Lyra Davidica/A Resurrection Dialogue

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Surrexit Christus hodie.
Lyra Davidica  (1708)  edited by John Baptist Walsh
A Resurrection Dialogue by Anonymous

A Resurrection Dialogue.

Erstanden ist der Heilige Christ.

To the same Tune.


CHrist our Lord is Risen to Day; Hall. &c.
Christ our Life, our Light, our Way, Hall.
Th'Object of our Love and Faith; Hall.
Who but dy'd to Conquer Death. Hall.


Th' Holy Matrons early come, Hall.
To Bedew the Savior's Tomb; Hall.
Jesus seek among the Dead, Hall.
Far from those Dark Regions fled. Hall.


Two bright Angels, that appear, Hall.
Thus Salute 'em; He's not here. Hall.
Banish Sorrow, Shout and Sing, Hall.
Wellcome to your Risen King. Hall.


Mary. Beauteous Angels, say what place, Hall.
Does his charming Presence Grace? Hall.
Bless my Eyes; then bid Rejoyce: Hall.
Then to Praise I'll tune my Voice. Hall.


Angel. First the Sacred Place behold, Hall.
Did your Breathless Lord infold. Hall.
See the Cloath which bound his Head, Hall.
Proves he's Risen from the Dead. Hall.


Mary. True 'tis so: The empty Urn, Hall.
Shall my Grief to Transports turn. Hall.
He's not here: O tell me where; Hall.
His blest Residence declare. Hall.


Angel. Hast in Faith prepare to see, Hall.
Your lov'd Lord in Galile, Hall.
Blest let his Disciples be, Hall.
With your Sacred Embassy. Hall.


Mary. Heralds of our Joy, to you Hall.
Grateful Thanks and Love is due. Hall.
While our God in Praises high. Hall.
We together Magnify. Hall.


Chorus. The Cross is past, the Crown is won; Hall.
Th' Ransom paid, and Death's Sting gone. Hall.
Let us Feast, and Sing, and Say, Hall.
Christ and We have Life to Day. Hall.