, 1864, b. 1849. Lieut. 17th Lancers.

Russell, Sydenham Francis, 1835-39. St. John's Coll. Cam. Rector of Isfield, Sussex.

Russell, Walter, 1872. Son of Francis Russell, of Wateringbury (above), b. 1859. Lieut. Royal Engineers.

Russell, William, 1802-4. Son of Rev. John Russell, Rector of Helmdon, Northants. b. 1787. Fellow of Magd. Coll. Oxf. Double 2nd Class. B.D.; deceased.

Russell, William, 1824. Son of Rev. Dr. Russell, the Head Master, b. 1817. Ch. Ch. Oxf. Rector of Aber Edw, and Llanvareth, Wales.

Rutter, Hugh Campbell, 1875. Son of Isaac Campbell Rutter, of Hazlewood, Surrey.

Rutter, Leonard Campbell, 1876. Brother of the above. b. 1863.

Rutton, Henry Loftie, 1811-18, b. 1800. Solicitor.

Ryder, Arthur Dudley, 1821. Son of Hon. Henry Ryder, M.A., Bishop of Lichfield. b. 1811.

Ryder,* Charles Frederick, 1841-45. Son of Rev. Henry Dudley Ryder, Canon of Lichfield. b. 1851. Royal Navy.

Ryder, Hon. Frederick Dudley, 1821. Son of 2nd Earl of Harrowby. b. 1806. Trin. Coll. Cam. Foreign Office.

Ryder, Henry Dudley, 1845-52. Brother of C. F. Ryder (above), b. 1833. Scholar of Wadh. Coll. Oxf.

Ryder,* Spencer Charles Dudley, 1837-43. Brother of A. D. Ryder (above), b. 1825. 14th Bengal N. Infantry.

Ryder,* Thomas Richard, 1805-12, b. 1794. Pemb. Coll. Oxf. Vicar of Ecclesfield, Yorks.; died 1839.

Rylands, Louis Gordon, 1876. Son of Peter Rylands, M.P. for Burnley, of Massey Hall, Chester, b. 1862.