Littell's Living Age/Volume 137/Issue 1768/When we were Children

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Have you forgotten, little wife,
Our far-off childhood's golden life?
Our splendid castles on the sands,
The boat I made with my own hands,

The rain that caught us in the wood,
The cakes we had when we were good,
The doll I broke and made you cry,
When we were children, you and I?

Have you forgotten, little wife,
The dawning of that other life?
The strange new light the whole world wore,
When life love's perfect blossom bore?

The dreams we had, the songs we made,
The sunshine, and the woven shade,
The tears of many a sad good-bye,
When we were parted, you and I?

Ah, nay! your loving heart, I know,
Remembers still the long-ago;
It is the light of childhood's days
That shines through all your winning ways.

God grant we ne'er forget our youth,
Its innocence, and faith, and truth;
The smiles, the tears, and hopes gone by,
When we were children, you and I.

Cassell's Magazine.
Frederick E. Weatherly.