Littell's Living Age/Volume 132/Issue 1701

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Fifth Series,
Volume XVII.
No. 1701. — January 20, 1877. From Beginning

I. The Hellenic Factor in the Eastern Problem. By Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Contemporary Review, 131
II. The Marquis of Lossie. By George Macdonald, author of "Malcolm," etc. Part VII., Advance Sheets, 147
III. Melanchthon: a Chapter in the History of Education, Fraser's Magazine, 156
IV. A Winter Reverie, Blackwood's Magazine, 165
V. How Russians Meet Death. By Ivan Turguenief, translated by Lady George Hamilton, Temple Bar, 175
VI. The Feast of the Roofs. A Christmas Fairy Tale. From the French, by Helen Stanley, Daily Evening Telegraph, 180
VII. George Stubbs, R.A., Temple Bar, 183
A Doubting Heart, 130  Cæli, 130
A Year Ago, 130 At Sea in 1876. By S. H. M. Byers, 190
Smiles and Tears, 130
Miscellany, 192