Littell's Living Age/Volume 169/Issue 2186/At Brooks's

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(After Mr. Gladstone's Speech.)

"A lunatic's notion
I call it," said Goschen.

"Costing many a million,"
Said G. O. Trevelyan.

"A gambler's last gamble,"
Said Stratheden-and-Campbell.

"No cards left to play,"
Said brisk Albert Grey.

"He played an old hand,"
Chuckled out Henry Brand;

"And scored not one trick,"
Said Sir John Lubbock quick.

"He plays much too fast,"
Muttered Harcourt the Vast.

"I know it bewilders
His partners," said Childers.

"He strikes with such heat,"
Said Heneage, "I'm beat."

"And I'm tied to his anvil,"
Sighed softly Lord Granville.

"And I'm of like kidney,"
Responded Lord Sydney.

"You couldn't his wrath brook,"
Said slyly Lord Northbrook.

"I was told to sit tight,"
Said Lord Cork; "am I right?"

"'Tis more than I dare,"
Said the Earl of Kenmare.

"We've dared all that man durst
With conscience," said Sandhurst.

"I feel it most sorely;
We're doomed," said Lord Morley.

Shouted Wolverton, "Well,
We'll go with him to h—l."

Said Rosebery "Stay,
Only part of the way."