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For other English-language translations of this work, see The Song of the Three Children.
Lyra Davidica  (1708)  edited by John Baptist Walsh
The Song of the 3 Children corrected by Anonymous

This translation first appeared in The Whole Booke of Psalmes collected into Englishe Metre (1584) by Thomas Sternhold et al.

The Song of the 3 Children corrected.

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\addlyrics { O all ye works of God the Lord, bless ye \markup { \concat { y \super e } } Lord praise him and mag -- ni -- fy him for e -- ver. }
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Transcribed lyrics (not listed in original)

O all ye works of God the Lord,
bless ye ye Lord
praise him and magnify him for ever.

O All ye Angels of the Lord,
Bless ye the Lord, Praise, &c.
O ye the Starry Heavens so high, Bless.
Ye Waters clear above the Sky, Bless.
O all ye Powers of God the Lord, Bless.
O ye the radiant Sun, and Moon, Bless.
O ye the glistering Stars of Heaven, Bless.
O ye the Rains, and Pearly Dews, Bless.
Ye stormy Winds, and whispering Gales, Bless.
O ye the Fire, and fervent Heat, Bless.
Ye Winter, and the Summer fair, Bless.
O ye the Frost, and chilling Cold, Bless.
O ye congealed Ice and Snow, Bless.
Ye Sable Nights, and Sun-bright Days, Bless.
The Darkness, and Light cheering Rays, Bless.
Ye Lightning, and destilling Clouds, Bless.
Earths spacious Globe, Bless thou the Lord,
O Bless the Lord, &c.

PART Second.

O All ye Mountains, and ye Hills, Bless, &c.
O all ye flowring Greens on Earth, Bless.
O ye the Ever-springing Wells, Bless.
O ye the Seas, and streaming Floods, Bless.
Ye Whales that on the Surges ride, Bless.
And all that in the Waters glide, Bless.
O all ye Fowles that Wing the Air, Bless.
Ye Wilder Beasts, and Gentler Folds, Bless.
O ye the Children of Mankind, Bless.
O Israel loudest Bless the Lord,
Bless thou the Lord, &c.
O ye the Holy Priests of God, Bless.
O ye the Servants of the Lord, Bless.
Ye Spirits and Souls of Righteous Men, Bless.
Ye Holy and ye meek of Heart, Bless.
O Ananias Bless the Lord, Bless thou the Lord, &c
O Azarias Bless the Lord, Bless.
And Misael Bless thou the Lord, O Bless the, &c.