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Jersey City Lad Holds Junior Flying Record for Westward Trip. Los Angeles, California; August 19, 1930 (Associated Press) A slight, 18-year-old Jersey City youth, Eddie Schneider, today held the junior record for the fastest westward crossing of the United States. Landing at the Municipal airport at dusk Monday, the young flier completed his transcontinental crossing in a total flying time of 29 hours, 41 minutes, just 4 hours, 22 minutes less than required by the former record holder, the late Frank Goldsborough. Schneider left Westfield, New Jersey, August 14, flying only during the daytime. Upon reaching Los Angeles Municipal airport, Schneider took no chance of making a mistake. To 80 enthusiasts who ran out to meet him he shouted: "Hey, I want to know for sure before I cut off my motor. Is this the Los Angeles Municipal airport?" Receiving an affirmative, answer, Schneider got out of his plane.

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