Littell's Living Age/Volume 127/Issue 1645/Miscellany

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A curious museum has been opened at the Hôtel des Postes, at Berlin, containing models of the finest post-houses in Germany. Wax figures of the size of nature represent postilions in their dress and undress uniform; thirty models of carriages, two of post-wagons with their internal arrangements; maps, and geographical drawings, and a collection of 2,500 postage-stamps of all the countries in the world.

The German colonists at Jerusalem, who are chiefly Würtembergers, have made several important additions to their settlements near the Temple, and among other buildings they have erected a hospital for lepers, which has been named the "Jesus Asylum." They have also exerted themselves to render access to Jerusalem easier and less exposed to danger and uncertainty by forming, in concert with several Russian settlers, an association for supplying means of transport and conveyance between Jaffa and Jerusalem, and they have already put twenty-five carriages and fifty horses on the road, which is thus rendered perfectly safe for travellers.