Littell's Living Age/Volume 131/Issue 1689

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Fifth Series,
Volume XVI.
No. 1689. — October 28, 1876. From Beginning

I. The Unseen Universe, British Quarterly Review, 195
II. The Marquis of Lossie. By George Macdonald, author of "Malcolm," etc. Part II., Advance Sheets, 205
III. Natural Religion. Part VII., Macmillan’s Magazine, 214
IV. What She Came Through. By Sarah Tytler, author of "Lady Bell," etc., Part XVII., Good Words, 224
V. The Strathmore: Mr. Wordsworth’s Narrative, Blackwood's Magazine, 233
VI. The Influence upon Girls' Schools of External Examinations, with Special Reference to the Cambridge Local Examinations, London Student, 245
VII. Of Self-Sacrifice, Argosy, 249
VIII. Crazy Correspondence, Saturday Review, 252
IX. The Intra-Mercurial Planet or Planets, Nature, 255
A Lay of Lawn-Tennis, 194  Death the Poet's Birth, 194
The Wants of the Nation, 194 Canzonet to Correspondents, 194
A Farewell, 194