Littell's Living Age/Volume 135/Issue 1740/Hymn

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O thou, my heart's best treasure!
O Friend unchangeable!
Sweet spring of ceaseless pleasure
For all who love thee well!
Take of my heart possession,
And reign alone therein,
Thou, whose dear cross and passion
Have saved me from my sin.

Joy of my life! thou feedest
My soul with living bread;
Still to faith's sight thou bleedest,
And richest drops are shed.
When tired and faint I languish,
By thee the weak is strong,
And in my night of anguish
I tune my loudest song.

Ah! pour on me thy favor,
Rich fount of love and grace;
Around me shine forever,
Great Sun of Righteousness!
Without thy smile peace-giving
Life were but death to me;
But in thy presence living
True light and life I see.

My heart, in closest union
With thine, dear Lord, made one,
Finds here in sweet communion,
Its heaven on earth begun:
Better 'mid flames fierce-wreathing,
Safe in thy love to be,
Than heaven's own fragrance breathing
If heaven were void of thee!

Sunday Magazine.Henry Downton