Littell's Living Age/Volume 137/Issue 1770

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Fifth Series,
Volume XXII.
No. 1770. — May 18, 1878. From Beginning

I. Popular Buddhism According to the Chinese Canon, Westminster Review, 387
II. Second Sight. Conclusion. Translated for The Living Age, by E. W. Latimer, 402
III. The Poetry of Doubt - Arnold and Clough, Church Quarterly Review, 410
IV. Macleod of Dare. By William Black. Part VIII., Advance Sheets, 421
V. Thomas Arnold, D.D., Macmillan's Magazine, 428
VI. The China-Clay Industry of Cornwall and Devon. By J. H. Collins, F.G.S., Secretary of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Popular Science Review, 434
VII. Flowers of Anglo-Indian Literature, St. James's Magazine, 438
VIII. The Luxury of Reading Old Novels, Spectator, 442
IX. Courtesy at Home, Saturday Review, 444
X. The Chinese Reconquest of Eastern Turkestan, Spectator, 446
Two Sonnets, 386  In a Meadow, 386
A Child's Heart, 386 A Room, 386
Miscellany, 448