Littell's Living Age/Volume 125/Issue 1614/Few Days

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Just a few days! Ah, such a few
Since the summer moon watched me and you
As we loitered along the golden sand.
Heart in heart and hand in hand;
And the waves, in eternal ebb and flow.
Chimed to your sweet words, soft and low,
Ah me! such a few little days ago.

Just a few days! The wooing breeze
Swept softly over the sleeping seas,
Whispering, whispering hope and truth.
In the happy language love teaches youth;
Which the tiny wavelets seemed to know.
As they broke at the feet that lingered slow
At their marge a few little days ago.

Just a few days! And to-night I stood
Alone at the edge of the rising flood;
There was not a murmur of joy for me
In the angry moan of the rising sea;
There was but a menace, stern and low,
Speaking of treachery, loss, and woe.
All wrought since a few little days ago.

Tinsley's Magazine.S. K. Phillips.