Love Is like a Violin

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Love Is like a Violin  (1914) 
by Jerome D. Kern (music and lyrics) and Harry B. Smith (lyrics)

Song from the musical The Laughing Husband.

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Love is like a Violin,
With it's tones grave or gay,
Caprices the artist may play,
The light love that last for a day,
There are songs that lie within,

Like the voice of the sea,
Of the one love eternal,
Enduring for aye!
And that voice calls to me!

There's the love that is folly's gay dance,
There's the charm of a moonlight romance,
There's the lure of the danger that lies,
In the passion that lies in a fool's Paradise,

All the songs for an hour we may prize,
But there's none like the one.

And that voice call to me.

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