Love's mystery

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Love's mystery  (1888) 
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D R. Niver Pub. Co.

Love's Mystery

"It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the
mother of James, and other women that were with them,
which told these things."

THEY trusted it was He who should redeem

His people from their bondage, yet they saw

Him bound by cruel foes. What could it mean?

And they believed, if He but prayed, that more

Than hosts of shining angels would attend;

Yet all alone He neared the dreadful end.

"I am the Life," the gracious words He said.

Can it be possible the Life is dead?

OH, they had hoped so much! but hope is weak

Now that they do not understand, yet love

Is stronger for its trial, and they seek,

As soon as morning dawns, that love to prove,

By bearing spices to anoint their dead.

In the new tomb, in Joseph's garden laid.

They do not dream what love's reward shall be,

Nor think that they a risen Lord shall see.

BUT LO! an angel at the break of day,

Had rolled away the great stone from the door:

And Christ had burst the bands of death away.

Behold He is alive for evermore!

And to the wondering women angels said.

Why seek the living here among the dead?

Then, even while they wonder at the words,

Turning about, their eyes behold their Lord!

SOUL, learn thy lesson well: God's ways are deep.

Past comprehension, full of mystery;

Yet all His unknown providences keep

This one sweet thought, His wondrous love for thee.

Let hope be strong, and let love keep thee near.

And when thou thinkest not He shall appear!

Then, in His presence, thou shalt fully prove

The mysteries of everlasting love.