Littell's Living Age/Volume 144/Issue 1855/All Through the Day

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Originally published in Good Words.

All Through the Day

          "Be the day never so long,
          It ringeth at last unto even-song."
                    Queen Elizabeth's Book of Hours.

All through the day, my love, watching thine eye,
Holding thy hand in mine, I will be nigh;
I cannot cheer thee, love, yet will I stay;
I will be near thee, love, all through the day.

All through the day, my love, seeking in vain
Wings for the hours that pass weighted with pain;
All things are drear to thee, nothing is gay;
Yet I am dear to thee, so I will stay.

All through this day of ours, though it be long,
Open for us no flowers, wakens no song;
Reddens the autumn leaf, withers the rose,
All through this way of ours, unto its close.

Worn is thy frame, my love, wan is thy cheek,
Low are thine accents, and broken and weak,
Yet sweet is our silence, the words that we say
Are sweet, as I sit by thee all through the day.

All through the day, my love, all through the day,
Steals the swift shadow on, life flits away;
Soft will our sleep be then, happy and light,
All through the night, my love, all through the night.