Lord Oakburn's Daughters

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Lord Oakburn's Daughters  (1864) 
by Ellen Wood
I. The Arrival. Part 1
II. Happily Over. Part 1
III. The Encounter at the Railway Station. Part 2
IV. An Accident. Part 2
V. Was the House Haunted? Part 3
VI. The Composing Draught. Part 3
VII. The Cobwebbed Jar. Part 4
VIII. Popular Opinion in South Wennock. Part 4
IX. The Coroner’s Inquest. Part 5
X. Mr. Carlton Recalled. Part 5
XI. The Torn Note. Part 6
XII. Captain Chesney’s Home. Part 6
XIII. Miss Chesney’s Fear. Part 7
XIV. Mr. Carlton’s Demand. Part 7
XV. The Face Again. Part 8
XVI. The Letters. Part 8
XVII. Disappearance. Part 9
XVIII. A Delightful Jaunt. Part 9
XIX. New Honours. Part 10
XX. The Return Home. Part 10
XXI. The Wedding at St. Mark’s. Part 11
XXII. A Visit to Cedar Lodge. Part 11
XXIII. Miss Lethwait. Part 12
XXIV. The Missing Sleeves. Part 12
XXV. A Fine Lady. Part 13
XXVI. An Ominous Shadow. Part 13
XXVII. A Tempting Bait. Part 14
XXVIII. Turned Away! Part 14
XXIX. As Iron Entering into the Soul. Part 15
XXX. Back at the Old Home. Part 15
XXXI. Frederick Grey’s “Crotchet.” Part 16
XXXII. An Unlucky Encounter. Part 16
XXXIII. An Old Enemy Come Back Again. Part 17
XXXIV. Going Out with the Tide. Part 17
XXXV. Laura’s Impromptu Visit. Part 18
XXXVI. The Face Again! Part 18
XXXVII. The Watering-Place. Part 19
XXXVIII. Changes. Part 19
XXXIX. Rivalry. Part 20
XL. A Tale from Mrs. Pepperfly. Part 20
XLI. Mr Carlton’s Dreams. Part 21
XLII. A Perplexing Likeness. Part 21
XLIII. Mr. and Lady Laura Carlton at Home. Part 22
XLIV. An Item of News. Part 22
XLV. Taking the Air in Blister Lane. Part 23
XLVI. Lady Jane Brought to Her Senses at Last. Part 23
XLVII. Danger. Part 24
XLVIII. Sir Stephen’s Visit. Part 24
XLIX. Stolen Moments. Part 25
L. Miss Stiffing’s Expedition. Part 25
LI. A Little Light. Part 26
LII. Cross Purposes. Part 26
LIII. Judith’s Story. Part 27
LIV. The Lawyer’s Telegram. Part 27
LV. An Interrupted Luncheon. Part 28
LVI. The Examination. Part 28
LVII. The Remand. Part 29
LVIII. Mr. Policeman Bowler’s Self-Doubt. Part 29
LIX. Escaped. Part 30
LX. The Turbulent Waves Laid to Rest. Part 30