Littell's Living Age/Volume 136/Issue 1751

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Fifth Series,
Volume XXI.
No. 1751. — January 5, 1878. From Beginning

I. Humming-Birds. By Alfred Russell Wallace, Fortnightly Review, 3
II. Erica. Part VII. Translated for The Living Age from the German of Frau von Ingersleben, 14
III. Charlotte Bronte, Cornhill Magazine, 23
IV. Doris Barugh. A Yorkshire Story. By Katharine S. MacQuoid, the author of "Patty." Part X., Good Words, 34
V. On the Hygienic Value of Plants in Rooms and the Open Air. By Prof. Max von Pettenkofer, Contemporary Review, 47
VI. The Prince Consort's Savings, Spectator, 55
VII. Heliogoland, Macmillan's Magazine, 58
VIII. Forgetfulness, Spectator, 62
Autumn, 2  An October Garden, 2
Vixi Puellis, 2 Fons Bandusiæ, 2
An Unequal Game, 2 An Autumn Song, 2
Miscellany, 64