Littell's Living Age/Volume 134/Issue 1735/To the Blue Gentian on a High Alp

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     Sweet eye, so blue,
     So soft, so true
Thou lookest at me lovingly,
     As if to say
     This toilsome day,
“Cheer up, O traveller, on thy way!”

     Blue eye, so clear,
     Methinks thy tear
Wells up towards me tenderly
     As down I bend;
     And straight doth send
Message — “E’en here thou hast a friend!”

     Blue eye, so bright,
     With heaven’s own light
Mellowed, but beaming cheerily,
     Thou say’st, I wist,
“He cares who made: put trust in Christ!”

     Blue eye, so warm
     Midst cold and storm,
I hear thy silent homily —
     May compass thee;
His love is constant who loves me!”

     Sweet mountain flower,
     In trouble’s hour,
When I perhaps may wearily
     Lie lone and drear
     And needing cheer,
I’ll think of all thou hast said here.