Littell's Living Age/Volume 133/Issue 1715

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Fifth Series,
Volume XVIII.
No. 1715. — April 28, 1877. From Beginning

I. Moliere and his World. By the author of "Mirabeau," etc., Temple Bar, 195
II. Carita. By Mrs. Oliphant, author of "Chronicles of Carlingford," "Zaidee," etc., Part XIV., Cornhill Magazine, 207
III. The Religion of the Great Pyramid. By Richard A. Proctor, Fraser's Magazine, 221
IV. Green Pastures and Piccadilly. By William Black. Part X., Examiner, 230
V. Natural Religion. Part VIII., Macmillan's Magazine, 235
VI. Walter Bagehot, Spectator, 245
VII. Deronda's Mother. A Literary Parallel, Temple Bar, 248
VIII. Dr. Schliemann on Mycenæ, Nature, 250
IX. Santiago de Compostella, Academy, 252
X. Mr. Cowden Clarke, Athenæum, 253
XI. Rotatory Magnetic Polarization, Academy, 254
XII. Australian Pearl-Fishing, Gentleman's Magazine, 255
April, 194  Buried, 256
Easter Eve, 194
Miscellany, 256